Socialist Darwinism

– October 24, 2021

“The next time somebody accuses you of Social Darwinism, tell ‘em you want to help the poor to thrive by supporting policies that increase productivity and that allow people to help the unfortunate through charity, insurance, and other voluntary mechanisms.” ~ Robert E. Wright


President Biden Can Talk Like a Socialist Precisely Because He Can’t Govern Like One

– October 22, 2021

“The U.S. will turn things around. We always do the right thing in the end. We’re not nearly as fragile as the ‘patriots’ on both sides believe. The croakers have never been right about the U.S., and the view here is that they’re not about to be.” ~ John Tamny


The Property Instinct and the Utter Futility of Socialism

– September 26, 2021

“‘Ideal’ socialism systematizes legalized theft and hence will be resisted in ways large and small, rendering it less productive than systems that recognize the way humans naturally cognize property.”~ Robert E. Wright


The Enduring Relevance of Mises and Hayek’s Critique of Socialism

– September 25, 2021

“The fact that the market, thankfully, is so robust as not to grind to a halt at the slightest provocation ought not be mistaken as evidence that government interventions into the economy are harmless unless and until they begin to resemble full-on socialism.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


The Inevitable Failure of Socialism

– September 18, 2021

“As Mises summarized the fate of a fully socialized economy, ‘As soon as one gives up the conception of a freely established monetary price for goods of a higher order, rational production becomes completely impossible.'” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


The Soviet Union Is Gone, but the Young Yearn for Socialism

– August 16, 2021

“If neither knowledge of, nor appropriate lessons from the reality of socialism-in-practice over the last one hundred years are learned, we may very well be condemned to repeat the past with all of its social, economic, and politically damaging consequences.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Early America’s Socialist Utopias Offer Lessons for Today

– August 12, 2021

“History constantly teaches us that socialism, even when implemented in different ways, will fail and obstruct the growth that communities could have otherwise enjoyed.” ~ Amelia Janaskie & Micha Gartz


Edwin Cannan: An Economist Who Protested Against Big Government

– August 6, 2021

“What stands out in Edwin Cannan’s writings is a simplicity and clarity in explaining the ‘miracle’ of the market in a world-encompassing division of labor that connects multitudes of people for mutual improvement and peaceful cultural gains.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Infrastructure Bill as Political Plunder and Social Engineering

– August 3, 2021

“Joe Biden and the Congressional Democrats and Republicans consider it their political business to impose infrastructure spending and construction on the rest of us. So, not surprisingly, a bipartisan infrastructure bill is working its way through Congress with just such a $1 trillion price tag.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Cuban Farm Fantasies and Failures

– August 1, 2021

“Cuba should have watched and learned from the more complete reforms embraced by China and Vietnam. By holding onto Soviet-inspired collective farming institutions, while experimenting with a return to pre-industrial farm technologies, the tone-deaf regime in Havana puts its own survival at risk.” ~ Robert Paarlberg


Sweden to the Political Left of the Whole USA?

– August 1, 2021

“Leftists might deny that they generally favor greater governmentalization, but the reality is that their ideas and policies almost always lead to bigger government. They often seem to be in denial about that, just as they are in denial about the downside of governmentalizing social affairs.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


Federal Farm Policy Is Corrupt Regardless of the Latest Uproar

– July 1, 2021

“Lamentably, this ethical gold standard vanished from American public life long ago. Or maybe politicians simply ‘defined down’ robbery? Regardless of the results of any investigations into the former Secretary of Agriculture, the only way to fix federal farm subsidies is to abolish them.” ~ James Bovard