Government Is the Scourge of Diabetics, Not Their Savior

“The fact that congressional Democrats and the rest of the federal government will not give up even a little bit of their power in order to help diabetics tells you where their hearts really lie.” ~ Michael F. Cannon

– August 17, 2022

About That “0 Percent” Inflation in July

“Americans consume goods and services, not the CPI. A look within the June to July 2022 price index exposes 0% inflation as a meaningless statistical aberration. Celebrating it as an achievement is pitiful.” ~ Peter C. Earle

– August 17, 2022

Industrial Output Posts Solid Gains in July

“Industrial output rose to a record high in July. However, elevated price pressures, weak consumer sentiment, and an intensifying Fed tightening cycle remain risks. Caution is warranted.” ~ Robert Hughes

– August 16, 2022

Single-Family Starts and Permits Fell Again in July

“Single-family housing starts and permits fell in July as demand continued to weaken. Plunging homebuilder sentiment suggests an unfavorable outlook for housing.” ~ Robert Hughes

– August 16, 2022

Is the Inflation Reduction Act Really a Climate Policy Game-Changer?

“On the actual policy level, the gains appear to be much more marginal than revolutionary. That’s not because of the oil lease mandates, but because of the marginal nature of the policies themselves.” ~ James E. Hanley

– August 16, 2022

Who Really Cheats the Government?

“The greater enforcement could be regressive. Policymakers and pundits should ponder this possibility before they wrap themselves in the cloth of virtue.” ~ Vincent Geloso

– August 16, 2022

The Night of the Murdered Poets

“If you are tempted to dismiss the Night of the Murdered Poets or the Doctors’ Plot or any other massacre of history’s innocents as interesting facts made largely irrelevant by the passage of time, please think again.” ~ Lawrence W. Reed

– August 16, 2022

Subsidizing Teslas and Tuition Doesn’t Necessarily Benefit Consumers

“The best ‘free thing’ government could give us is not a bevy of subsidies and handouts, but the freedom to allow entrepreneurs, big and small, to figure out what is best for all of us.” ~ Anthony Gill

– August 15, 2022

What is Market Urbanism?

“Scott Beyer’s Market Urbanism offers welcome analysis and policy solutions, clearly explaining how free market alternatives can make our cities better for all their citizens.” ~ Robert F. Mulligan

– August 15, 2022

Review: It’s Not Free Speech

“Unlike Lisbon in 1755, our universities are not yet ruined, but they certainly might be if we allow them to be subordinated to politics in the way that these authors recommend.” ~ Steven McGuire

– August 15, 2022


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