Are Last-Mile Solution Scooters Safe?

“We all know it’s impossible in life to be sure that anything is perfectly safe and there’s nothing wrong with assuming the risk of certain activities when we understand what we’re getting into.” ~ Aron Solomon

– January 17, 2022

Even Bastiat’s Correspondence Shows His Love of Liberty

“Frederic Bastiat advocated a government that, by focusing narrowly on ensuring that individuals ‘did not encroach on the freedom of others,’ guarantees citizens the ability to ‘fully and completely enjoy the free exercise of his or her physical, mental, and moral faculties.'” ~ Gary M. Galles

– January 17, 2022

A Marvelous, Humanitarian Substance

“Adjustments of money prices are the easiest and most obvious way of causing each other to overlook goods’ and services’ non-monetary aspects that would otherwise reduce the amount of mutually advantageous exchange that occurs.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux

– January 17, 2022

Two Centuries of Dostoevsky

“By the end of the speech, Russia had become a symbol of the realization of Dostoevsky’s vision of universal brotherhood. ‘Oh, the nations of Europe know how dear they are to us,” he concluded.'” ~ Christopher Sandford

– January 16, 2022

Cultural Appropriation: Try Not To

“Art, music, religion, science, language, food, and more all evolve due to the cultural ebbs and flows of human inspiration. Ultimately, the process is not one of theft, but of admiration and respect, and should be treated as such.” ~ Daniel Asia

– January 16, 2022

Fandom and the Great Books

“The canon wars are over, and the canon lost. But the canon’s defeat might not be a bad thing for readers and teachers who care about great books, because it allows us to offer franker, more interesting, and more compelling reasons to read them.” ~ William Gonch

– January 15, 2022

The Government Scientific Agency Oxymoron

“America might be best off if all government funding was phased out over a few years but barring that, a more decentralized, merit-based, or even randomized grant decision-making system needs to be implemented” ~ Robert E. Wright

– January 15, 2022

Manufacturing Output Fell Slightly in December

“Industrial output fell in December, but many industries are producing more now than prior to the pandemic. Still, it may take some time for materials shortages and logistical problems to be fully resolved.” ~ Robert Hughes

– January 14, 2022

Retail Spending Fell Sharply in December

“Retail sales fell in December but remain at a high level, sustaining pressure on prices. However, there may be early signs of easing pressures as sales growth moderates and inventories rise.” ~ Robert Hughes

– January 14, 2022

Yes, Blame the Federal Student Loans

“As important as all this context is, it does not detract from by far the most important message of Mitchell’s fascinating and highly readable book: federal student lending, often fueled by good intentions, is ‘help’ that has very often hurt.” ~ Neal McCluskey

– January 14, 2022


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