Topic: Environmentalism

‘Consumer Reports’ Jettisons Objectivity on Climate Change

– May 17, 2024

“Scaring the public into action simply does not work — indeed, Chicken Little can proclaim only for a short time that the sky is falling until people begin to see through the ruse that Chicken Little is really Chicken Liar.” ~David Legates and E. Calvin Beisner


When Ideological Bubbles Trump Economic Thinking

– May 17, 2024

“That a Nobel Prize-winning economist can hold these naïve views and fail to use simple economic reasoning should give us pause about how ideology and echo chambers can dull our reasoning.” ~Paul Mueller


Climate “Reparations” Numbers Are Rigged

– May 10, 2024

“Human living standards have improved in unprecedented ways over the past 300 years. These remarkable improvements in human welfare are not limited to wealthy, developed economies but are enjoyed around the world.” ~Paul Mueller


Unlimited Growth, Forever

– May 6, 2024

“Every popular scare of the past has been side-stepped, improved, or solved, by one or another human effort, usually serendipitously and rarely at all with well-meaning bureaucrats directing the process. ” ~Joakim Book


Stakeholder Statism is Coming

– May 2, 2024

“ESG follows the trajectory of efforts by the progressive left to replace a free, voluntary, and competitive society… with centrally ordered institutions… to engineer their preferred society.” ~Richard M. Reinsch


Economists’ Advocacy for a Carbon Tax Is Misguided

– April 29, 2024

“The reality is that bureaucrats and politicians would likely choose a metric aligned with their self-interest or with the interests of those who currently hold power.” ~Kenneth W. Costello


The Wasteful Cruelty of “Stakeholder Capital”

– April 26, 2024

“When institutional investors vote to destroy the wealth of Chevron, they vote to destroy the dreams of single mothers in Wisconsin, pensioners in California, and small business owners in Nebraska.” ~Jeremy Kidd


ESG Puppeteers

– April 18, 2024

“Climate financiers are not capitalists. They are corporatists who think the government should direct private industry. They want to work with government officials to benefit themselves and hamstring their competition.” ~ Paul Mueller


Should We Panic Over Excessively Low Global Temperatures?

– April 9, 2024

“We simply have no way to trace out more than a minuscule fraction of the economic consequences, positive and negative, of government efforts to alter a phenomenon as massive as the earth’s environment.” ~Donald J. Boudreaux


EPA Phase Out of Gas-Powered Cars Has Ominous Historic Echoes 

– April 8, 2024

“Forcing automobile companies to expand production of their least-profitable product lines at the expense of their best-performing ones is economic madness.” ~Jon Miltimore


How the Subsidy Straw Is Sucking The Colorado River Dry

– April 4, 2024

“A trifecta of farming-sector entitlements have incentivized producers to grow thirsty plants, underpriced water extraction, and created moral hazard….Subsidies have made water 10 times cheaper in Arizona than in Michigan.” ~Peter Clark


High Costs, Greenlash Hit Europe

– March 6, 2024

“Like any other good, environmental protection has an opportunity cost. Surveys indicate that the majority of Europeans support green laws; however, a majority is also increasingly worried about the cost.” ~Nikolai Wenzel