Bob Chapek, Patient Zero in the Shareholder Backlash Against Wokentainment?

– November 23, 2022

“The firing of Disney CEO Bob Chapek is the first major backlash against years of wasteful, stakeholder-driven management. Hopefully, this is the first of many more such battles between woke corporate managers and shareholders.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Economics Is a Walk in the Park

– November 20, 2022

“It’s a bit of a stretch to suggest that there isn’t a ‘human nature’ that responds to incentives, makes choices in the face of scarcity, and so on. If even the ducks and pigeons respond to incentives, people may do so too.” ~ Art Carden


Salute to the Sensible

– November 18, 2022

“If we are going to accomplish Oster’s ‘work together to build back and move forward,’ it’s imperative to acknowledge and address the wrongs done that tore everything down and everyone apart.” ~ Jon Sanders


Putting Affirmative Action to the Question

– November 15, 2022

“In the world of identity politics, religion is not as important as race unless the religion in question merits concern on the basis of the intersectional hierarchy of victimhood.” ~ Kody W. Cooper


Pathologies of Victimhood

– November 13, 2022

“We tend to find what we set out looking for, and when persons operate with the assumption that others are out to victimize them, their expectations tend to be fulfilled.” ~ Richard Gunderman


Meritocracy and Multiculturalism

– November 11, 2022

“Will America come to an enduring settlement, not unlike our religious-political settlement, that puts race and ethnicity outside the ordinary bounds of political, educational, and employment decisions?” ~ John O. McGinnis


America the Friendless

– November 10, 2022

“We must encourage the civil associations that Tocqueville celebrated in Americans of the 1830s. Cultivating the mediating ‘little platoons’ found in gatherings of religious groups, book clubs, and hunting associations all can do much good on this project.” ~ Adam M. Carrington


When Lying Becomes a Virtue, Civilization Declines

– November 7, 2022

“Just as in China, the moral character of Americans is being degraded. As more and more of us remain silent, morality degrades, and the social order on which we all depend loses its capacity to facilitate human flourishing.” ~ Barry Brownstein


Liberalism’s Greatest Gift

– November 6, 2022

“Insofar as humanity embraces this liberal commitment to epistemic unpretentiousness, humanity is protected against the fevers and passions of persons who are enflamed by their sense of certainty.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


What Ain’t So Can Hurt You

– November 3, 2022

“It would be better for society if our leaders were humble and honest about how little they actually know. But it’s better for the candidates for leadership if they pretend to be committed to a whole dog’s breakfast of truths that just ain’t so.” ~ Michael Munger


Should Universities Around the World Use English?

– November 3, 2022

“The choice of language affects how and what we learn. Domestic conditions are easier to describe in one’s native language, and therefore have more room to breathe when discussed in the native language.” ~ Eva Forslund & Magnus Henrekson


Is Newsguard a Propaganda Machine? (Video)

– November 2, 2022

“On this episode of Liberty Curious, Kate Wand sat down with Phil Magness, Director of Research and Education at AIER, to discuss censorship, fact-checking, the politicization of academia, and how it affects research, corporations, and American culture.” ~ AIER