Unions Should Not Be Protected Against Suits for Deliberate Property Damage

– February 23, 2023

“The Court’s decision will probably be released in June. Let us hope that it subtracts from rather than adds to the power and privilege enjoyed by labor unions.” ~ George Leef


FDR’s Raw Deal for African Americans

– February 21, 2023

“The indictment of the New Deal’s treatment of blacks could go on for many more pages. Suffice it to say here that the New Deal was a raw deal for Americans, especially African Americans.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Now the Education Department Wants To Make It Even Easier on Students Who Have Borrowed for College

– February 14, 2023

“Student borrowers will pay substantially less than before. The Department justifies this by saying that many are struggling with their loan repayments. Some are, but why should the government shield them from the consequences of bad decisions?” ~ George Leef


1619 Project: A Flawed Interpretation With a Hidden Agenda (Video)

– February 5, 2023

“In this episode of Liberty Curious, Kate Wand and AIER Research and Education Director Phillip W. Magness highlight the historical flaws of the 1619 project, and explore why it excludes abolitionists like Frederick Douglass.” ~ AIER


China: House Divided

– January 31, 2023

“To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, the Chinese commercial state cannot stand divided against itself. China will not cease to exist, but it will cease to be divided. It will become all authoritarian, or it will become capitalist.” ~ Michael Munger


Why Don’t You Go Somewhere Else?

– January 6, 2023

“As an entreaty from an employer to a worker, ‘Why don’t you go somewhere else?’ deserves more respect. In many areas of our lives, to exit (to other opportunities) is often a more effective mechanism than to negotiate (talking others into adopting your point of view).” ~ Gary M. Galles


A Key Lesson in Education Policy: You Don’t Make Peace with Termites

– January 3, 2023

“As important as issues like taxes and regulations are, their most important (and most difficult) task is to restore control of education to people who actually want to educate.” ~ George Leef


Progressives Love Suppressing Votes–But Not the Way You Think

– December 21, 2022

“Suppressing people’s votes in the marketplace for the benefit of those who think themselves entitled to a comfortable life at another’s expense, or for those who really know what is good for other people, does not help the suppressed voters.” ~ Art Carden


Six Ways Socialism is Anti-Social

– December 10, 2022

“Even if a socialist’s own life is a mess, he still knows how to run everybody else’s. Even if he doesn’t believe there’s a God, he thinks the State can be one.” ~ Lawrence W. Reed


When Lenin Read a Book on Marx

– November 29, 2022

“It is no small irony that Hobsbawm’s qualitative investigation of Marx’s dissemination and spread now finds empirical validation in the unlikeliest of sources: our econometric analysis of the Soviet revolution’s effects on Marx’s citation patterns after 1917.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


Progressive Politics Prevail Over Economic Freedom

– November 16, 2022

“Although some elections remain to be called, the overall picture is clear. American voters did not clearly repudiate the illiberal, progressive collectivist policies adopted at the state and national levels since March 2020.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Beware the Incentives of “Forgiving” Student Loan Debt

– November 16, 2022

“The stark reality is that ‘forgiving student debt’ really means forcing people who didn’t go to college to pay for those who did, and forcing people who scrimped and saved for college to pay for those who didn’t. ” ~ Antony Davies & James R. Harrigan