Opportunities at AIER

Founded in 1933, the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) is one of the oldest and most respected nonpartisan economic research and advocacy organizations in the country. With a global reach and influence, AIER is dedicated to developing and promoting the ideas of pure freedom and private governance by combining advanced economic research with accessible media outreach and educational programming to cultivate a better, broader understanding of the fundamental principles that enable peace and prosperity around the world.

Each year, we host hundreds of guest scholars on our historic campus. These scholars participate in unique educational experiences, including our Harwood Graduate Colloquia, E.C. Harwood Visiting Fellowships, internship programs, and various seminars. 

Participants join the AIER Alumni Network, which is dedicated to creating community among these scholars.

Student Internships

AIER offers paid internships in scholarly research, nonprofit programming, event planning, marketing, graphic design, communications, editorial writing, and fundraising. An AIER Internship can be the start of an amazing career in academia, nonprofit work, or any number of fascinating fields.

Student Conferences

The Harwood Graduate Colloquia are three-day conferences intended for graduate students. The colloquia center around interactive discussions and provocative lectures based on pre-assigned readings. Participants will learn as much from one another as they do from our esteemed scholars, and build relationships that can enrich their lives for years to come. 

Visiting Research Fellowships

AIER works closely with scholars in the fields of economics, political science, philosophy, history, and law. Those involved in other disciplines are also considered. Our visiting scholars include professors, post-doctoral fellows, PhD students, and masters students. Applications from independent researchers and authors are also welcome.

Teach the Teachers

AIER’s Teach the Teachers program targets an audience of high school teachers with in-person seminars coupled with online lesson plans and follow-ups. In addition to micro-and macro-economics, teachers are exposed to a variety of applied economic topics, such as economic history, international trade, and the environment.


AIER is always interested in talented people dedicated to our mission. If you prefer, you may send your resume to [email protected] for general consideration.

Start a Local Discussion Group

AIER’s Bastiat Society gives average citizens the chance to become more involved with our mission by starting local discussion groups in their cities.

AIER Alumni

For over fifty years, AIER has provided quality academic programming to generations of scholars.

The Alumni Network is dedicated to creating community among these scholars.