Consumer Expectations Remained at Recessionary Levels in November

“Consumer confidence fell again in November with consumer expectations at recessionary levels. An aggressive Fed tightening cycle, elevated price pressures, and the fallout from the Russian war in Ukraine remain risks for the economic outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes

– November 29, 2022

When Lenin Read a Book on Marx

“It is no small irony that Hobsbawm’s qualitative investigation of Marx’s dissemination and spread now finds empirical validation in the unlikeliest of sources: our econometric analysis of the Soviet revolution’s effects on Marx’s citation patterns after 1917.” ~ Phillip W. Magness

– November 29, 2022

Chipping Away at Corporate Welfare

“Not only does increasing economic freedom cost far less than subsidizing chip manufacturing, it will aid US manufacturers in all areas, including the increasingly important telecom sector.” ~ April Liu & Robert E. Wright

– November 29, 2022

The Case for Bringing Back Neckties (and Classical Liberalism)

“Liberalism—or, to clarify, classical liberalism, which developed a few centuries ago and cherishes free markets, limited government, and flourishing social institutions—is (like the necktie) a bit out of favor.” ~ Bruce Rottman

– November 29, 2022

I, Travel: In Wonder at the Achievements of a Free Society

“At the beginning of his classic essay “I, Pencil,” Leonard E. Read quoted G.K. Chesterton as saying, ‘we perish for want of wonder, not for want of wonders.’ Commercial society is a wonder that produces other wonders, and we should wonder at it.” ~ Art Carden

– November 28, 2022

Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply: Keep It Simple, Stupid!

“This simple model is a good first approximation to aggregate economic performance. Economists know this. Unfortunately, they sometimes ignore it for partisan reasons.” ~ Alexander William Salter

– November 28, 2022

How Media Bias Caused the Moral Panic Surrounding Climate Change

“The political effort to limit economic growth by reducing the use of fossil fuels and changing the face of agriculture—will have a far greater long-term effect than the recent pandemic on people’s lives in the United States and worldwide.” ~ Peter J. Wallison

– November 28, 2022

Hertz So Good

“When businesses misbehave, they count on the customer not fighting back, grumbling, and complaining that they’ll never do business with them again. One way this stops – perhaps the only way it stops – is if customers use the legal system to fight back.” ~ Chris W. Surprenant

– November 27, 2022

Fiscal Crises in American Cities

“There’s always a trade-off to overspending and unbalanced budgets. The sooner local governments realize that and reel in their spending, which is the ultimate burden of government, the sooner financial crises will be averted.” ~ Vance Ginn

– November 27, 2022

2022: The Year the “Lodger Evil” Came to Kansas and Made Housing Less Affordable

“If we’re serious about more affordable housing, we will cut the red tape by doing away with building restrictions and parking requirements. Until then, chatter about ‘affordable housing’ is just a lot of words.” ~ Art Carden

– November 26, 2022


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