The 1933 Club recognizes the inner circle of AIER’s most generous friends and committed partners. Through their leadership and generosity, members of The 1933 Club are key partners in AIER’s work to research, articulate, and advance the importance of markets. Members of The 1933 Club receive exclusive access to AIER’s experts and scholarship as well as an unparalleled opportunity to invest and collaborate in AIER’s world-class economic research, education, and outreach.

Eligibility and Benefits

Open to our closest friends and supporters who support AIER with annual giving of $1,000 or more, membership in The 1933 Club comes with a number of exclusive benefits, including:

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A Legacy of Courage

In 1933, Edward C. Harwood took a courageous stand for individual liberty, free markets, and sound money. In the throes of the Great Depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was steering the country into a New Deal that would devalue our nation’s currency and endanger our basic constitutional freedoms. Harwood could not remain silent and call himself a man of honor. In 1933, Harwood established AIER, an institution dedicated to researching and promoting the economic principles that had made America the most prosperous nation in the history of the world.

Today, government suppression continues to destroy our society. In an age dominated by socialism, paternalism, and reckless government spending, members of The 1933 Club carry on the courageous legacy of Edward C. Harwood by taking a stand for pure freedom, economic prosperity, and human flourishing.

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