Enrollment Declines Increase Pressure on ‘Woke’ Higher Ed

– January 23, 2023

“Lower enrollment and tuition dollars will force university leaders to make tough decisions on what they value the most. Will they roll back DEI offerings, or will funding toward research and education see the effects?” ~ David Waugh


DEI Ruins Excellence in Orchestral Programming

– January 18, 2023

“We should allow a free marketplace of ideas to decide, through the messy process of hearing music over and over again, with different ears and at different times, what should stand the test of time. ” ~ Joshua Nichols


An Omni-Wreck Waiting to Happen

– January 15, 2023

“It’s time for us to acknowledge the society they are creating and to hold them accountable. If our current legislators won’t apply the brakes on this train, we need to do so in the next election.” ~ Caroline Breashears


Chatbots Killed the Academic Star

– January 12, 2023

“The standard career strategy (‘write and publish a whole bunch of papers even if no one ever reads them’) will no longer be viable. It’s not clear this is bad, in most disciplines.” ~ Michael C. Munger


The Economics of Mending Wall

– January 12, 2023

“Robert Frost’s masterful poem gives economists and students many opportunities to learn about property rights, self-governance, and peaceful cooperation.” ~ Byron B. Carson


Stanford Fails to Master Clear Thinking

– December 26, 2022

“Ironically, it should be Stanford itself that helps less-enlightened organizations master the techniques of clear thinking that were at least partly developed at that great university.” ~ David R. Henderson & Charles L. Hooper


What if New Coke Had Been a Government Program?

– December 23, 2022

“Would our lives be better were land, labor, and capital still tied up making New Coke and Crystal Pepsi? People have voted pretty overwhelmingly and answered ‘no.'” ~ Art Carden


What We Owe The Future: A Review

– December 15, 2022

“We owe the future the chance to unfold as it will, free from the fetters of arbitrary authority which presumes to know what is ‘good’ for it.” ~ Paul Schwennesen


These Are the Good Old Days

– December 13, 2022

“We shouldn’t ground our political views on the shifting sands of flawed, emotional recollections. And we shouldn’t empower politicians who have so little respect for us that they think we will fall for these stories.” ~ Solomon D. Stevens


Economics and the Art of Education

– December 12, 2022

“Van Gogh sought through his art to throw open the prison doors and liberate those trapped in a mode of life that regards others strictly in terms of economic value.” ~ Richard Gunderman


In Defense of Arguing

– December 9, 2022

“When we refuse to engage in argument, even out of perceived politeness, we allow more bad ideas to take hold and propagate. Unintended consequences and wasted resources multiply.” ~ Laura Williams


The Libido for the Superficial

– December 8, 2022

“Once the reality of a libido for the superficial is admitted, many phenomena are better understood. For example, it’s easy to understand, and excuse, intellectually unengaged people falling for protectionist fables.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux