What is Market Urbanism?

– August 15, 2022

“Scott Beyer’s Market Urbanism offers welcome analysis and policy solutions, clearly explaining how free market alternatives can make our cities better for all their citizens.” ~ Robert F. Mulligan


Review: It’s Not Free Speech

– August 15, 2022

“Unlike Lisbon in 1755, our universities are not yet ruined, but they certainly might be if we allow them to be subordinated to politics in the way that these authors recommend.” ~ Steven McGuire


Gulliver’s Travels in Washington, D.C.

– August 9, 2022

“Perhaps, like the King on the Island of Laputa, our elite need a reminder of the danger of wielding such power. Unlike Swift’s protagonist, we are not gullible.” ~ Caroline Breashears


How Thomas Aquinas Desacralized the State

– August 8, 2022

“McCormick illustrates that Aquinas’s De Regno provides us with a politics that takes liberty and virtue seriously—but always together and never apart. And that should matter to anyone, religious or otherwise, who refuses both nihilism and collectivism.” ~ Samuel Gregg


Zero Impact’s Grim Cost

– July 26, 2022

“Once a big bill comes due—in terms of dollars, standard of living, and geopolitical security—people’s commitment to maintaining the planet in a state of Edenic purity begins to wane rapidly.” ~ Richard Morrison


Revisiting the Sage of Monticello

– July 17, 2022

“Kidd has written an excellent moral and spiritual biography of Thomas Jefferson. Contrary to those who claim Jefferson was a secular rationalist, he shows that the Sage of Monticello took Christianity seriously even as he rejected key tenets of orthodoxy.” ~ Mark David Hall


Leave Me Alone and I’ll Make You Rich, Part 2

– July 9, 2022

“If liberal society is to be preserved, there is no time to lose in attempting to shore up its philosophical foundations. Leave Me Alone is an estimable effort at doing that.” ~ George Leef


Hollywood’s Monetary Policy

– July 8, 2022

“What is fact versus fiction in this story? While we should surely be wary of Fed-induced risk taking and credit misallocation, I’m skeptical that this was a major problem in the QE period.” ~ Thomas L. Hogan


Review: The Great Experiment by Yasha Mounck

– July 5, 2022

“This book is a good guide to understanding the risks these countries face and provides food for thought on how we might respond to them to promote a diverse, peaceful, and equal democracy in our own country.” ~ James E. Hanley


Market Solutions to Ancient Sins

– July 2, 2022

“Ferguson and Witcher make persuasive arguments in favor of the classical liberal narrative about black history, and they also provide valuable summaries of and introductions to the work of other important classical liberal and libertarian scholars on race.” ~ Jason Jewell


Tocqueville’s Worst Fears

– July 1, 2022

“Piketty is less concerned with promoting either political or individual freedom than he is with building a ‘state’ strong enough to push ‘to its logical conclusion ‘the movement towards ‘real equality’ as he conceives it.” ~ David Lewis Schaefer


Fact vs. Faith: Science in an Age of Unreason

– June 28, 2022

“Critical research has itself become taboo which, in turn, means that policy makers are making decisions based more on ideologically-driven political pressure than scientific fact.” ~ John Staddon