I, Meal: The Symphonies of Cooperation on Made in a Day

– August 27, 2021

“Airplane meals, tractors, guitars, and whiskey are the products of human design, but they are the products of human design that are parts of a broader symphony of order and cooperation no one mind is composing.” ~ Art Carden


Letters to the Editor

– August 25, 2021

“Writing such letters is an effective means of making important points sharply, and with a much higher prospect – compared to writing a full Op-ed – of being published in prominent venues such as the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and The Economist.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


A Letter from the Editor

– August 23, 2021

“So join us, starting tomorrow, for what comes next from Great Barrington and AIER. It is my honor to help steer this wonderful ship, and I look forward to sharing our content with all of you.” ~ James R. Harrigan


Book Review: Mark Spitznagel’s Truly Spectacular ‘Safe Haven’

– August 20, 2021

“Mark Spitznagel certainly is not captive to convention, which is why Safe Haven is such a joy. To the author, ‘becoming conventional is self-defeating in this business.’ Amen to that. The world needs more people like Spitznagel, and more books like the one he’s written.” ~ John Tamny


Ambrose Bierce’s Pro-Freedom Cynicism

– August 17, 2021

“Freedom fighters need all the comic relief they can find. The laughs that Bierce delivers are combined with lines that pierce perpetual political frauds now more than ever.” ~ James Bovard


Critical Economic Theory

– August 13, 2021

“Critical Economic Theory can provide the knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary to stimulate real public policy debates instead of whatever lunacies currently take place on social media outlets.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Can Enemies Be Our Friends?

– August 12, 2021

“Most of the things that divide us are none of anyone else’s business – what we eat, what we drive, what we wear, what medical procedures we have, what we drink, or whom we love. When did we forget that?” ~ Joakim Book


Some Classical Liberal Priors

– August 9, 2021

“A mark of wisdom is to be aware of one’s priors and to struggle to prevent these both from obstructing one’s own personal quest for a better understanding of reality, and from impeding productive discussion with other persons.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Economics of Liberty

– August 2, 2021

“Freedom Fest 2021 was fun and instructive. Liberty lovers can discuss important policy matters face-to-face to great effect but some need to delve a bit deeper into the economic theories discussed at places like AIER if they really want to improve the world.” ~ Robert E. Wright


What’s in a Name? Quite a Lot, Actually

– July 31, 2021

“After studying economics, I started to understand what brand names do. Social phenomena persist because they solve problems, and brand names solve significant information problems. I think critics of brand names and marketing would do well to give consumers the benefit of the doubt.” ~ Art Carden


$9 Reading Glasses, $16 Sunscreen, and the Genius of Economic Growth

– July 28, 2021

“‘Green’ is generally expensive. That’s ok, but we generally will only swallow big expenses like $16 sunscreen if we feel we have the means to swallow these expenses. In short, ‘green’ living and energy are most likely to thrive in a real market if and when Americans have the means to pay more for what’s ‘cleaner.'” ~ John Tamny


What About “Whataboutism?”

– July 26, 2021

“When the cry of ‘Well… what about X?’ arises in argumentation, it is a good time to step back and evaluate the claim through the eyes of others. It may be that the claim holds no merit. Alternatively, it may open our eyes to bigger problems that we’ve failed to notice.” ~ Anthony Gill