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Inflationary Growth is Fake News

“Economic growth means more output. Comparatively less money chases comparatively more goods. All else equal, prices across the economy should fall.” ~Alexander W. Salter

Thomas Sowell, Social Justice Fallacies 

“We might agree that ‘equal chances for all’ would be desirable. But that in no way guarantees that we have either the knowledge or the power required to make that goal attainable.” ~Gary M. Galles

Business Conditions Monthly August 2023

“As social scientists we remain alert for and open to cogent, economically-sound and well-reasoned hypotheses pertaining to the current state of the economy. Presently, though, our expectation of a US recession on or before August 2024 remains undeterred.” ~Peter C. Earle

You’re No Einstein, Einstein  

“While he does seem to have intuited that socialism increased the dangers of authoritarian government, he doesn’t seem to have fully grasped that what he sought were two goals in fundamental tension.” ~James A. Hanley

Why is Baby Formula Kept Under Lock and Key?

“Patent restrictions, a deliberate oligopoly, protectionist tariffs, and the highest inflation in four decades have resulted in an extremely expensive product at the end of a frangible production process and supply chain.” ~Peter C. Earle