An Apostate Indicts Our Educational System

– February 1, 2023

“Despite the hand-wringing from the education establishment that Thiel, Gibson, and others are doing something terrible when they persuade smart young people to eschew college, their idea is catching on.” ~ George Leef


Enrollment Declines Increase Pressure on ‘Woke’ Higher Ed

– January 23, 2023

“Lower enrollment and tuition dollars will force university leaders to make tough decisions on what they value the most. Will they roll back DEI offerings, or will funding toward research and education see the effects?” ~ David Waugh


Chatbots Killed the Academic Star

– January 12, 2023

“The standard career strategy (‘write and publish a whole bunch of papers even if no one ever reads them’) will no longer be viable. It’s not clear this is bad, in most disciplines.” ~ Michael C. Munger


Goodhart’s Law Explains School Decay

– January 5, 2023

“By disentangling ourselves from measures and rankings, we can return to a focus on what education does for the human mind, not just the data sheets.” ~ Laura Williams


A Key Lesson in Education Policy: You Don’t Make Peace with Termites

– January 3, 2023

“As important as issues like taxes and regulations are, their most important (and most difficult) task is to restore control of education to people who actually want to educate.” ~ George Leef


Stanford Fails to Master Clear Thinking

– December 26, 2022

“Ironically, it should be Stanford itself that helps less-enlightened organizations master the techniques of clear thinking that were at least partly developed at that great university.” ~ David R. Henderson & Charles L. Hooper


The American Heritage of Freedom in the Liberal Arts

– December 16, 2022

“The study of human nature through the liberal arts will help us in this return. As the student studies man’s capabilities, he learns to preserve liberty rather than trampling on others’ or relinquishing his own.” ~ Paul D. Moreno


How Our Higher Education System Could Put Students First

– December 8, 2022

“I fear that LeBlanc underestimates the ability of the educational status quo to fend off competition from new institutions and approaches. Bureaucratic regimes tend to change very slowly and are usually dominated by the concerns of existing entities.” ~ George Leef


Professors Are Not “Priests of Democracy”

– December 3, 2022

“If we ascribe qualities like academic freedom, free speech, opposition to censorship, and skepticism of government to American democracy, as Walker does, then we should avoid putting academia on a pedestal it does not deserve.” ~ Garion Frankel


We Don’t Need Regulation (or Statist Education)

– December 2, 2022

“At best, costly regulatory and educational bureaucracies fail to protect investors. At worst, they encourage dismisinfoganda and even outright fraud to support radical progressive and collectivist agendas.”~ Robert E. Wright


Yes, an Academic Free-Speech Conference Needed Protection from the Mob

– November 30, 2022

“Universities themselves should be viewed as places where members of an academic community gather to discuss ideas of the day. They should generally not take stands on issues.” ~ Richard K. Vedder


MFE (Merit, Fairness, and Equality) Versus DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Should be NC (No Contest)

– November 25, 2022

“Colleges and universities that have succumbed to DEI ought to be at a big competitive disadvantage versus those that just offer worthwhile education. Let us hope that MFE catches on.” ~ George Leef