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After Moore v. US, Wealth Taxes Are Only Mostly Dead

“The question of whether the government could tax the defendants’ unrealized gains — a common device in what are often called ‘wealth taxes’ — seemed to be teed up. But Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who wrote the majority opinion, avoided it.” ~GianCarlo Canaparo

A Tale of Two States: Idaho and California

“People have continued to move away from California and to Idaho, but the main drivers have probably been less the affordability of housing and more the higher quality of life and better economic opportunities in general.” ~Jason Sorens

Consumer Prices Decline in June

“Interest rates tell us monetary policy is very tight. The money supply tells us monetary policy is somewhat tight. Will the Fed interpret recent data as a signal it’s time to pivot?” ~Alexander W. Salter

A Free, Prosperous and Secure America

America has a long history of seeking access to global markets to buy and sell goods and services. Yet trade policy has always been intertwined

Unbundling Zoning

This paper investigates the case for abolishing zoning. Recent arguments for zoning abolition maintain that local governments can adequately regulate land use without the strict

Coolidge’s Silent Recipe for Success: Less Federal Government

“Politicians in 2024, however, embrace a very different principle: the necessity of government intervention in private affairs. Regardless of the party or the candidates, the automatic answer seems to be bigger and, most worryingly, more invasive government.” ~Luis Carlos Araujo Quintero

Mortgage Rates Are Likely To Decline In the Near Future

“Not that long ago, the real rate on Treasury bills was negative. The real rate on Treasury securities is temporarily high due to the Federal Reserve’s policy goal of lowering the inflation rate.” ~Gerald P. Dwyer

AIER’s Everyday Price Index Sees First Decline in 2024

“In June, US inflation slowed to its lowest rate since 2021 primarily due to a significant deceleration in housing costs. June data bolsters the likelihood of rate cuts, potentially beginning in September.” ~Peter C. Earle