More Wetlands Purgatory for American Landowners

– September 3, 2021

“Nobody in Washington has cared enough to slay the hydra. Wetlands policy vivifies how the Fifth Amendment’s proviso that property cannot be taken ‘without due process of law’ is void when bureaucrats are unleashed.” ~ James Bovard


Climate Science: Seeking Truth or Defending Consensus?

– September 1, 2021

“Political agents can be expected to look to ‘science’ to provide a cover for expanded interventions or claims on resources that were previously considered to be unacceptable.” ~ Christopher Lingle


Environmentalism as Religion: Unpacking the Congregation

– August 27, 2021

“Academics, such as Vogel et al., have learned to use these tools to stretch their limited findings into a full-blown rallying cry for their own preferred policies; in this case, socialism on a global scale.” ~ Jessica Rood & Ryan M. Yonk


How to Be a Green Economist, Nordhaus-Style

– August 10, 2021

“Is there a way to be a concerned environmentalist without falling prey to the ‘It’s all a scam’ on one side and ‘It’s the apocalypse’ on the other? I believe so; deep down, I believe Professor Nordhaus does so too. The Spirit of Green shows it, but you need to dig a bit to find it.” ~ Joakim Book


Sacred Is as Sacred Sells

– July 20, 2021

“While a precise value of sacred claims that stop mining or pipelines cannot be assigned, the impact of successful claims can certainly be measured in the value of lost jobs, higher prices for less abundant materials like lithium, delays and costs in slowing global warming.” ~ Wallace Kaufman


Study Finds Economic Prosperity is Associated With a Cleaner Environment

– July 19, 2021

“A prudent and accountable government that upholds the rule of law is not only a better promoter of economic growth but also a better steward of the environment. Higher living standards and ecological responsibility are not two competing interests but two interrelated byproducts of human progress.” ~ Ethan Yang


Climate Models: Worse Than Nothing?

– June 23, 2021

“Data continue to confound naïve climate models. Very difficult theory is slowly but surely explaining why. The climate debate is back to the physical science, where it never should have left.” ~ Robert L. Bradley Jr.


The American Public Favors Competitive Energy Markets – So Does the Environment

– June 12, 2021

“With public opinion lining up with the practical advantages of competitive energy markets, deregulating energy markets and promoting competition among energy sources and producers is a no-brainer – both for consumers and the planet.” ~ Christopher Barnard


Fish, Rice and What the Green Movement Really Stands For

– June 4, 2021

“The idea is always to lock us down both in terms of population and consumption and woe to anyone or anything that allows more consumption with equal or fewer resources. Don’t fall for the safety arguments. The argument is against capitalism and humanity. That’s no fish story.” ~ Michael Fumento


Contra Emotional Alarmism, ‘Global Warming’ Doesn’t Threaten Las Vegas

– May 30, 2021

“It’s seemingly lost on the Times columnist that smart as he may be, his knowledge is nano of trillions of nanos relative to the marketplace. In other words, what has Egan in the fetal position is, if an actual threat, already priced. Investors and people have moved on, and are moving their wealth and talents to what Egan claims is doomed. The joke is on Egan, and his ‘theories.'” ~ John Tamny


The Success of Climate Mainstreaming

– May 21, 2021

“Mainstreaming any important topic means to single-mindedly put everyone’s efforts in one basket and ignore all other important issues. That was my mistake ten years ago: not seeing the bigger picture. Now the world has caught up, keen on making that same mistake, central banks more so than most. Don Quixote de la Mancha sends his regards.” ~ Joakim Book


Are You “Wasting” Paper?

– May 19, 2021

“Do we really want already-stressed out people adding to their cognitive load by thinking they might be sinning against Gaia or Greta Thunberg by printing or discarding a sheet of paper? As Bryan Caplan has pointed out, ‘Recycling is the philosophy that everything is worth saving except your time.'”~ Art Carden