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Consumers Grow More Optimistic About the Outlook in January

– January 26, 2021

“Consumer attitudes improved slightly in January, led by improving short-term expectations. Covid and politics remain key drivers.” – Robert Hughes

What Is the Alternative to Lockdowns? A Symposium

– January 26, 2021

Preserving the normal functioning society must be the priority in order to maximize the health of the community, and not by focusing on just one pathogen but all aspects of public health.

Free Labor Markets vs. Biden’s Push for Compulsory Unionism

– January 26, 2021

“Joe Biden’s pro-union labor agenda, if implemented, would rob all those working for a living the liberty and latitude to do so freely and of their own choosing. They would be reduced to servants and supplicants to those controlling the unions and who possess the power to allow or prevent people from working in various walks of life, while determining the wages and conditions under which they may accept and find employment.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling

Is France Suffering from Excessive Austerity?

– January 26, 2021

“Given that the United States, with its medium-sized government, does so much better than France, with its large-sized government, how can Rokhaya Diallo reconcile those numbers with her dogmatic view that society will be better off if government is even bigger?”~ Daniel J. Mitchell

The Question of Masks

– January 26, 2021

“Until a substantial portion of us stand up and make clear that we will not tolerate being stripped of life, liberty, property, and dignity, our governments will continue to inflict these repressive measures.” ~ Jenin Younes

What Does It Mean for a Virus to Become ‘Endemic?’

– January 25, 2021

“The sooner we recognize Covid as endemic, the sooner we can overcome this unfettered hysteria. By comparison to the previous year’s headlines, the media would no longer be able to act as a foghorn of fear-mongering. Citizens could become increasingly tolerant of the virus, and responsibility for personal risk and decisions to access medical care will once again belong to individuals.” ~ Micha Gartz

About the Coronavirus, the New York Times Argues With the New York Times

– January 25, 2021

“Readers can decide on their own why the sidelining of ‘science’ in states like Georgia and Florida resulted in much better virus outcomes than for the science-reverent states. But even then they’d probably be wasting their time. A more useful approach would be for people to read the Times in full. Deep inside the newspaper, they’ll continue to find what’s obscured by alarmism on the front page.”~ John Tamny

All Hail the Reopening!

– January 25, 2021

“Will they admit error and apologize? That will take longer if it happens at all. At this point, right now, other things matter more. The priority must be to emancipate us from bad science and destructive policy so we can put our lives back together again. ” ~ Jeffrey Tucker

Invidious Comparisons

– January 25, 2021

“Let’s stop comparing Covid deaths to 9/11 deaths, to death tolls from hypothetical jetliner crashes, to Vietnam or World War I casualties, or to other non-pathogen-related calamities. Keeping clear the facts about Covid is difficult enough amidst the ongoing hysteria and willful misinterpretation of life’s realities. We don’t need to further thicken the fog with invidious comparisons.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux

Tales of the Crypt

– January 24, 2021

“Best of all, nobody was forced to subsidize others. They gave to charity, joined with like-minded people, or sought profit. The system wasn’t perfect — nothing is — but it was a far cry better than taxing people to support inefficient, uniform government educational and welfare programs.” ~ Robert E. Wright

Faces of Lockdowns

– January 23, 2021

Since March 2020, New York City has faced a constant back and forth of new and revised Covid-19 regulations. Although these policies initially appear helpful in Covid mitigation, they are not only ineffective but extremely harmful to people and their livelihoods. We spoke to a few working New Yorkers and found the situation to be just as suspected: businesses on the brink of shutting down for good, students struggling to learn, and unmatched frustration. The anecdotal videos provide a glimpse into the lives of many people in New York City.

Existing-Home Sales Remained Robust in December

– January 22, 2021

“Existing-home sales rose in December as housing continues to be a bright spot for the economy.” – Robert Hughes

Carlsbad, CA Says No More to Lockdowns. May It Be a National Model!

– January 22, 2021

“Those who are sickeningly intoxicated with power can’t incarcerate us all. As for the businesses terrorized by the political class in Carlsbad, they decided they no longer have any choice. Given the choice between going out of business and defying politicians, they chose the latter. Good for them.” ~ John Tamny

That’s Disgusting!

– January 22, 2021

“If the new administration pretends to possess a mandate to implement sweeping changes that tens of millions of Americans find disgusting, like packing SCOTUS or admitting new states, the nation may be in for another disgusting year. If it follows the conciliatory stance suggested by President Biden in his inauguration speech, however, disgusting thoughts of disunion may dissipate.” ~ Robert E. Wright

Zoom Privilege: How Lockdowns Made the Rich Richer

– January 22, 2021

“While the Zoom and Netflix ‘work-from-home until the scary virus disappears’ crowd continues to demand further restrictions in the name of ‘stopping the spread,’ over 9 in 10 Americans continue to suffer under the weight of a destructive COVID-19 safety regime.” ~ Jordan Schachtel

Americans Are Fleeing Lockdowns, When They Can Afford It

– January 21, 2021

“The point is even clearer when you consider the states gaining and losing residents. Illinois, New York, and New Jersey – all with extreme stringencies – are losing residents faster than any other states. Northeastern states make up four out of the seven states, with California now fourth on the list. They are moving to Idaho, Arizona, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker

Single-Family Home Construction Hits Highest Level Since 2006

– January 21, 2021

“Single-family housing continues to be a bright spot for the economy, supported by low mortgage rates and increased demand.” – Robert Hughes