Is Free Trade Elitist?

– November 29, 2021

“Intellectuals almost always feature prominently on any side of any debate over any issue. Free trade is nothing more, or less, than freedom and fairness. The notion that it is an elitist scheme is a grotesque canard.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Supply Chains and the Shortage Economy

– November 28, 2021

“Government control over supply chains would help make shortages permanent. Supply chains are too complex for anyone, including the managers of companies like Apple and Nike, to understand.” ~ Daniel Sutter


Biden’s HHS: We Don’t Have Time to Review Regulations, We’re Too Busy Enforcing Them

– November 23, 2021

“The Biden administration thinks small business owners and the general public will be soothed by the idea of ‘regulatory certainty’ — that harmful regulations will go on forever and ever.”


There’s More than One Way to Make Stablecoins Safe

– November 19, 2021

“The PWG’s worries for the safety of stablecoin users are most applicable to one set of stablecoins: the set including USD Coin and Tether. A ‘banks-only’ model may be an improvement for some stablecoins, but it certainly isn’t the only way to ensure stablecoins are safe.” ~ J.P. Koning


When Does a Job Become a Job?

– November 19, 2021

“A vibrant citizenry capable of resisting tyranny starts with the realization that the definitive guidelines given to us by government are actually quite arbitrary. We must constantly question the bright line boundaries that surround us.” ~ Anthony Gill


‘Build Back Better’ Methane Fee Means Higher Costs for Heating Oil, Natural Gas

– November 17, 2021

“Environmental activists call it a ‘methane fee.’ The energy industry calls it a ‘natural gas tax.’ Either way, energy consumers are likely to feel the effects in their pocketbooks.” ~ Chris Woodward


The FDA is Back and Coming after Smart Socks

– November 10, 2021

“Considering the FDA regulates nearly 40 percent of all consumer products, its recent actions are a strong cause for concern. As a health economist, I’ll be monitoring the situation closely.” ~ Raymond J. March


J&J Isn’t the Bad Guy in the Talcum Tort Transfer

– November 8, 2021

“The HHS National Toxicology Program doesn’t list talc as a cause of human cancer. The Cancer Council of Western Australia goes so far as to call any link between talc and cancer, and specifically talc and ovarian cancer, ‘a myth.'” ~ Michael Fumento


Three Minutes in Fort Worth

– November 4, 2021

“Heading down to the bar for a celebratory drink–it was a great conference–I thought to myself: ‘If that is the depth of common understanding, and the full extent of their imagination: how is any of the morass the world is descending into surprising?'” ~ Peter C. Earle


Cryptocurrencies and the National Bank Act: Learning the Wrong Lessons from History

– November 3, 2021

“Perhaps the cryptocurrency market would benefit from regulatory oversight. But the regulators are certainly wrong to base their case on the historical experience of the US. The lesson they should learn from history is that regulation can be detrimental.” ~ Nicolás Cachanosky & William J. Luther


To Fix the Shipping Crisis, Start by Repealing the Jones Act

– October 25, 2021

“The Biden Administration should immediately suspend the Jones Act, at least until the shipping backlog is remedied. That, instead of coddling special interests wielding ludicrous (and arguably long out-of-date) arguments, would be a true ‘gamechanger.'” ~ Peter C. Earle


Fair Trade Is Still a Fraud

– October 20, 2021

“Government cannot make trade more fair by making it less free. It should not be a federal crime to charge low prices to American consumers. Unfortunately, fair trade demagoguery will continue as long as politicians are greedy, lobbyists are generous, and journalists are clueless.” ~ James Bovard