Cultural Appropriation: Try Not To

– January 16, 2022

“Art, music, religion, science, language, food, and more all evolve due to the cultural ebbs and flows of human inspiration. Ultimately, the process is not one of theft, but of admiration and respect, and should be treated as such.” ~ Daniel Asia


Yes, Blame the Federal Student Loans

– January 14, 2022

“As important as all this context is, it does not detract from by far the most important message of Mitchell’s fascinating and highly readable book: federal student lending, often fueled by good intentions, is ‘help’ that has very often hurt.” ~ Neal McCluskey


Critical Race Theory Does Not Dismantle, But Reinforces Social Power Structures

– January 6, 2022

“Just as CRT advocates argue that white supremacist power structures harm white people as well, their maintenance of those power structures will continue to harm people, including those they claim to want to help.” ~ James E. Hanley


Yes, Senator, “Enough is Enough” – But Not How You Think

– January 5, 2022

“Senator Warren would probably be surprised (perhaps even horrified) to find that one of the great exponents of Public Choice Theory agrees with her that federal student aid programs are regressive.” ~ George Leef


In Search of Humility

– January 4, 2022

“Our lack of humility about what we can know and the worth of our value judgments in transforming reality is a problem in public life. Just about everyone would be better off if we had more contemplative realists like Hayek and Voegelin and fewer political activists.” ~ Todd Myers


A Master of Education or a Master of Faux Social Justice?

– January 3, 2022

“While an M.Ed. may look a lot more like an M.SJW. right now, the status quo does not have to be destiny. Education departments are not offering serious classes, but grassroots efforts can help fill the void.” ~ Garion Frankel


What is Critical Race Theory?

“AIER’s Research Director Phil Magness joins James R. Harrigan, AIER’s Senior Editor, and Antony Davies, Professor of economics at Duquesne University to discuss critical race theory.” ~ AIER


Zombie Marxism

– December 30, 2021

“We will need to understand what people like Goldberg have in store. Many Americans have begun to grasp all of this intuitively and have begun to rise up and oppose CRT. To succeed, however, they will need our support.” ~ Mike Gonzalez


TikTok Math Girl

– December 21, 2021

“There’s a part of me that wonders how anybody can use an iPhone to record herself and then share the recording with the entire world and not appreciate how tremendously better life is because of the advance of math, science and technology.” ~ Clifford F. Thies


The Unity of Knowledge

– December 17, 2021

“To avoid groupthink and, worse still, bellyfeel, humans need to foster more creative, independent thought, not hackneyed beliefs possible only within the confines of a pinhole view of the world.” ~ Robert E. Wright


How Do the Feds Get Away with That?

– December 12, 2021

“Purchasing Submission is a brilliant lawyerly attack on a grave and ongoing problem. Hamburger’s thoughtful analysis will no doubt help future litigants prepare their strongest cases against it.” ~ George Leef


The 1619 Project Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

– December 11, 2021

“Rather than following the evidence where it leads, Hannah-Jones picks and chooses bits and pieces of her arguments from a secondary literature based on whether it conforms to her preconceived political narrative.” ~ Phillip W. Magness