Topic: Socialism

Teaching the Butterfly of Liberty

– February 29, 2024

“Casa Escuela is but one of many global examples of grassroots, local, civil society efforts to bypass the state educational establishment, with its bloated bureaucracy, mediocrity, and hardcore socialist thought.” ~Nikolai Wenzel


China is Scaring Away Investors

– February 19, 2024

“Xi expects business as well as people to serve the CCP. As authoritarian controls metastasize throughout the economy, everyone suffers.” ~Doug Bandow


Seize the Means of Production in a Few Easy Steps

– February 12, 2024

“Slow-motion corporate raiding just doesn’t stir the blood like waving a flag and raising a fist at the barricade or building a guillotine outside Jeff Bezos’s house.” ~Art Carden


Milei’s Bid for Freedom

– February 6, 2024

“Rather than simply bemoan the poor policies of Peronist statism, Milei laid out precisely why the alternative to statism — liberated markets — can offer so much more.” ~Paul Schwennesen


The Gramscian March Trips Up

– January 18, 2024

“The strategy aimed at shaping collective consciousness seems to have backfired, as the population, witnessing the institutional embrace of socialist ideologies, lost faith in the very institutions ostensibly meant to guide them.” ~Paul Schwennesen


The Failure of the Pilgrims’ First Christmas

– December 25, 2023

“Believing that human nature is flawed and selfish, the colony leadership should have known that any system based on voluntary goodness was bound to fail.” ~Will Sellers


Argentina’s Rampant Inflation, Explained (in One Chart)

– December 5, 2023

“Whichever definition one prefers to use — an expansion of the money supply which leads to price increases, or a broad and sustained increase in consumer prices — inflation is caused by the governments and central banks who control the money supply.” ~Jon Miltimore


Johan Norberg’s The Capitalist Manifesto: A Review

– November 24, 2023

“What matters for the capitalist story to flourish is that its effect on the world continues to be positive, not whether market actors believe it while embodying its principles.” ~Joakim Book


Thankful for the Lessons of Failures

– November 23, 2023

“Plymouth was a centrally planned community. Everything was controlled, regulated, and rationed by one central government authority. And like all central planning efforts, the results were scarcity, hunger, and desperation.” ~Thomas Krannawitter


Dollarization without Fiscal Prudence Is Not Possible. With Fiscal Prudence, It’s not Necessary. 

– November 22, 2023

“Argentinean problems are first political, then fiscal, and then monetary, and they need to be solved in the same order.” ~Leonidas Zelmanovitz


How Did the Social Justice Movement Take Hold?

– November 17, 2023

Join Kate Wand and Barry Brownstein as they discuss the ideological roots of the contemporary social justice movement, emerging from a zero-sum political philosophy of grievance.


A Short ESG Guide: Terms

– November 12, 2023

“While I have attempted to clarify the ESG advocates’ terms, the devil is in the details. One of the weakest parts of ESG is the ambiguity and disagreement, even among its advocates, as to how to define and measure many of their objectives.” ~Paul Mueller