Topic: Authoritarianism

Hayek and the End of Truth 

– February 27, 2024

“The underlying purpose of linguistic sabotage, logical incoherence aside, is to justify the power of a few. The actual meaning of an oxymoron like collective freedom, Hayek said, ‘is not the freedom of the members of society but the unlimited freedom of the planner to do with society what he pleases.'” ~Juliana Geran Pilon


America’s DEI Commissars Threaten Freedom

– February 22, 2024

“Today, people are told they are victims or victimizers. Victims expect the government to remedy their grievances… The pursuit of social justice would undermine equal treatment under the law.” ~Barry Brownstein


Bidenomics and the Slippery Erosion of Economic Freedom

– January 25, 2024

“The Biden Administration claims to promote economic growth and increase competitiveness while choking the economy with rules and regulations.” ~Nikolai Wenzel


A Short Guide to ESG: Conclusions

– January 19, 2024

“Unfortunately, ESG experts and government officials are convinced that they already know the answers to these questions and simply need to redirect massive resources accordingly. But if they are wrong, we will all suffer.” ~Paul Mueller


Podcast: ESG’s Moral Crusade for a ‘Green New World’

– January 4, 2024

ESG has been perniciously changing the way corporations, governments, NGOs and institutions operate. This discussion on the Liberty Curious podcast highlights the utopian ideals and ideological shifts that have shaped the ESG movement.


As Some Workers Try to Free Themselves from Unionization, Biden Officials Try to Dragoon More In

– January 3, 2024

“This case is destined for the Supreme Court, which might take another look at the constitutionality of compulsory unionism. The Court might even decide that the freedom to decide whether you want someone else acting as your representative is a fundamental right.” ~George Leef


Podcast: How free is your state?

– December 26, 2023

AIER’s Jason Sorens joins Kate Wand on Liberty Curious to discuss his book ‘Freedom in the 50 States.” In this 7th edition, New Hampshire, Florida, and South Dakota are the freest states in the country. Where does your state rank?


Why Ordinary People Enable Totalitarians (Part II)

– December 14, 2023

“The best safeguard of liberty is societal support for a system that prevents abuses of power before individual acts of heroism are necessary.” ~Barry Brownstein


Why Ordinary People Enable Totalitarians, Part 1 

– December 7, 2023

“After the First World War in Germany, peace came with hyperinflation, which obliterated all wealth. The bonds of civilization fray during hyperinflation.” ~Barry Brownstein


TikTok: Five Cuts

– November 21, 2023

“Americans already have a license to engage in free speech, in the form of the First Amendment. And if you are thinking that the United States has a long history of anonymous, public speech, you’re right.” ~James Harrigan


Thinking About the Regulation of Industrial Emissions Differently, Part I

– November 20, 2023

“Production of the likes of tires, furniture, steel, speedy transportation, and air conditioning and home heating is surely good for humanity. But such production requires energy and it produces harmful by-products.” ~Donald J. Boudreaux


Can We Pass Adam Smith’s Finger Test?  

– November 11, 2023

“We have allowed our institutions to be hijacked by illiberal authoritarians posing as humanists. Should it surprise us that morality is in short supply?” ~Barry Brownstein