Our goal is to have a Bastiat Society Chapter in every city around the world – expanding our message in a grassroots manner. We are a wholesaler of liberty – making the ideas that enable peaceful trade and human flourishing available to the everyday businessperson.

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Why start a Bastiat Society chapter?

What Chapter Directors can expect from AIER…

We are the only international network of business men and women committed to advancing peaceful trade and human flourishing. Our Chapters run independently – mainly focusing on hosting monthly events.

The Bastiat Society is essentially a network of independent groups around the globe who benefit from shared knowledge between chapters, an established brand, and other resources AIER and our staff provide. Active chapters are also eligible for program grants to offset the costs associated with hosting public events. That said, ultimately, the task of organizing local events is largely up to you, the chapter director.

Expect AIER’s team to assist you in marketing events through our website, email campaigns, and on multiple social media platforms. We will also streamline payment processing, membership, and, depending on your location, introduce you to potential speakers and partner organizations to aid your development. Our goal is to virtually eliminate any and all redundant work between chapters. While this has its limitations, we promise professional, courteous, and efficient assistance when we are in a position to help. AIER is committed to helping you – and all our chapters – as much as possible.

What AIER expects from our chapters…

For this to be a successful partnership, we ask you to understand that we cannot tailor the services for each individual chapter. While we welcome suggestions and new ideas, the array of services we offer are the result of many years’ work and nearly 1000 events. Our role is meant to complement the work you do at the local level and dramatically decrease the time it takes to launch an effort like this. Please remember these services are limited (by design) to enable our network of chapters to be successful, but not be managed by AIER. For your chapter to be successful, it is likely you will need to manage additional strategies and responsibilities unique to your city. You may even need help from others in your area.



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