AIER is pleased to announce as part of its ongoing research efforts the formation of the Public Choice and Public Policy Project. Modeled on the success of the Sound Money Project, this project creates a network of scholars that will offer regular commentary and in-depth analysis on public policy using the tools of Public Choice Economics.  

Public Choice was described as “politics without romance” by Nobel Laureate James Buchanan. Buchanan along with an exceptional group of scholars that included fellow Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom, as well as Kenneth Arrow, Duncan Black, Gordon Tullock, Anthony Downs, William Niskanen, Mancur Olson and many others worked to create an approach to understanding public policy based in the realities of what government can and cannot achieve.

As the heirs to the broad legacy of the founders of Public Choice, the innovative scholars who make up this project seek to understand the reality of government decision making and the consequences those decisions have on all of our lives. This group of scholars seeks to suggest alternatives to the romantic political notions that often dominate policy discussions.  

Ryan Yonk
Director of The Public Choice and Public Policy Project
Senior Research Faculty, American Institute for Economic Research

Project Fellows

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