A Revolution in Public Transportation From A Town You Wouldn’t Expect

“It’s taken more than a hundred years for low-density cities to recognize that public transportation works far better in a point-to-point model, using private-public partnerships.” ~ Craig J. Richardson

– March 27, 2023

When Can Waffle House Raise its Prices?

“Instead of being evidence that markets are ‘no longer controlled by competition,’ firms raising prices together is evidence of supply and demand at work.” ~ Brian C. Albrecht

– March 27, 2023

Monetary Policy and that Old-Time Fiscal Religion

“Nominal income targeting can potentially restore the old-time fiscal religion. Like the classical gold standard, this approach stabilizes total spending in the economy, rendering counter-cyclical fiscal policy unnecessary and ineffective.” ~ Bryan P. Cutsinger & Louis Rouanet

– March 26, 2023

A Review of Wynton Marsalis’s Moving to Higher Ground

“It is the individual speaking her innermost feelings. In the words of the famous jazz composition by Norman Mapp, ‘jazz ain’t nothing but soul,’ and in our world now, we need that individual voice and soul more than ever.” ~ Daniel Asia

– March 26, 2023

Money and Inflation Are Still Related

“M2 in 2020 and 2021 increased by the largest percentages in the last 60 years. To the surprise of the Federal Reserve (although not everyone), inflation resulted.” ~ John Devereux & Gerald P. Dwyer

– March 26, 2023

When It Comes to Big Tech and Monopoly Power: Patience is a Virtue, Antitrust is a Vice

“Whether it’s Lina Khan at the FTC or Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren in Congress, antitrust advocates should take a hard look in the mirror. The only true monopoly within the US marketplace is where these politicians are fulfilling their posts.” ~ Kimberlee Josephson

– March 25, 2023

Do Not Tarry In Eliminating Tariffs and Other Protectionist Measures

“Like Adam Smith, I’d prefer that trade be liberalized gradually as opposed to not at all. But perhaps unlike him, if I were put in front of a button to eliminate immediately all species of economic protectionism, I’d press it with gusto.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux

– March 25, 2023

Economic Development Deals Are a Curse, Not a Blessing

“Bribing businesses to locate in your state is not free enterprise; it’s a form of cronyism. It turns what should be a competitive process between firms into a political competition between states. The first step toward winning is to stop losing.” ~ Stephen C. Miller

– March 24, 2023

DC’s Dim-Witted Lightbulb Moment

“In Mercantilist Europe, and in the ever-murkier swamps of Washington, DC, cozy relations between industry and government result in such price-fixing contrivances and anti-public conspiracies being issued by regulation as well.” ~ Laura Williams

– March 24, 2023

Fed Raises Rate, But Signals Potential Pause in May

“In 2021 they were looking for help from recovering supply chains. Now, they are looking for help from tight financial markets. It’s time FOMC members help themselves — or, God help us all.” ~ William J. Luther

– March 23, 2023


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