Sowing the Seeds of 1776

– February 28, 2023

“In April 1768, an opinion writer known only as ‘A Farmer in Pennsylvania’ finished the last letter in a series decrying the Townshend Acts and making the case for colonial Americans’ natural rights.” ~ Guy F. Burnett


Forging Modernity or Freedom?

– February 26, 2023

“Forging Modernity is an excellent example of old-school economic history, rich in detail and fine reading on a cold winter night, huddled together with loved ones for warmth, thanks to war, inflation, and plummeting economic freedom.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Book Review: How the “Chip War” Vindicates Economics

– February 7, 2023

” Miller’s book exemplifies good, evidence-driven economic research. By educating the reader on the essential developments of the semiconductor industry, he inadvertently vindicates multiple economic thinkers and principles.” ~ Robertas Bakula


Words, Numbers, and Samuel Gregg

– February 4, 2023

“This week AIER’s Samuel Gregg joins AIER Senior Editor James Harrigan and Antony Davies on Words & Numbers to discuss his new book, The Next American Economy.” ~ AIER


An Apostate Indicts Our Educational System

– February 1, 2023

“Despite the hand-wringing from the education establishment that Thiel, Gibson, and others are doing something terrible when they persuade smart young people to eschew college, their idea is catching on.” ~ George Leef


The Supreme Court’s Complicity in Our Loss of Freedom

– January 14, 2023

“Too many of the former and present members of the Court think of themselves as the nation’s conscience, but they have a great number of sins, both of commission and omission, to atone for” ~ George Leef


Myth America: Our Facts are the Real Facts. Trust Us.

– January 11, 2023

“If history is not a debate about the facts, then it is not history. When you see your opponents’ views as all lies, myths, and legends, it might say more about the way you engage your opposition than the content of their arguments.” ~ Michael J. Douma


Embrace Dynamism: The Future and Its Enemies at 25

– January 10, 2023

“The Future and Its Enemies is a well-written, lucid argument for decentralized progress and the intellectual, political, and commercial liberty that makes it possible.” ~ Art Carden


Free-Market Capitalism is the Next American Economy

– December 30, 2022

“Only by learning our unique history, and grasping the principles of free-market economics free from burdensome interference, can Americans embark on the next American economy.” ~ Vance Ginn


Freedom’s Future Requires Understanding the Past

– December 29, 2022

“When confronted with issues regarding the necessary extent of the state, liberty-lovers need not rely solely on economic theory, nor hypotheticals, because the historical record often can light the proper path towards smaller, more-efficient government.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Risky Business: A Review

– December 22, 2022

“Risky Business will appeal to readers more interested in selection markets than in real-world insurance products, and to people with a high tolerance for ahistorical assumptions about the need for detailed insurance regulation and other government market interventions.” ~ Robert E. Wright


What We Owe The Future: A Review

– December 15, 2022

“We owe the future the chance to unfold as it will, free from the fetters of arbitrary authority which presumes to know what is ‘good’ for it.” ~ Paul Schwennesen