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How Did the Social Justice Movement Take Hold?

– November 17, 2023

Join Kate Wand and Barry Brownstein as they discuss the ideological roots of the contemporary social justice movement, emerging from a zero-sum political philosophy of grievance.


Liberty Curious The New Deal’s War on the Bill of Rights

– November 2, 2023

“The New Deal Welfare state is among the tools that are used, at other times, to control people and to limit their speech.” ~David T. Beito


Liberty Curious Podcast: Decolonization from Theory to Practice

– October 30, 2023

“The critical theory outlook says ‘No we don’t really have so much room for alternative viewpoints,” and they consider everything that’s associated with free markets and liberal capitalism as the enemy to be driven out of the academy.” ~Phillip W. Magness


Liberalism: What Does It Even MEAN? Political Scientist Explains

– October 20, 2023

“Progressives and conservatives are both convinced that their morality and vision for society is correct, and have no qualms about using the power of the state to impose it upon the rest of us.” ~Michael Munger


Podcast: Did the 2008 Financial Crisis Ever Really END? 

– October 13, 2023

Paul Mueller recently joined AIER as Senior Research Faculty. He spoke with Kate Wand and Liberty Curious to discuss the 2008 Financial Crisis: “Everything we’re seeing around us is a fallout from that crisis.”


What Are The Best Arguments for Liberty?

– October 6, 2023

“Kate asked Bruce to come back and go through some of your comments together. To begin, they examined how we might differentiate moral philosophy from individual rights and the law.”


The Fight against ESG and Global Governance

– September 6, 2023

“ESG is a segue into global governance, but there is growing decentralized resistance against hyper-centralization.” ~ Kate Wand and Allen Mendenhall


ESG: A Corporate Social Credit System backed by UN & WEF

– August 14, 2023

“Environmental, Social, and Governance, three pillars of a pervasive type of corporate social credit score that businesses are pressured or incentivized to abide by.” ~ Kate Wand and Samuel Gregg


Critical Theory and The Frankfurt School: The Neo-Marxist Roots of WOKE

– August 7, 2023

Kate Wand invites Phil Magness to discuss the origins of critical theory, which is a neo-Marxist school of thought born in the Frankfurt School in 1923.


Virus of the Mind: Critical Theory + Postmodernism

– July 28, 2023

“On this episode of Liberty Curious, Kate Wand invites Bruce Pardy to discuss the origins of the Woke virus of the mind: critical theory, social justice, postmodernism and critical race theory.” ~ Kate Wand


The Dubious Origins of the Lockdown Idea (podcast)

– July 4, 2020

Peter R. Quinones interviewed me on his podcast on the topic: the origin of the lockdown idea. This was the basis of my speech at Porcfest which was not recorded at my request. This is more-or-less a 50 minute version done in an interview format. Liste …


The Early Years of the Crypto Revolution (Podcast with Jeffrey Tucker and Charlie Shrem)

– November 5, 2019

Charlie Shrem was the inadvertent genius you hope to meet in the early years of a technological revolution. We became fast friends, based on this odd combination of naivete and curiosity. We shared everything we knew, and it was beautiful. The hard tim …