Red Science, Blue Science, What Science, No Science

– May 19, 2022

“Our slender comprehension of the mysteries of the universe will be entirely undone by anything that prevents open debate about scientific evidence – regardless of whether this disruption emerges from partisanship or censorship.” ~ Chris Bateman


Hatred Will Destroy You: What the Holodomor Teaches Us Today

– May 12, 2022

“When any person harbors hatred, their own humanity is destroyed. In Grossman’s words, ‘looking at his victim as other than human, he ceases to be human himself. He executes the human being inside his own self; he is his own executioner.’” ~ Barry Brownstein


This Tweet Contains Speech. Click Here to Learn More.

– May 10, 2022

“Twitter users who have grown accustomed to surrendering their critical thinking to warning labels placed on others’ Tweets may need a period of adjustment. A new batch of pro-free-speech labels might just do the trick.” ~ Jon Sanders


A Reality Czar? What Could Possibly Go Wrong.

– May 8, 2022

“So who could be trusted as the reality czar? No one. That is why Democrats never suggested one when Trump was in office. In politics, truth is subservient to power.” ~ Gary M. Galles


Transcending Covid Tribalism: Will the Best Science Please Stand Up?

“It is time to step away from the dark age of official ‘Science’ and let science evolve alongside a more enlightened—and free—humanity.” ~ Brandon P. Reines & Mary D. Catlin


How Threat-Free Are Americans from COVID-19? Late April 2022 Update

– April 30, 2022

“The main threat to people continues to be totalitarian government orders based on COVID and anything else they can get away with calling a ‘public health emergency.'” ~ Jon Sanders


Virtue Signalling, Ancient and Modern

– April 30, 2022

“Agricola and Marcus Lepidus lived under bad emperors and yet they were still able to do good. They did not need to appear moderate because they were moderate.” ~ Scott B. Nelson


Speaking of Liberal Values

– April 28, 2022

“We liberals must forever be ready, understanding the power of words, to challenge with our own words these assaults on freedom of expression and on open, peaceful discourse and debate.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


The Threat to Liberty is Coming from Inside the House

– April 27, 2022

“Awakened to the erosion of liberty, there is more grist for the mill to facilitate our learning than at any time in recent memory. We have more opportunities to become advanced students of liberty.” ~ Barry Brownstein


What, to the Classical Liberal, Is Patriots’ Day?

– April 18, 2022

“Perhaps instead of celebrating Patriots’ Day, classical liberals should learn from it by establishing parallel governance structures, alternative institutional arrangements anchored in liberty, just as our forefathers did.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Zero COVID Horror Show in Shanghai

– April 12, 2022

“Under the classical liberal ideal, governments are formed to protect individual rights. Nothing could be further from this in Shanghai. A city of over 25 million people is being dehumanized because of a spike in largely asymptomatic COVID-19 cases.” ~ David Waugh


Cold War Music: A Top Ten List

– April 11, 2022

“With the Fall of the Berlin Wall, we were neither red nor dead. Instead, we were alive and free, and poised – with the revolution in development economics of the 1990s – for the greatest advance in history in the global standard of living.” ~ Clifford F. Thies