Chipping Away at Corporate Welfare

– November 29, 2022

“Not only does increasing economic freedom cost far less than subsidizing chip manufacturing, it will aid US manufacturers in all areas, including the increasingly important telecom sector.” ~ April Liu & Robert E. Wright


2022: The Year the “Lodger Evil” Came to Kansas and Made Housing Less Affordable

– November 26, 2022

“If we’re serious about more affordable housing, we will cut the red tape by doing away with building restrictions and parking requirements. Until then, chatter about ‘affordable housing’ is just a lot of words.” ~ Art Carden


Industrial Policy Returns, Prior Pratfalls Notwithstanding

– November 22, 2022

“Letting politicians pick winners is the surest recipe for shafting consumers and every unsubsidized business. Unfortunately, there will always be enough pundits who failed Econ 101 to whoop up every boneheaded intervention.” ~ James Bovard


Seattle’s Dick’s Drive-In Mocks Left and Right Pandering About the Minimum Wage

– November 22, 2022

“As Dick’s reminds us, businesses don’t require a law. Eager to win the services of good and willing workers, the wages they’ll offer well exceed the promises of politicians who have nothing to offer other than force.” ~ John Tamny


Perfect Failure in Pursuit of Perfect Competition

– November 21, 2022

“The DMA is but another of Europe’s self-inflicted regulatory wounds. Sadly, it will also affect the ability of giants of Silicon Valley to continue delivering progress in the US and across the globe.” ~ Robertas Bakula


Let Them Compete: Labor Markets Are Workers’ Friends, Not Their Enemies

– November 17, 2022

“Workers compete with one another for jobs, but firms compete with one another for workers. When people are allowed to compete, one’s folly becomes another’s opportunity.” ~ Art Carden


Biden Ignores the Fact That “Junk Fees” Aren’t Free

– November 10, 2022

“The economy is suffering enough under Biden’s overregulation, Congress’ overspending, and the Fed’s overprinting; the last thing it needs is another barrier to growth and organic competition.” ~ Vance Ginn


A Tale of Two Documents: How the Bitcoin White Paper Outperformed Dodd-Frank

– November 8, 2022

“As policymakers look to further regulate the crypto ecosystem itself, they should keep top of mind the capacity of private innovation to not only achieve broad policy goals but also to get there before regulations do.” ~ Jack Solowey


Politicians and Their Reasons

– November 5, 2022

“In reality, policy choices are always multifaceted and tend strongly to align with political incentives: capturing, consolidating, and expanding the reach of political influence.” ~ Peter C. Earle & April Liu


Schrodinger’s Demand Curve: Elastic or Inelastic?

– November 2, 2022

“Elizabeth Warren may be right that immigration has been a ‘vital source of American strength.’ But if so, minimum wage hikes only serve to undermine that vitality.” ~ Zachary Shuter


Consumers Stand to Lose From Swipe Card Regulations

– October 31, 2022

“Consumers stand to lose from fewer choices, less credit access, less secure transactions, and the evaporation of reward programs and other benefits.” ~ Satya Marar


Ramping Up Government’s War on Savings

– October 30, 2022

“Truly addressing the savings problem doesn’t require more government involvement; it only requires that the government stop undermining our incentives to save in all the ways it does now.” ~ Gary M. Galles