Topic: Leadership

Principleless, Panicked and Power-Hungry

– April 3, 2024

“The authoritarian response to COVID amounted to the biggest inroads on our civil liberties in two hundred years… the judges were as frightened and panicked as most everyone else.” ~James Allan


Heaps of Trouble

– March 14, 2024

“The reason sorites logic is so difficult to diffuse is that there is no obvious line or threshold to be established somewhere between the incremental steps that begin with a budget surplus and end with a budget consumed by interest payments.” ~Jimmy Alfonso Licon


America Can’t Afford Bidenomics

– February 16, 2024

“The euphoria surrounding the January 2024 jobs report is misplaced. Policymakers should heed these warning signs and enact meaningful reforms to address root causes.” ~Vance Ginn


Reforms for West Virginia’s Future

– February 15, 2024

“You could say the state is mired in the economic theories and nostrums of the past, a Great-Depression-era philosophy of government jobs and ‘managed’ competition.” ~William Ruger and Jason Sorens


Seize the Means of Production in a Few Easy Steps

– February 12, 2024

“Slow-motion corporate raiding just doesn’t stir the blood like waving a flag and raising a fist at the barricade or building a guillotine outside Jeff Bezos’s house.” ~Art Carden


Not a Very Virtuous Virtue Signal

– February 2, 2024

“Calling the extraction of resources from one group to give to others an investment, rather than wealth redistribution that reduces others claims on their own property, is a massive misrepresentation.” ~Gary M. Galles


Milei Proves That Ideas Matter

– January 31, 2024

“Rather than the thin gruel of economic grievance offered by American right-wing populists, Milei’s policies are built on his vast knowledge of sound and successful, albeit politically unpopular, economic thinking.” ~ G. Patrick Lynch


Presidents May Want a Line-Item Veto, but Citizens May Not 

– January 17, 2024

“The main story being told around the line-item veto focuses on congressional special interests. But Presidents have plenty of special interests, too.” ~Gary M. Galles


Property in Words: Not Even Under Suspicion

– January 14, 2024

“Respect for the creators of ideas, and the words through which those ideas are conveyed in the literature, is the highest value we have in the academy.” ~Michael Munger


The Cheap Populism of Bashing CEO Pay

– January 8, 2024

“The time needed to accumulate skills and experience is considerable and few people want to have the downsides of being a CEO. Demand for such skill is increasing faster than supply, which results in growing CEO pay. It’s basic economics.” ~Vincent Geloso


Are CEOs overpaid?

– January 8, 2024

“Behavioral economics contributes the insight that different kinds of compensation incentivize, reward, and support different kinds of behavior, so a range of justifications for executive compensation may come into play and need to be considered by directors and the compensation committee.” ~Robert Mulligan


Why Mr. Beast Is Under Fire for Bringing Clean Water to 500,000 Africans

– November 15, 2023

“This is the real reason Mr. Beast is taking so much heat. He’s showing the power of voluntary action and the miraculous power of the profit motive.” ~Jon Miltimore