When A Dollar Isn’t a Dollar

– May 28, 2022

“A few weeks ago the stablecoin called TerraUSD broke its peg from the dollar and collapsed along with the protocol’s flexible price LUNA token, and now you know why.” ~ Joshua R. Hendrickson


Modern Day Bills of Exchange

– May 10, 2022

“Bitcoin, or cryptocurrency more generally, allows us to look at issues related to exchange, money, payments, and finance through a new lens.” ~ Joshua R. Hendrickson


The Future Will Be Flatter than Ever

– May 6, 2022

“Thomas Friedman declared in his 2005 book The World is Flat, that the world is flat. This “flattening” (or leveling of the playing field, as we might think of it) continues today in radically new ways that Friedman may not have imagined.” ~ Emile Phaneuf


The Possibilities Inspire: A Review of ‘Check Your Financial Privilege’

– April 28, 2022

“Across the world, Gladstein’s investigative journalism shows how Bitcoin is a tool for individuals and communities to protect their wealth and promote their well-being in the face of repressive regimes. It is a sobering perspective” ~ David Waugh


Three Topics for Young Political Economists

– April 19, 2022

“I would claim that the growth of platforms that allow peer-to-peer cooperation, and foster the low-cost commodification of excess capacity, are likely to change our relations to work, to ownership, and to each other.” ~ Michael Munger


Crypto’s Privacy/Commingling Dilemma

– March 31, 2022

“Mixing is a less-than ideal way to gain privacy. In solving for privacy, mixing introduces another problem; commingling. When you use a mixing tool, you’re introducing your licit funds into the same pot as potentially criminally-derived funds.” ~ J.P. Koning


Native American Tribe Hopes to Colonize the World With Digital Freedom

– March 30, 2022

“If the Green Earth Zone project is successful, Native Americans – of all people – will have saved a few scraps of freedom. That they’re willing to share that freedom with the rest of us speaks volumes about the integrity of the Catawba people.” ~ Max Borders


Where Does Saifedean Think Money Comes From?

– March 24, 2022

“There’s plenty wrong with central banking, no doubt, but showering broken institutions with infinite credit lines and opportunity-cost free funding isn’t one of them.” ~ Joakim Book


Not Every “Crypto” Is Decentralized: Proof-of-Work vs Proof-of-Stake

– March 23, 2022

“Policymakers seeking to ban Proof-of-Work, or thinking it can be easily replaced by Proof-of-Stake would do well to keep the inherent and important tradeoffs between the two consensus mechanisms in mind.” ~ David Waugh


Thinking Straight about Bitcoin’s Social Costs and Benefits

– March 13, 2022

“To view Bitcoin transactions as problematic, as a cost rather than a benefit, would be to view things like a state advocate rather than like a consumer advocate.” ~ Lawrence H. White


Trudeau’s Tactics Are Coming to America: Learn Crypto Custody

– February 24, 2022

“Whether you are a donor or a recipient, make sure to learn how to be a custodian of your cryptocurrency. Learning about crypto will help keep the lights blinking in America. After all, the Biden Administration has already made threats.” ~ Max Borders


Making Money Myths

– February 14, 2022

“NQA banknote systems have existed in the past. It follows that private NQA paper currency is perfectly possible. It might still be true, of course, that private NQA digital currency isn’t possible. But if I were you, I wouldn’t take Gary Gorton’s word for it.” ~ George Selgin