Topic: Technology

US Can Thwart the CBDC Onslaught

– February 9, 2024

“The argument that lagging digital dollar development is necessarily bad for Americans ignores a long history of US government promises about gathered data and its use.” ~Peter C. Earle


ChatGPT is a Calculator; Deal with It

– January 1, 2024

“For many routine tasks—and, honestly, most writing is routine, not creative—it is faster and actually better to have the AI create the text, at least for the first draft.” ~Michael Munger


The Sputtering EV Market Shows What Happens When Companies Heed Planners Instead of Consumers

– December 27, 2023

“The US EV market is a mess, one many analysts say will get worse before it gets better. And automakers like Ford who bet big on the future of EVs are likely looking at pain, at least in the short term.” ~Jon Miltimore


Robots Free Humans from Repetitive Tasks

– December 16, 2023

“Robots handle repetitive tasks or heavy lifting that cause substantial wear on the human body, reducing the risk of injury to employees. Robotics with AI would complement, rather than substitute, human labor.” ~Janna Lu


Epic Games Sues Google Play: Scared of Competition 

– December 7, 2023

“Google’s conduct does not prevent an innovator from making its own spot. Epic chooses to squander resources on legal actions, rather than developing better products for both vendors and consumers.” ~Peter Clark


Let the Market, Not Government, Decide the Fate of EVs

– December 3, 2023

“Both for equity and economic efficiency, government inducements to hasten the number of EVs or charging stations are a bad idea. Governments can better spend taxpayers’ monies. EVs have a promising future.” ~Kenneth W. Costello


How to Rationally Consume News

– November 21, 2023

“Most information is noise, and the human brain isn’t equipped for the overload that the modern world throws at us. Don’t clutter your brain with unnecessary stuff.” ~Joakim Book


TikTok: Five Cuts

– November 21, 2023

“Americans already have a license to engage in free speech, in the form of the First Amendment. And if you are thinking that the United States has a long history of anonymous, public speech, you’re right.” ~James Harrigan


The Biden Administration’s Artificial Intelligence Rent-Seeking Play

– November 2, 2023

“Political incentives being what they are, these evaluations of safety will be used to redirect and tweak AI models towards the priorities of the current administration.” ~Paul Mueller


Truck This: Why I’m Leaving the Long-Haul Industry

– September 21, 2023

“However well-intentioned these rules and regulations might be, it’s clear that no one is consulting with the long haul truckers about the totally foreseeable bad outcomes.” ~Christopher Wilcox


AI, Critical Thinking, and the Future of Freedom

– September 18, 2023

“Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking about them.” ~Emile Phaneuf III


Should Buying Or Selling “Hidden Cities” Air Tickets Be Banned Or Punished?

– September 17, 2023

“Hidden-city opportunities emerge when there are significant differences in the price elasticity of demand relating to certain itineraries with stopovers.” ~Christopher Lingle