Topic: Sound Money

Getting Monetary Policy Back on Track

– May 7, 2024

“Experts seemingly identify much more closely with the central bankers — the practitioners of monetary policy — than with those forced to contend with the negative consequences of bad decisions.” ~Judy Shelton


US Can Thwart the CBDC Onslaught

– February 9, 2024

“The argument that lagging digital dollar development is necessarily bad for Americans ignores a long history of US government promises about gathered data and its use.” ~Peter C. Earle


FOMC Holds Rates, Revises Projections

– December 14, 2023

“After months of worrying that they had not yet done enough, FOMC members now seem to think they have a handle on inflation and will see it gradually return to 2 percent. Let’s hope they are correct.” ~William J. Luther


Argentina Agonistes: The Separation of Money and State

– November 29, 2023

“The Argentine peso has lost 93 percent of its value in just the past 4 years. Anyone who could carry out transactions using dollars always did so; holding pesos was little different from simply setting your wealth on fire.” ~Michael Munger


Inflation is Slowing. Will the Fed?

– July 2, 2023

“Monetary policy works with long and variable lags. Inflation is slowing, but it will take some time to come down. Fed officials should not be too concerned about elevated core inflation.” ~ William J. Luther


Bitcoin’s Philosophical Origins with Emile Phaneuf

– June 24, 2023

Joining Kate Wand on ‘Liberty Curious’ is independent thinker & writer Emile Phaneuf, to discuss the origins of Bitcoin, and its philosophical influences including the writings of Hayek, Ayn Rand and David Friedman.


Has the Disinflation Process Stalled?

– May 26, 2023

“Fed officials may worry that the disinflation process has stalled. For this reason, the latest data likely increases uncertainty about the future course of monetary policy.” ~ William J. Luther


How Congress Should Reform the Fed

– May 18, 2023

“Congress should narrow the Fed’s regulatory concerns to maintaining adequate bank capital. It should also consider abolishing the discount window entirely.” ~ Alexander William Salter


Can the Fed Continue to Fight Inflation without Risking a Financial Crisis?

– May 18, 2023

“In principle, the Fed has the ability to provide liquidity to the banking system while simultaneously reducing the incentives banks have to make loans.” ~ Bryan Cutsinger


What if Gold Coins Were Mated With Bank Notes? An Interview with Jeremy Cordon of Goldback

– April 3, 2023

“There is certainly a market for sound money that is hard to serve legally. Yet Cordon has proposed a way to serve that market – at least in an anachronistic sense. But those bought into the promise of cryptocurrencies, might have doubts. Cordon agreed to be interviewed.” ~ Max Borders


Sound Money Still Matters

– June 7, 2021

“By making precious metals a more integral part of citizens’ lives, state gold depositories are key to a return to sound money.” ~ Peter C. Earle