Topic: Media

The Red Pill for Pill Ad Headaches

– November 28, 2023

“Suppose all Americans and Kiwis look to their own self-interest by avoiding advertised drugs whenever possible. In that case, drug manufacturers would have an incentive to stop DTCA of their own accord.” ~Robert E. Wright


How to Rationally Consume News

– November 21, 2023

“Most information is noise, and the human brain isn’t equipped for the overload that the modern world throws at us. Don’t clutter your brain with unnecessary stuff.” ~Joakim Book


Fact-Checkers Are Gaslighting You on the Feds’ Vehicle ‘Kill Switch’ Mandate

– November 17, 2023

“In a world where traffic cameras, license plate readers, NSA mass surveillance, intelligence-gathering ‘fusion centers,’ and warrantless searches are ubiquitous, privacy might seem like a quaint idea. But it’s one the Framers of the American system took seriously.” ~Jon Miltimore


Critical Race Theory in Data: What the Statistics Show

– October 17, 2023

“While CRT may have been a niche subject as recently as the 1990s, academic journal citations of CRT scholars exploded around the time of the ‘Great Awokening’ (2013-2014).” ~Phillip W. Magness


Worst US Bond Selloff Since 1792

– October 13, 2023

“The failure of numerous banks at once can damage the economy, as bank failure waves did during the Great Depression, the Savings and Loan crisis in the 1980s, and the 2007-10 meltdown.” ~Robert E. Wright


Orwell Exposed the Cowardice of Journalists and Intellectuals 

– September 15, 2023

“Orwell warned, ‘It is the literary and scientific intelligentsia, the very people who ought to be the guardians of liberty, who are beginning to despise it.’” ~Barry Brownstein


Beware Especially of Claims Made By Politicians

– September 1, 2023

“The public’s inability to ‘see’ with the naked eye any but the most obvious consequences of government interventions ensures that politicians confront only very weak incentives to be truthful and concrete about the likely full consequences of their interventions.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


In Defense of Cash Grabs

– August 30, 2023

“It doesn’t have to make sense to the outside observer, because ‘the system’ is not something a single mind designed but the unintended consequence of innumerable individual choices in response to (sometimes badly distorted) incentives.” ~ Art Carden


The Country Music Singer Who Took Aim at Welfare 50 Years Before Oliver Anthony—and Also Hit #1 on the Music Charts

– August 28, 2023

“In 1970, when Guy Drake wrote ‘Welfare Cadillac,’ one could argue that we hadn’t yet given welfare a chance. Today, there is no such excuse.” ~ Jon Miltimore



– August 22, 2023

“He doesn’t point his accusing finger at the one-percent or evil corporations, he goes right for that 68-or-so square miles of land sandwiched between Virginia and Maryland and the sort of people who inevitably find their way there.” ~ James R. Harrigan


“Rich Men North of Richmond” Undeniably Captures a Moment

– August 22, 2023

“The song works because it is a refreshing depiction of the harms a runaway federal government has inflicted on working Americans, sung by a working American.” ~ David Waugh


Matt Taibbi’s Courageous Fight Against Censorship

– August 19, 2023

“Matt Taibbi has demonstrated his outstanding proficiency and excellence as a journalist by consistently exposing the covert development of a wide-spread network of state-sponsored censorship.” ~ Steve Dewey