Book Review: Peter Ward’s ‘The Price of Immortality’

– May 15, 2022

“The Price of Immortality is in so many ways a deceptive title. Peter Ward’s readers deserve better, his subject deserves much better, plus the publisher should respect his readers more.” ~ John Tamny


As the World Gets Messier and Messier

– May 14, 2022

“Fukuyama made the philosophy of history relevant again. Thirty years on, is that philosophy vindicated? What moves and shakes the world?” ~ Graham McAleer


For the Least of These: Against Inflation Economics

“To tame the inflationary beast and to build a more humane economy, especially for the poor, we need to grapple with inflation’s practical and moral effects.” ~ Dylan Pahman & Alexander William Salter


Your Opponents Aren’t Nihilists

– May 7, 2022

“Show the other view’s drawbacks. But, please, do not call the other side nihilists. It is baseless. It misleads, and it is the sort of language that will contribute to already evident political dysfunction in the US.” ~ Randal Hendrickson


The Campus of Sacred Feelings

– May 6, 2022

“To feel is easy and convenient, whereas to think (the prerequisite for public discourse) requires strenuous effort while bringing enormous discomfort because the mind will be unsettled.” ~ Habi Zhang


A Better Understanding of Justice

– May 2, 2022

“Adam Smith guides us on how to talk justice beyond the commutative: formulate it as either distributive or estimative, not an admixture of the two.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


The Abolition of Man

– April 23, 2022

“In four of the quotations, Lewis speaks of ‘the Tao.’ By that he means something like the universe, including its moral order, or perhaps the notion of a morally ordered universe.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


Subversive Innovation: A Strategic Reading of Nozick’s Framework for Utopia

– April 12, 2022

“I suggest we reshuffle Nozick’s thesis to transform his theoretical framework into a practical mindset. We can use the Framework as a strategic lens for spawning subversive innovations that promise each of us a society that comes closest to our ideals.” ~ Max Borders


If Bernard Mandeville Is Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld Is Adam Smith

– March 9, 2022

“The relationship between Seinfeld and David has received more ink and attention than the one between Mandeville and Smith. That said, we would not have had a ‘Seinfeld’ without a Larry David. Would we have had a Smith without a Mandeville?” ~ Garret Edwards


Who Owns Our Bodies?

– March 4, 2022

“The very suggestion that medical interventions ought to be understood as a question of property is a call for a new kind of civilization where rather than equal citizens, all people are merely property waiting to be expropriated.” ~ Chris Bateman


Beauty Transcends Outrage

– March 3, 2022

“Strength of emotion cannot by itself justify moral outrage. We have a duty not to offend others without good reason, but we also have a duty not to be offended by others without good reason.” ~ Theodore Dalrymple


Reality Decides, in Economics and Evolutionary Biology Alike

– February 3, 2022

“An evolutionary lens isn’t just a corrective for how to live in the 21st century and how to understand our modern predicaments. It also teaches you how markets work, what constraints reality puts on us, and how to consider outcomes you don’t like.” ~ Joakim Book