Topic: Authoritarianism

The Sixties’ Toxic Legacy 

– June 4, 2024

“Woke-friendly corporations, billionaires, foundations, and individuals with impressive foreign ties are demonstrating the effectiveness of funding campus radicals…echoing similar anti-Western, violent hate-marches throughout Europe and elsewhere.” ~Juliana Geran Pilon


FISA Destroys the Rule of Law

– May 22, 2024

“Evidence…cannot be challenged by opposing counsel and are highly classified. This has resulted in the drone-like ‘rubber stamping’ of warrantless surveillance conducted without oversight or challenge.” ~Spence Purnell


Are You a Servant of Tyranny or Liberty? 

– May 20, 2024

“What happens to a country with no constitution or deep-seated commitment to curbing the use of power? Absent those limits, virtue wanes, and it is easy for people to become servants of tyranny.” ~Barry Brownstein


Proof That Net Neutrality Was Never about ‘Saving the Internet’

– May 20, 2024

“Net Neutrality isn’t so much about creating a better Internet as much as a key step toward an Internet under government control.” ~Jon Miltimore


Illiberal Youth Threaten Freedom

– May 13, 2024

“Like National Socialist youth, individual rights mean nothing to young people today. The loss of talented people with different opinions was a plus for the Nazis.” ~Barry Brownstein


Elon’s X Marks the Spot in Brazil

– April 19, 2024

“Brazil is facing its greatest struggle for freedom of speech since the end of the military regime… Freedom of speech has been effectively limited without due process, and contrary to the Constitution.” ~Ricardo Gomes


Biden’s ‘Strike Force’ Recalls Nixon’s Economic Plan

– March 29, 2024

“The so-called Strike Force is likely to act as a bludgeon for government attacks on private interests, and in particular, those viewed as adversaries to the administration.” ~Peter C. Earle


To Remain Free, Make the Ordinary Meaningful

– March 25, 2024

“Those who don’t take responsibility for making meaning in their lives can become the worst among us.” ~Barry Brownstein


Childless China: Coercive Population Plan Implodes

– March 12, 2024

“That China’s downfall stems from its own collectivist policies is no small irony, but it should come as no surprise. It stems from the same flawed thinking that led to the fall of the last communist empire.” ~Jon Miltimore


Why Solzhenitsyn’s Line Between Good and Evil Matters 

– March 7, 2024

“The extended social order created by the free market expands our opportunities to cooperate with others, and crucially, accepts human nature for what it is.” ~Barry Brownstein


Hayek and the End of Truth 

– February 27, 2024

“The underlying purpose of linguistic sabotage, logical incoherence aside, is to justify the power of a few. The actual meaning of an oxymoron like collective freedom, Hayek said, ‘is not the freedom of the members of society but the unlimited freedom of the planner to do with society what he pleases.'” ~Juliana Geran Pilon


America’s DEI Commissars Threaten Freedom

– February 22, 2024

“Today, people are told they are victims or victimizers. Victims expect the government to remedy their grievances… The pursuit of social justice would undermine equal treatment under the law.” ~Barry Brownstein