Topic: Cryptocurrency

CBDC Ban Does Little to Bolster Financial Privacy

– June 27, 2024

“The battle for safeguarding individual rights over financial information and freedom from undue government control must encompass all forms of financial transactions, whether digital or physical.” ~Nicolás Cachanosky


Bitcoin Is ‘Resistance Money’

– June 14, 2024

“Freedom money, wielded by its users and resistant to capture, identification, and censorship, doesn’t dispel unfair laws or make evil rulers go away — but almost nothing else does that either.” ~Joakim Book


The Dollar and its Domestic Enemies

– June 7, 2024

“The greatest threat to the soundness and utility of the US dollar comes not from shadowy figures in faraway lands, but from unremarkable apparatchiks carrying out the edicts of US officialdom.” ~Peter C. Earle


Bitcoin Mining and Icelandic Bananas

– April 25, 2024

“Stranded energy and unused electricity are magnets for bitcoin miners, as they take electricity that can’t readily be used for other purposes and turn it into one of the world’s most liquid and globally transferable assets.” ~Joakim Book


Biden Redoubles Effort to Crush Crypto With EIA’s Mining Survey 

– April 12, 2024

“Historically, the EIA has been viewed as an agency without a political agenda, but this survey suggests otherwise.” ~James Broughel and John Berlau


Bitcoin Scoops Up Stranded and Excess Power

– March 4, 2024

“Overbuilt facilities generate excess capacity, waste resources, and are only needed in extreme events. A consumer-of-last-resort could secure electricity grids and monetize their resilience.” ~Joakim Book


The Future of Bitcoin in Light of a Spot ETF

– January 20, 2024

“While the SEC’s long-overdue approval of a Bitcoin spot ETF deserves a bit of celebration, watch out for what’s next. The state apparatus will increasingly treat Bitcoin as a regulated financial product.” ~Emile Phaneuf III


The IMF is Wrong – and Right – About Crypto

– November 1, 2023

“The IMF and FSB’s recommendations are transparently pro-government and anti-citizen. They overstate the potential harm of cryptocurrencies and propose monitoring systems that would benefit tyrannical governments at the expense of the public.” ~Thomas L. Hogan


My Big Cryptocurrency Pyramid Scheme

– August 26, 2023

“I like to explore innovations that promise not violent overthrow but rather ways to undermine or circumvent unjust authorities or corrupt incumbents.” ~ Max Borders


The Mating of Economic Ideas and Bitcoin

– August 10, 2023

“As Bitcoin is a highly decentralized and antifragile system with no real-world backed assets that can be seized to shut it down, appears to be the only realistic candidate to introduce something that government cannot stop.” ~ Emile Phaneuf III


The SEC’s Illegal War on Crypto

– July 14, 2023

“SEC officials have relied on opaque and discretionary enforcement actions. They have charged companies for not complying with the law without clearly stating what the law is.” ~ Thomas L. Hogan


DeSantis Takes the Lead on Fed Reforms

– July 6, 2023

“According to DeSantis, political elites want to ‘regulate [bitcoin] out of existence’ because it threatens their plans for social control. He’s right.” ~ Alexander W. Salter