Topic: Books

The Colorblind Counterattack

– April 17, 2024

“How on earth could the ideas of Frederick Douglass and MLK find themselves labeled ‘white supremacist’? Two authors have shaken off the shellshock, and now stand ready to fight back.” ~GianCarlo​​​​ Canaparo


‘Shock Values’: An Idiosyncratic Economic History

– April 15, 2024

“While it provides a concise accounting of the many efforts taken to address inflation and deflation over the history of the republic, there is a cost to recounting such a rich history in so few pages.” ~Paul H. Kupiec


Principleless, Panicked and Power-Hungry

– April 3, 2024

“The authoritarian response to COVID amounted to the biggest inroads on our civil liberties in two hundred years… the judges were as frightened and panicked as most everyone else.” ~James Allan


Government Project: The Eternal Folly of Central Planning

– April 1, 2024

“Edward Banfield’s careful case study of the Casa Grande project, based on his review of the detailed government records, is a sobering critique of government planning and social engineering.” ~Mark Pulliam


“The Price of Time” and Broken Central Banking

– March 26, 2024

“The unique value of Chancellor’s book, beyond tracing this intellectual history of interest and illustrating it by financial debacles up and down the centuries, is to connect the social and market outcomes with the broken money markets.” ~Joakim Book


To Remain Free, Make the Ordinary Meaningful

– March 25, 2024

“Those who don’t take responsibility for making meaning in their lives can become the worst among us.” ~Barry Brownstein


Congress Could Unload the Fed’s Weapon

– March 21, 2024

“If Congress could balance its budget, which hasn’t happened since 2001, it would remove a bullet the Fed could shoot at the economy.” ~Vance Ginn


Who is the Greatest Economist of All Time?

– February 28, 2024

“No matter what your specialization, whether in economics or in any other field, Cowen has written a book which is trying to convince you to break out of your specialization and rediscover the broader world of ideas.” ~James Hartley


Hayek and the End of Truth 

– February 27, 2024

“The underlying purpose of linguistic sabotage, logical incoherence aside, is to justify the power of a few. The actual meaning of an oxymoron like collective freedom, Hayek said, ‘is not the freedom of the members of society but the unlimited freedom of the planner to do with society what he pleases.'” ~Juliana Geran Pilon


America’s DEI Commissars Threaten Freedom

– February 22, 2024

“Today, people are told they are victims or victimizers. Victims expect the government to remedy their grievances… The pursuit of social justice would undermine equal treatment under the law.” ~Barry Brownstein


Emergent Order in Inner Space

– February 20, 2024

“In other words, the hand is invisible not because it is deftly hiding in the shadows, but because it isn’t there at all.” ~Paul Schwennesen


Create Wealth Without Making Anything

– February 5, 2024

“Sellers at vintage markets and flea malls are creating value every bit as much as their friends and neighbors working in the coal mines or in the mills. They’re transforming lower-value assets to higher-value uses.” ~Art Carden