Will Evergrande Go Bankrupt?

– November 23, 2021

“The chances of Evergrande’s survival without public aid or without the massive injection of cash from some unsuspecting investor are therefore nil.” ~ Daniel Fernández


Russia’s Africa Policy: Geopolitics and Commercial Interests

– November 21, 2021

“The United States must find robust relationships built upon mutual benefits that are in accordance with our values and the values of our current and potential partners. We must mind our business and avoid crusades.” ~ Todd Myers


The Case of Evergrande: Is There a Housing Bubble in China?

– November 16, 2021

“The Chinese housing bubble is enormous; various economic indicators leave no room for doubt. Evergrande’s problem is not an isolated issue but a systemic problem with the Chinese economy.” ~ Daniel Fernández


China is About to Make a Huge Mistake: Make Xi Jinping Dictator for Life

– November 12, 2021

“The PRC will continue to pose a serious challenge to America and the West. However, Xi’s war on liberty will give the U.S. an important and enduring advantage in the contest for the future.” ~ Doug Bandow


Negative Interest Rates and the ECB’s Brave New Credit World

– November 9, 2021

“The widely negative real interest rates, which have already been a reality in some segments of the European capital markets, might foreshadow this loss of welfare for the European people.” ~ Gunther Schnabl & Nils Sonnenberg


Bitter Belated Afghan Vindication

– November 7, 2021

“Americans finally recognize many of the lies that pervaded the success claims of the 20-year war in Afghanistan. No Washington pundit, politician, or ‘expert’ who vouched for the success of U.S. intervention in Afghanistan should ever be trusted again.” ~ James Bovard


China and the Monroe Doctrine: What’s Good for the Goose Is Good for the Gander?

– November 5, 2021

“The US always should be prepared to defend itself against any (highly unlikely) threats therein. However, the old imperial age is over. As America denounces spheres of influence abroad, it is more difficult to flaunt the Monroe Doctrine at home.” ~ Doug Bandow


Asia, Not the US Is the Main Source of Global Warming

– November 5, 2021

“Spending endless billions on lucrative subsidies for electric cars, solar and wind farms, and other boondoggles could not possibly make much difference to future worldwide greenhouse gas emissions that will continue to depend almost entirely on what Asia is doing, not the U.S.” ~ Alan Reynolds


Rationalizing The Chinese Communist Party

– October 28, 2021

“China’s leaders take deliberate steps to accomplish what is in their best interest within the constraints of their Leninist system. These objectives ultimately boil down to navigating a balance of control and freedom to maximize power.” ~ Ethan Yang


Fair Trade Is Still a Fraud

– October 20, 2021

“Government cannot make trade more fair by making it less free. It should not be a federal crime to charge low prices to American consumers. Unfortunately, fair trade demagoguery will continue as long as politicians are greedy, lobbyists are generous, and journalists are clueless.” ~ James Bovard


Time for Washington to Stop Sanctioning the World: US Arrogance Leaves Trail of Innocent Victims Behind

– October 14, 2021

“America’s sanctions policy is both costly and cruel, with the gains rarely worth the resulting human harm. The Biden administration should review current policy and sharply limit the use of economic sanctions.” ~ Doug Bandow


The IMF Should Be Eliminated, Not Expanded

– October 12, 2021

“There are many good economists who work for the IMF and they often produce high-quality research. Sadly, their sensible analysis doesn’t seem to have any impact on the decisions of the organization’s top bureaucrats.” ~ Daniel J. Mitchell