Topic: Socialism

Utopia and Parallels of History

– September 11, 2023

“History is full of instructive examples that reveal the conditions that allow for both human flourishing and those that end catastrophically.” ~ Emile Phaneuf III


A Book to Remind Us of the Evils of Socialism

– September 3, 2023

“Americans who have read that they’re quite good (the Cuban regime still gets mostly favorable press) will be dismayed to read that living conditions are in fact bad and getting worse.” ~ George Leef


Hayek Helps Us Understand Why People Are Losing Their Minds

– September 2, 2023

“Today, the extended order is breaking down. As order breaks down, so do our powers of reason. Many are willing to be taught to have disgust for those outside their tribe.” ~ Barry Brownstein


ESG: A Corporate Social Credit System backed by UN & WEF

– August 14, 2023

“Environmental, Social, and Governance, three pillars of a pervasive type of corporate social credit score that businesses are pressured or incentivized to abide by.” ~ Kate Wand and Samuel Gregg


Critical Theory and The Frankfurt School: The Neo-Marxist Roots of WOKE

– August 7, 2023

Kate Wand invites Phil Magness to discuss the origins of critical theory, which is a neo-Marxist school of thought born in the Frankfurt School in 1923.


Zoned Out: How Housing Regulation Drives Young Americans Toward Socialism

– July 24, 2023

“Left-of-center states and localities are experimenting with rent control and public housing, would-be solutions to the problem of rising rents that economists know are incredibly costly. Simply reforming zoning would be a better solution.” ~ Jason Sorens


The Essential Ethic of Socialism

– July 23, 2023

“In a socialist regime, I must seek the permission of others — whether state officials or one’s fellow workers — before I serve them in a novel way.” ~ Adam Martin


Can Artificial Intelligence Solve the Socialist Calculation Problem?

– June 18, 2023

“No dictator, benevolent or malevolent, individual or committee, is free of ideology, and as dictators they will have the clout to ensure their ideological perspectives are included in the Machines’ programming, with updating as the dictator(s) believe necessary.” ~ James Hanley


Cleaned by Capitalism and Soiled by Socialism

– June 12, 2023

“There’s no question that the environment in which modern humans live is immeasurably cleaner, safer, and more pleasant than was the filthy and dangerous environment in which all of our pre-industrial ancestors lived.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Three Myths About Marx

– June 10, 2023

“Findings suggest that political events, rather than intellectual renown, placed Marx on the map.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


James Lindsay and a Friendly Point of Criticism

– June 8, 2023

“Marx should be seen as but one—historically salient, to be sure—irresponsible human indulging perennial mentalities and bents that deny modern realities.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


Eliminating the Debt Ceiling: Is There Anything the 14th Amendment Can’t Do?

– May 23, 2023

“The Biden administration threatens to invoke Section 4 of the Fourteenth Amendment to sidestep the longstanding federal debt ceiling in a way that would increase the power of the executive branch. ” ~ Robert E. Wright