Topic: Leadership

I’m Tired of Being Presumed to Be an Uncivilized Brute

– September 15, 2023

“The prevailing assumption, it seems, is that, but for these ‘training’ sessions, campuses would be overrun with blackface-wearing homophobes who routinely trade grades for sex.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


ESG as a Plan B for the Development Rights Agenda

– September 10, 2023

“ESG won’t be going away. It will be renamed and reinvigorated as mechanisms for oversight and reporting are revamped and rolled out.” ~ Kimberlee Josephson


If We Live by Lies, We Will Demand Deceitful Politicians 

– July 19, 2023

“When we choose to live in an inner world governed by our self-deception, we get a government ruling by deceit and vigorously stifling alternative views. ” ~ Barry Brownstein


The Battle for Business Autonomy

– July 15, 2023

“Business leaders must be prepared for congressional hearings more than competitive pressures and entrepreneurial aspirations increasingly require prior approval or must adhere to the scrutiny of external assessment bodies.” ~ Kimberlee Josephson


Appropriately Measuring Inflation and Deflation Teaches Humility!

– July 12, 2023

“Had we used the true price index, we would have found a larger contraction due to lockdowns. That means that we understated the cost of lockdowns.” ~ Vincent Geloso


How AIER Helped to Hobble Fauci’s “Ministry of Truth”

– July 5, 2023

“Government officials advanced a smear campaign against the GBD, its authors, AIER, and other critics. Judge Doughty says the case ‘arguably involves the most massive attack against free speech in United States’ history.’” ~ By Phil Magness and Robert E. Wright


The Harmonizing Sentiments of the Day

– July 4, 2023

“When was the last time a politician of any description used the phrase ‘sacred honor’ with a straight face?” ~ James R. Harrigan


Standing in Awe of George Washington, American Cincinnatus

– July 3, 2023

“His political restraint ensured the flourishing of a well-designed constitution. This is a victory citizens of many countries have yet to claim from their governments.” ~ Luis Carlos Araujo Quintero & Nikolai G. Wenzel


Ramaswamy on CBDC

– June 26, 2023

“GOP lawmakers absolutely should head CBDC efforts off at the pass, and the party’s presidential candidates should support that rejection.” ~ Alexander W. Salter


Hail to the Chief, President 6PRKr4!

– May 12, 2023

“Assign to each candidate for high office a new, sterile name – something that reads like an abbreviated VIN for an automobile. For example: 6PRKr4. In fact, call it a PIN – ‘Politician Identification Number.'” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Harwood Prize for Intellectual Courage Awarded to John P.A. Ioannidis

– November 2, 2022

“John Ioannidis has fearlessly defended good science for decades. He has shown firmness, integrity, and intellectual courage against powerful false narratives, and AIER is proud to honor one of the top free thinkers of our time.” ~ AIER


Why Workplace Skills Rather Than Leadership Strategies Should Be Prioritized in Higher Ed

– September 12, 2022

“Clearly, the business realm is ever-evolving and this is why management strategies, as well as educational instruction, must change accordingly.” ~ Kimberlee Josephson