The Route of (Least) Resistance

– October 18, 2021

“Refuse to let political issues invade the areas of our lives that we cherish; politics and political disagreements don’t belong there, and our lives are too important to let them be ruled by (mostly contrived) political disagreements.” ~ Joakim Book


Christianity’s Walking Dead

– October 5, 2021

“The fever of identity politics that now sweeps the nation suggests these surveys are looking in the wrong place and asking the wrong questions. Americans have not lost their religion. Americans have relocated their religion to the realm of politics.” ~ Joshua Mitchell


The Integration of College Football

– September 23, 2021

“With the slow process of peaceful social change, things become possible that had previously been impossible, and compromises that at one time had been acceptable, become unacceptable.” ~ Clifford F. Thies


Economics and the Picture Show

– September 22, 2021

“Economists should pay attention to aesthetics, or the art of economics, which is the art of creating ourselves, both morally and financially. More radically, economists need to stop trying to find an objective way into the heart of what happens when we exchange.” ~ Robert E. Gordon


And Secure the Blessings of Liberty

– September 17, 2021

“The government should protect Americans’ lives, liberty and property from foes foreign and domestic, and no more.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Born Unequal: Pondering the Natural Lottery

– September 16, 2021

“Maybe I’m just a dreamer. But I think nonviolence and compassion can motivate a million acts of kindness towards those born with less.” ~ Max Borders


The Best Defense Against Violence

– September 13, 2021

“The more people who are engaged in morality, meaning, and mind control, the fewer people will be looking to politics for their place in the world. And in so doing, they provides just a little more of the best defense against the world’s violence.” ~ Max Borders


The Radical Message of Economics Well-Learned

– September 9, 2021

“I’ve no complaint against economists who craft their public messages in order to avoid a loss of audience. But I do worry that these efforts subtly create in the minds of many such economists unwarranted doubts about the merits of laissez faire.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


New Jersey: Yet Another Reminder of How Good Americans Have It

– September 8, 2021

“At the very least it’s a reminder that a bad day in the United States is an amazing day most anywhere else. People are in love with what we dismiss. When we lament what’s spectacular we’re just acting spoiled.” ~ John Tamny


Economics in Three I’s: Incentives, Institutions, and Intentions

– September 7, 2021

“Economics is the study of human action and its unintended consequences, and if you take away three Is–Incentives Matter, Institutions Matter, Intentions Don’t Matter (as much as you think)–then you are on the road to wisdom.” ~ Art Carden


Why Almost Nobody Knows Anything about Critical Race Theory

– September 2, 2021

“If we were to dig deeper, a look at biases in human reasoning would provide us with a richer understanding of the costs of sincerely trying to understand CRT and how it is or is not appropriately used at various levels of education.” ~ James E. Hanley

Liberalism’s Enemies

Liberalism’s Enemies

– August 31, 2021

“If we’re going to have to pick a team soon, then, we should no longer be asking whether that team is left or right. We should be asking whether that team is liberal or illiberal.” ~ Max Borders