How the Swedish Labor Market Really Works

– September 4, 2022

“The Swedish private-sector labor market is unusual, even compared with other European countries. It is undergirded by coercion, creating a framework or model. That model is not something for countries like the United States to try to emulate.” ~ Charlotta Stern


Energy Hypocrisy as Rich Countries Denying the Poor the Power to Develop

– August 11, 2022

“This promised nirvana is a sham consisting of wishful thinking and green marketing. The world’s rich would never accept off-grid, renewable energy themselves — nor should the world’s poor.” ~ Bjorn Lomborg


El Salvador and Bitcoin: A Love-Hate Story

– July 25, 2022

“El Salvador can be seen as either a pioneer in the world of cryptocurrencies or as a country that is reckless in its government finances.” ~ Daniel Fernández


Helping Y’all Understand Protectionism

– July 22, 2022

“Given that protectionism violates the central purpose of any government, which is to benefit all its citizens, it replaces the justice of voluntary arrangements with the injustice imposed by involuntary arrangements.” ~ Gary M. Galles


What Is Going On In Sri Lanka? (Video)

– July 20, 2022

“Sri Lankans can no longer afford necessities such as food, fuel, and medicine, and citizens are protesting throughout the nation. Kate Wand, host of AIER’s Liberty Curious podcast, discusses the ongoing crisis.” ~ AIER


Peter C. Earle on Sri Lanka’s Collapse (Video)

– July 15, 2022

“AIER Research Faculty Peter C. Earle joins Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News to discuss the protests and economic collapse in Sri Lanka.” ~ AIER


US Celebrates Alliance With Seoul: But Is South Korea Worth a Nuclear War?

– July 12, 2022

“Absent a miraculous deus ex machina, the North will soon be able to destroy American cities. This requires Washington to consider the unthinkable: acquiescing to if not encouraging South Korean development of its own nuclear deterrent.” ~ Doug Bandow


How To Defeat China Economically? Don’t Follow Its Worst Practices

– July 5, 2022

“The Biden administration’s new PGII program is unlikely to improve upon past development initiatives. To start, it seems unlikely to offer anything new. Worse, it is a political exercise aimed at China.” ~ Doug Bandow


Chinese Antitrust Policy: Politics Over Economics

– June 16, 2022

“Chinese antitrust authorities may cite blackletter statutes, like its Measures for Cybersecurity Laws, to appear objective in enforcement and adjudication, but the ultimate check on their power is the will of the CCP, not the rule of law.” ~ Ethan Yang & Dorothy Chan


The US-China Currency Rivalry: Choosing Sides

– June 8, 2022

“Whether China’s currency will shave off a sizable portion of the dollar’s global usage is yet to be seen. Still, there is no doubt that the world is entering a new monetary rebalancing.” ~ Ethan Yang & Dorothy Chan


The Rise of Libertarianism in Latin America

– June 6, 2022

“Latin America has a long and tortured history with socialist policies both old and new, but it also seeks to practice the ideas of a free society by experimenting in all forms of life.” ~ Michael N. Peterson


How to Alleviate the Looming Global Hunger Crisis

– June 6, 2022

“Research shows going organic globally can only feed about half the current world population. Organic farming will lead to more expensive, scarcer food for fewer people, while gobbling up more nature.” ~ Bjorn Lomborg