The Rise of ESG, Replacing Profits with Paternalism, and Strategy with Standards

– August 28, 2022

“It seems likely that any standardized framework will be based on the UN’s postulates when all is said and done, and this will have all transpired in front of our eyes and by use of our own pocketbooks.” ~ Kimberlee Josephson


How the Supreme Court Changed the Calculus for Hyperregulation

– August 23, 2022

“The administrative state’s cynical calculus has been upended. It can no longer count on courts to bless their claims of discovering hitherto unnoticed devastating powers tucked away in ‘gap filler’ statutory language.” ~ Jon Sanders


Is the Inflation Reduction Act Really a Climate Policy Game-Changer?

– August 16, 2022

“On the actual policy level, the gains appear to be much more marginal than revolutionary. That’s not because of the oil lease mandates, but because of the marginal nature of the policies themselves.” ~ James E. Hanley


Bug Off and Let People Enjoy Their Food

– August 12, 2022

“The problem isn’t us having a ‘yuck factor’ to dignified mealworms and astounding fly larvae. The problem is them declaring such things ‘the future of food’ and telling us that our disgust is a threat to the world.” ~ Jon Sanders


ESGs: Social Credit for Corporations? | Liberty Curious (Video)

– July 29, 2022

“Robert Wright and Kate Wand discuss Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives and how they distort markets by directing companies to focus on Woke objectives rather than profits.” ~ AIER


A Cooler Assessment of Heatwave Deaths

– July 26, 2022

“Chasing after sensational headlines predicting doom and gloom do us a disservice. It hides the progress we have made historically and prevents us from using this history to guide public discussions.” ~ Vincent Geloso


Zero Impact’s Grim Cost

– July 26, 2022

“Once a big bill comes due—in terms of dollars, standard of living, and geopolitical security—people’s commitment to maintaining the planet in a state of Edenic purity begins to wane rapidly.” ~ Richard Morrison


If You Want To Get Climate Serious, Get Nuclear Serious

– July 21, 2022

“Utilities are having to produce more electricity while giving up coal and gas to do it. Nuclear is the strong third leg of the future electricity stool.” ~ Llewellyn King


Peter C. Earle on Sri Lanka’s Collapse (Video)

– July 15, 2022

“AIER Research Faculty Peter C. Earle joins Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News to discuss the protests and economic collapse in Sri Lanka.” ~ AIER


Is Biomass “Green” Energy?

– July 13, 2022

“Level field, no favor is a pro-consumer, taxpayer-neutral approach to energy policy. Voluntary transactions between consenting adults within a rule-of-law framework can be expected to arrive at efficient solutions.” ~ Richard W. Fulmer & Robert L. Bradley Jr.


SCOTUS to Congress: On Environmental Policy, Do Your Job

– July 6, 2022

“‘This is a win for the climate and constitutional democracy,’ says Drew Bond, president of Conservative Coalition for Climate (C3) Solutions. ‘Any serious person knows that innovation, not overregulation, is the solution to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.’” ~ Chris Woodward


The “Unlivable” World of Global Warming Is Much Wealthier Than Today

– June 29, 2022

“If one truly believes the very existence of humanity is at stake, no regulation goes too far, and no social control is too strict, in order to save our species. And that is a price none of us should have to pay.” ~ James E. Hanley