When It Comes to Big Tech and Monopoly Power: Patience is a Virtue, Antitrust is a Vice

– March 25, 2023

“Whether it’s Lina Khan at the FTC or Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren in Congress, antitrust advocates should take a hard look in the mirror. The only true monopoly within the US marketplace is where these politicians are fulfilling their posts.” ~ Kimberlee Josephson


What the US Can Learn From Taiwan’s Success in Chip Manufacturing

– March 16, 2023

“Taiwan’s semiconductor companies succeeded not because of grants and subsidies, but from their ability to innovate and respond to the pressures of a competitive market.” ~ Larisa Jacono


The Amazing Cargo Ship

– March 14, 2023

“Like the trade that’s carried out using cargo ships, all trade – from the simplest to the most complex – works wonders. Trade allows each of us to turn our unique talents into the fruits of the talents of everyone with whom we trade.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Delivering on the Promise of Platforms

– March 10, 2023

“The mistake of outsiders was to see Amazon as a bookseller; since books were a dying business (not true, actually), having a web site to sell books had limited upside at best, even if Amazon could survive against the market power of Barnes and Noble and the other bookstore behemoths.” ~ Michael C. Munger


The Myth of Rural “Assistance”

– March 6, 2023

“Just as in the New Deal electrification boondoggle, it is a much better value, from a bureaucratic perspective, to waste taxpayer money than to allow organic, free-market solutions to beat them to the punch.” ~ Paul Schwennesen


The Case for User Accountability and Keeping Section 230

– February 10, 2023

“It is in the best interest of any platform or search engine to flag, block, or report that which does not adhere to its terms of service, especially when illegal activity is discovered. And it is in everyone’s best interest for the tech industry to retain the right and protection to do so.” ~ Kimberlee Josephson


The Power to Regulate Is the Power to Control

– January 19, 2023

“The ‘chilling effect’ of government censorship by corporate proxy has Americans on an icy slope that bottoms out in the sort of political slavery feared by the Founders and Framers.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Chatbots Killed the Academic Star

– January 12, 2023

“The standard career strategy (‘write and publish a whole bunch of papers even if no one ever reads them’) will no longer be viable. It’s not clear this is bad, in most disciplines.” ~ Michael C. Munger


Embrace Dynamism: The Future and Its Enemies at 25

– January 10, 2023

“The Future and Its Enemies is a well-written, lucid argument for decentralized progress and the intellectual, political, and commercial liberty that makes it possible.” ~ Art Carden


Taxation in the Data Economy: The ‘Invisible’ Competition

– January 9, 2023

“It remains to be seen whether data experts and policymakers will come up with a tax that encapsulates ‘fairness, certainty, convenience, and efficiency’ as Adam Smith argued for, but each idea is worth hearing in today’s data-governed market.” ~ Virginia Fournari & April Liu


The Twitter Files: Lenin Would Be Proud

– January 8, 2023

“When your main mission is to do the bidding of the state, rather than serving consumers in the voluntary marketplace, you are not really a private company in the true sense of the term. Your company is not a market phenomenon.” ~ Brian Balfour


Goodhart’s Law Explains School Decay

– January 5, 2023

“By disentangling ourselves from measures and rankings, we can return to a focus on what education does for the human mind, not just the data sheets.” ~ Laura Williams