Why British House Prices Went Up When They Should Have Gone Down

– June 12, 2021

“Two other developments undermine the idea that houses got more expensive in the last year: real interest rates and plenty of household savings. Those two trends mean that even though the sticker prices of many British homes are higher than they were before the pandemic, the ease with which the typical household could acquire them has improved.”


Free Market Liberalism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

– June 8, 2021

“The recent 11 days of warfare between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has once more raised the issue of one-state or two-state ‘solutions’ to the over seven decade Israel-Palestinian conflict. In the long run, neither is a viable option outside of a politics of individual liberty and an economics of free markets.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


The Fantasy Prediction of 510,000 Deaths

– June 7, 2021

“The 510,000 figure, which turned the world on its head, was a fantasy number churned out by absurd modeling of a zero-probability event. Cummings does not see that the reason why the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak escalated into the public policy catastrophe that it became was the fundamentally flawed Imperial College modeling on which the government based its response.” ~ David Campbell & Kevin Dowd


Remembering the Tiananmen Square Massacre

– June 4, 2021

“We should be inspired by the countless activists across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the world who risk persecution every day to shine a light on the lies of the CCP. We should not only pray but work to ensure that this fateful day was not a violent snuffing of the flame of Chinese liberty, but rather the spark that would ignite the inferno of freedom that burns in the hearts of over a billion people.” ~ Ethan Yang


Fun Ways to Annoy China and Support Taiwan

– June 3, 2021

“China is deeply concerned with its global image and is also highly sensitive to having its narrative broken. The best ways to annoy China are ultimately to shine sunlight on its lies and to restore our confidence in ourselves as a civilization that treasures individual liberty rather than kicking ourselves down the road of self-pity and regret.” ~ Ethan Yang


Argentina’s Creative Approaches to Debt Write Offs

– May 30, 2021

“Whereas some private vulture funds found brutal means to achieve full repayment on their assets, international public institutions such as the IMF were repeatedly willing to take over the risk. This leniency may be due to the fact that the international taxpayers seem unaware of the burdens. It has to be seen which strategies will be observed in the future in the industrialized countries.” ~ Gunther Schnabl & Nils Sonnenberg


Taiwan is a Great Country

– May 29, 2021

“Taiwan is a country full of rich culture and a model of freedom not just in Asia but the world. If the CCP is looking for a country to question the legitimacy of, perhaps it should stop looking at Taiwan and look in a mirror.” ~ Ethan Yang


Lockdowns in Taiwan: Myths Versus Reality

– May 20, 2021

“Relative to other countries, Taiwan serves as a beacon of freedom: children still attended school, professionals continued to go to work, and businesspeople were able to keep their businesses open. However, the looming possibility of more lockdown restrictions might obstruct Taiwan’s hard-earned progress.” ~ Amelia Janaskie & Micha Gartz


Changing the World: A Comparative Look at Public vs. Private Aid in the 19th and 21st Centuries

– May 16, 2021

“Though international aid should definitely not be considered a primary strategy toward poverty reduction, it still has an important role to play in lessening the side effects brought on by poverty, such as hunger and disease. We must continue to develop and correct the ways that we are allocating funds to those in need, so that it fills hungry mouths rather than lining politicians’ pockets.” ~ Rachel Sharrett


Competing With China Shouldn’t Entail Becoming More Like China

– May 6, 2021

“When we talk about competing with China to win the 21st century we first need to be very clear on what that means. President Biden’s rhetoric seems to suggest he just wants to use the geopolitical tensions between the US and China as an excuse to pass his list of big government policies. The massive expansion of state power into the American economy is not a novel innovation in response to China but a failed and tired dream held by Progressives since the early 20th century.” ~ Ethan Yang


China Unleashes Financial Tech Crackdown

– May 3, 2021

“This fintech crackdown could be emblematic of China’s authoritarian growing pains and it remains to be seen if they will even be able to balance economic progress with political control. This move will certainly have consequences for short-term investment and economic growth in China. Perhaps this is how the free world breaks China’s authoritarian model, by forcing them to increasingly compete on the open market or risk sliding into irrelevance.” ~ Ethan Yang


Taiwan: The New Geopolitical and Economic Flash Point

– April 21, 2021

“The stakes could not be higher, as one false move could spark a devastating armed conflict between global superpowers. Failure to act sufficiently will jeopardize the future of freedom and prosperity not just in Asia but around the world.” ~ Ethan Yang