The Death of Separationism and the Life of School Choice

– June 29, 2022

“Carson v. Makin energizes a political movement that is essential to improving the human capital of the next generation as well as sustaining the ideological and religious diversity that makes for a pluralist society.” ~ John O. McGinnis


Public Schools Are Using Inflation To Extort Taxpayers

– June 27, 2022

“While there isn’t much that can be done in the short term to mitigate public school excess, taxpayers should at least be aware that public schools are using inflation as an excuse to extort them.” ~ Garion Frankel


What Are Philosophers of Education Even Talking About?

– June 21, 2022

“Let’s make something clear: A third grade teacher who is struggling to teach more than twenty children, many of whom likely have behavioral problems, how to do math couldn’t care less about posthuman eating.” ~ Garion Frankel


Self-Identified “Compelling Interests” Are Not a License to Discriminate

– June 20, 2022

“Given the principle of equality and the prevailing demands from the American people, the Supreme Court should end its experimental departure from equal protection under the law.” ~ Wenyuan Wu


What Kind of Education do Lotteries Fund?

– June 16, 2022

“If the public education system actually empowered students to earn, to save, and to succeed, the state-run lottery would long since have run out of customers. If a lottery ‘to fund education,’ continues to succeed, that is only because it has already, monumentally, failed.” ~ Laura Williams


No History of Education Vouchers Is Complete without Thomas Paine

– June 14, 2022

“Our collective understanding of the history of school choice is lacking without a chapter on Paine. With Paine in hand, we can conclude that vouchers are neither a modern idea, nor fundamentally racist.” ~ Garion Frankel


What Makes a University Great?

– June 7, 2022

“The core of the university should not be the picturesque campus, the marketing platitudes, or arbitrary media rankings. The core should be the relationship between the professor and student in an endeavor to discover truth about themselves, society, and the world.” ~ Lee Trepanier


Forgotten Factors in the Student Debt Debate

– June 3, 2022

“So, before all Americans become the bearers of ivory tower bills, greater consideration should be given to the various spillover costs involved. As in the words of Thomas Sowell, ‘There are no solutions, there are only trade-offs.’” ~ Kimberlee Josephson


Can the Liberal Arts Restore American Liberty?

– June 1, 2022

“We have to keep in laser focus: What kind of education helps young people learn how to live in freedom? To develop autonomy? To discover how to be entrepreneurs of their own lives? In other words, what is a truly liberating education?” ~ Marsha Familaro Enright


The Academy Doesn’t Mind Harassment When It Targets the Right

– May 26, 2022

“The AAUP’s panel claims there is no leftward bias in the academy, but with AAUP officials and members condoning and supporting the harassment of faculty on the right, it’s clear that’s not true. The leftward bias in the academy is real and only appears to be getting worse.” ~ Daniel J. Smith


Rutgers, Lawsuits, and Buyer’s Remorse

– May 22, 2022

“The federal lawsuits, one a class action and the other a whistleblower litigation, claim the New Jersey business school concocted the hoax to obtain top ratings with publications such as U.S. News & World Report.” ~ Gregory Bresiger


Let’s Cancel Student Loans – Not Forgive Them, But Cancel the Program

– May 20, 2022

“Higher education in the US is bloated and dysfunctional because federal meddling turned it into a mass entitlement. Turn off the federal spigot and it will rapidly improve.” ~ George Leef