The Dubious Origins of the Lockdown Idea (podcast)

– July 4, 2020

Peter R. Quinones interviewed me on his podcast on the topic: the origin of the lockdown idea. This was the basis of my speech at Porcfest which was not recorded at my request. This is more-or-less a 50 minute version done in an interview format. Liste …


The Early Years of the Crypto Revolution (Podcast with Jeffrey Tucker and Charlie Shrem)

– November 5, 2019

Charlie Shrem was the inadvertent genius you hope to meet in the early years of a technological revolution. We became fast friends, based on this odd combination of naivete and curiosity. We shared everything we knew, and it was beautiful. The hard tim …


Economics Science Had Late-Scholastic Origins (Podcast)

– August 18, 2019

Economics as a science began to take shape in the late Middle Ages as theologians began to come to terms with laws operating within the material world to enhance human well being. 


The Economics of Music in the Middle Ages

– July 21, 2019

The invention of musical notation in the 11th century made the composition and performance of multi-part music more viable. The construction of large performance venues in cathedrals introduced new possibilities of complex harmonies due to the reverberating soundscape. This further gave rise to music composition as a profession. 


The Secret to AIER Publishing

– July 15, 2019

Two main forces behind AIER’s publishing mission speak to the Lions of Liberty about the books, the trials, and the opportunities of making great literature sing.