Topic: Research

Podcast: How free is your state?

– December 26, 2023

AIER’s Jason Sorens joins Kate Wand on Liberty Curious to discuss his book ‘Freedom in the 50 States.” In this 7th edition, New Hampshire, Florida, and South Dakota are the freest states in the country. Where does your state rank?


Business Conditions Monthly October 2023

– December 4, 2023

“While we continue to impartially and vigilantly assess incoming data, our current analysis still points to a recession occurring before September 2024 as the most probable scenario.” ~Peter C. Earle


It’s Time to Discard Piketty’s Inequality Statistics

– November 28, 2023

“As the study and measurement of inequality progresses, Piketty’s (and his team’s) main estimates have become obsolete and might be properly consigned to the field of the history of economic thought.” ~Phil Magness & Vincent Geloso


AIER’s Thanksgiving Cost Index Climbs Over 5 Percent from 2022 to 2023

– November 22, 2023

“The constituents of the Thanksgiving Cost Index include turkey, sauces and gravies, bread, canned fruit, vegetables, and pies and cakes.” ~Peter C. Earle


College History Textbooks spread Misinformation about the Great Depression

– November 10, 2023

“US history instruction, including at the college level, is badly out of sync with the scholarly literature on the Great Depression. History textbooks show little cognizance of the leading economic explanations for this famous event.” ~Phil W. Magness


Leviathan Rising

– October 26, 2023

“Much of the growth of the SEC can be seen as a variation of the ‘Baptists and bootleggers’ story, where the SEC is the bootlegger earning bigger budgets by combining with people who believe that its nostrums protect investors, even when they do not.” ~Robert E. Wright


Critical Race Theory in Data: What the Statistics Show

– October 17, 2023

“While CRT may have been a niche subject as recently as the 1990s, academic journal citations of CRT scholars exploded around the time of the ‘Great Awokening’ (2013-2014).” ~Phillip W. Magness


Podcast: Did the 2008 Financial Crisis Ever Really END? 

– October 13, 2023

Paul Mueller recently joined AIER as Senior Research Faculty. He spoke with Kate Wand and Liberty Curious to discuss the 2008 Financial Crisis: “Everything we’re seeing around us is a fallout from that crisis.”


Blinded by a Blizzard of Data

– November 28, 2020

“What’s important is that we address each risk with commensurate care. That the media has consistently reported on Covid without appropriate context suggests that historians will look back on 2020 less for its outbreak of Covid than for its outbreak of hysteria.” ~ Antony Davies & James R. Harrigan


The Clearest and Best Video Explanation of the Virus, the Lockdowns, and the Impact

– September 9, 2020

“Those of us who have been reading and writing on lockdowns and the Covid-19 virus have been frustrated in competition with media frenzy and disinformation. Many times since February or so, I imagined that the latest study would put an end to the fake-science silliness and highly damaging lockdowns. But it kept not happening.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


What’s Gone Wrong with the Aramco IPO?

– December 6, 2019

Imagine for a moment, the following: In an industry with global demand there is one organization that has the following advantages. It has the lowest cost of production for its product, exported and used by every country on the planet, and is part of a …


The Job Guarantee: A Critical Analysis (Executive Summary)

– October 18, 2018

A federal job guarantee would be monumentally expensive, return only limited value from the participants’ work, entail administrative challenges nearly impossible to solve, and be potentially disastrous for economic growth and the private labor market.