Topic: Art and Culture

New Apps Add Rationing to Reservations

– July 8, 2023

“With no penalty, why would people not just make a reservation for a night they may want to go out to eat? This is where price rationing comes in.” ~ Samuel D. Peterson


Adam Smith Can Save Your Golf Game

– July 7, 2023

“Golf is a great way to learn to do things for yourself. Even when you’re playing with other people, you’re playing only against yourself, keeping your own score and holding yourself accountable to a set of rules that it is your own responsibility to internalize.” ~ Michael Munger


Global Well-being Inequality Is Falling!

– July 6, 2023

“The Human Progress Index (HPI), amalgamates eight important indicators of well-being from 1990 to 2018: infant mortality, life expectancy, nutrition, deaths from outdoor air pollution, schooling, political liberty, internet access and GDP per capita.” ~ Vincent Geloso


The Harmonizing Sentiments of the Day

– July 4, 2023

“When was the last time a politician of any description used the phrase ‘sacred honor’ with a straight face?” ~ James R. Harrigan


This Independence Day

– July 4, 2023

“The entire political logic of constitutional government flows from the idea of negative rights. A government of limited constitutional power is possible only if the purpose of government is limited to protecting the natural rights of each citizen.” ~ Thomas Krannawitter


Vacation Ownership: The Wolf of the Vacation Industry

– July 2, 2023

“Timeshares, vacation clubs, all-inclusive clubs, fractional ownerships are all part of the vacation ownership industry whose goal is to convince people to pay increasing monthly fees for the rest of their lives in exchange for dream vacations in exclusive luxury resorts.” ~ Mary Dawood Catlin


Fungi Bombs and Food Markets

– July 1, 2023

“That people make choices and can substitute towards cheaper items is an underappreciated point for those concerned about fungal pathogens. While fungi might increase prices of some goods, people can purchase relatively cheaper ones. This suggests they might be less likely to suffer from food shortages.” ~ Byron Carson


Why Do We Rescue When All Hope Is Lost?

– June 30, 2023

“The desire to dare remains strong in society. And that desire to dare is fostered by a knowledge that others will be there to help when things go wrong.” ~ Anthony Gill


A Timeless Method for Resisting Tyranny

– June 27, 2023

“Neither tyrants nor apologists act with integrity. Developing our character by respecting the autonomy of others is a pathway to liberty.” ~ Barry Brownstein


When Race Trumps Merit, A Review

– June 25, 2023

“As a remedy for this alleged racism we create double standards of accomplishment and behavior. But double standards help no one.” ~ Daniel Asia


The Zoning Laws Cometh For Dollar General

– June 23, 2023

“Rather than allowing their friends, neighbors, and the broader community to use their wallets to decide who can sell laundry detergent and tacky lawn decor, they have taken it upon themselves to decide on the community’s behalf.” ~ Lauren Frazier


Picking Winners Before the Green Flag is Waved

– June 22, 2023

“Is it possible that by placing bets on who will win the race early on, government officials actually end up fixing the race so the best car doesn’t always win?” ~ Sean Mulholland and Anthony Gill