Topic: History

Coolidge’s Silent Recipe for Success: Less Federal Government

– July 12, 2024

“Politicians in 2024, however, embrace a very different principle: the necessity of government intervention in private affairs. Regardless of the party or the candidates, the automatic answer seems to be bigger and, most worryingly, more invasive government.” ~Luis Carlos Araujo Quintero


The Sixties’ Toxic Legacy 

– June 4, 2024

“Woke-friendly corporations, billionaires, foundations, and individuals with impressive foreign ties are demonstrating the effectiveness of funding campus radicals…echoing similar anti-Western, violent hate-marches throughout Europe and elsewhere.” ~Juliana Geran Pilon


“A Child Is Not the Mere Creature of the State”

– May 31, 2024

“The educational diversity that exists today — district schools, private schools, charter schools, home schools, and microschools among them — are an enduring testimony to the Pierce decision and to that bedrock principle.” ~Jeff Ziegler


Communism’s Routine Evil: East German Edition

– May 30, 2024

“Hoyer attempts to provide a sympathetic reading of an alternative to capitalism – one that engaged in brutality, sure, but made such wonderful strides for inequality, women, and workers, and in which individuals did make their way and find meaning. In doing so, she ignores one big problem: the bodies.” ~Nikolai Wenzel


Are You a Servant of Tyranny or Liberty? 

– May 20, 2024

“What happens to a country with no constitution or deep-seated commitment to curbing the use of power? Absent those limits, virtue wanes, and it is easy for people to become servants of tyranny.” ~Barry Brownstein


Japanese Immigrant Exclusion: 100 Years Later

– May 15, 2024

“Scientists and academics nationwide embraced these outward intentions to divide the ‘desirable’ immigrants from those more susceptible to crime, disease, and incompetence.” ~Will Sellers


Bipartisan But Brutal: Lessons from the Chinese Exclusion Act

– May 9, 2024

“This bipartisan consensus was not a middle ground, but rather a race to the bottom driven by the worst impulses of politicians and voters.” ~Vincent Geloso


EPA Phase Out of Gas-Powered Cars Has Ominous Historic Echoes 

– April 8, 2024

“Forcing automobile companies to expand production of their least-profitable product lines at the expense of their best-performing ones is economic madness.” ~Jon Miltimore


Hayek and the End of Truth 

– February 27, 2024

“The underlying purpose of linguistic sabotage, logical incoherence aside, is to justify the power of a few. The actual meaning of an oxymoron like collective freedom, Hayek said, ‘is not the freedom of the members of society but the unlimited freedom of the planner to do with society what he pleases.'” ~Juliana Geran Pilon


A Statue Worth Preserving; A Man Worth Honoring

– January 25, 2024

“William Penn’s 1682 ‘Frame of Government’ for Pennsylvania included elected representatives, a separation of powers, religious freedom, and fair trials, all since incorporated into our Constitution.” ~Gary Galles


Markets and the Montgomery Bus Boycott

– January 18, 2024

“The immutable laws of markets enabled Montgomery’s black community to use the withholding of bus fares through the organized boycott to effectively turn the city bus company into an ally for legal reform.” ~Blake Ball


The Gramscian March Trips Up

– January 18, 2024

“The strategy aimed at shaping collective consciousness seems to have backfired, as the population, witnessing the institutional embrace of socialist ideologies, lost faith in the very institutions ostensibly meant to guide them.” ~Paul Schwennesen