The “Honest History” Fraud

– July 20, 2021

“The best lesson young Americans could receive from studying history is a radical skepticism of officialdom and all its hokum. Virtue signaling is no substitute for learning how to defend one’s rights and liberties.” ~ James Bovard


States Shouldn’t Dictate Curricular Content

– July 12, 2021

“Regardless of how one tries to cut it, state involvement in schooling creates a profound alteration of political incentives. The debates in America over critical race theory in high school constitute the most recent (and most divisive) illustration of this.” ~ Vincent Geloso


Campusland: A Delightful Book Delivers

– July 7, 2021

“In Rules for Radicals, Saul D. Alinsky’s handbook for left-wing activists, Alinsky gives thirteen rules for community organizers. Rule number four is ‘Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.’ That rule is relevant for fighting wokeness on campus. And Scott Johnston, author of Campusland, a novel published in 2019, understands that.” ~ David R. Henderson


The Devil Is in the Details and the Definitions: Education Defined in the Process of Its Emergence

– July 3, 2021

“The place of CRT in the curriculum is better settled by the peaceful conversations that happen in markets rather than in rowdy public meetings. Instead of trying to plan what people should know from the top-down, it would be far better to loosen their bonds and see what emerges from the bottom up.” ~ Art Carden


The Politics of “Resilience”

– July 1, 2021

“The ethics of prioritizing some groups over others clearly do not concern her any more than the shift away from individual concerns. Ms. Walton is clearly unaware that she is taking her city down the well-trodden road to serfdom.” ~ Caroline Breashears


Why School Choice Matters Beyond Academic Achievement!

– June 26, 2021

“It is always worthwhile to take account of the bigger picture. Schooling is not only about what government departments can easily measure; it is also about these harder to measure aspects of a child’s well-being which parents are often best incentivized to understand and identify.” ~ Vincent Geloso


Universities That Should Lose Their Accreditation Immediately

– June 25, 2021

“Accreditation is the ‘key to the kingdom’ of federal and state subsidies and widespread recognition of some minimal level of curricular competence. Most students will not attend a university that is not accredited because they cannot obtain financial aid and most employers will not recognize any coursework or degree as a bona fide credential unless the university is accredited.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Critical Race Theory Comes for the Legal Academy

– June 4, 2021

“The slow degradation of the American legal academy in this fashion should be especially concerning. That is not only because law students and faculty should already know full well the values of open debate and individual dignity, but because they are quite literally the vanguard of our legal order.” ~ Ethan Yang


A Discussion on Critical Race Theory in a Free Society

– May 27, 2021

“In this episode of AIER Authors corner, Ethan interviews Phillip W. Magness on his time spent in academia and the flourishing of far-left ideology such as critical race theory and intersectionality in scientific circles.” ~ AIER


Dissenters, Unite!

– May 7, 2021

“Nemeth falls for the classic writer’s mistake of telling her readers something rather than showing them. She repeats her talking points about the group value of dissent and she explains the results from various experimental studies, but she never really delves into precisely how those studies convincingly prove the psychological results they aim for: that majorities can pressure us into disbelieving our own senses; that dissenters even in error can improve group decision-making; that consensus can quell creativity and the search for truth.’ ~ Joakim Book


Why Is Government Abusing the Children?

– April 30, 2021

“A snow or hurricane day here and there provides students with a treat, but a Covid-Zoom year is just plain child abuse (and taxpayer abuse). So push back on government-owned education and government-regulated childcare, if not for yourselves then for the children, the poor, defenseless, masked, emotionally and physically damaged future leaders of our country.” ~ Robert E. Wright


The Department of Education Does Not Deserve A Raise

– April 26, 2021

“Simply tossing more money into the public education bureaucracy will not make things better. In fact it will be rewarding the very people who have orchestrated the mess that we are in today. After everything that has been done to American students, there should be a bipartisan consensus that without bold structural reform every new tax dollar given to the American public education system is a drastic moral failure.” ~ Ethan Yang