Topic: Capitalism

AI Opposition: Economic and Philosophical Sophistry

– April 5, 2024

“Economic growth is by far and away the most far-reaching and compounding good mankind has ever experienced — the very phenomenon responsible for modern infrastructure, schools, and health care.” ~Jack Nicastro and Samuel Crombie


Uber and Lyft Drive Out of the Twin Cities

– March 22, 2024

“When costs go up, the money to pay for the increase can only come from one of three places: customers paying higher prices, business owners earning less profit, or workers being laid off, losing work hours, or losing benefits.” ~James Harrigan


Too Much: Three First World Problems

– March 21, 2024

“Where our ancestors lived lives that were solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short, the twenty-first century has us overwhelmed with connections, opportunities, and experiences.” ~Art Carden


Dynamic Pricing Puts the “Fast” Back in Fast Food

– March 19, 2024

“By offering lower prices in off-peak hours, Wendy’s would be able to attract more customers overall, thus charging lower prices on average, even if prices during peak periods were higher than what they charge now.” Thomas Savidge and Louis Rouanet


Proletarian Capitalism

– March 8, 2024

“Simply by repurposing existing personal property, Uber, Airbnb, and other sharing-economy innovations enlarge humanity’s stock of productive capital. And in doing so, these innovations also create more capitalists.” ~Donald J. Boudreaux


Unseen Innovation

– February 1, 2024

“An individual innovation is small, minuscule even. But it’s real and it improves our standard of living. Yet how many of you have noticed it? Almost none. The market, therefore, gets no credit for it.” ~Donald J. Boudreaux


The Beginning of the Modern World: It Was Always the Dutch

– January 14, 2024

“The Dutch Republic was a common destination for a brain-drain of innovators from elsewhere: merchants from the south, bakers from Germany, Portuguese and Spanish Jews.” ~Joakim Book


Capitalism Is Impersonal, Not Soulless

– January 4, 2024

“Because in today’s global economy the people with whom we interact economically number literally in the billions, the percentage of these persons with whom we also interact personally is near zero.” ~Donald J. Boudreaux


This Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore: Maybe You Don’t Need a Can Opener

– December 26, 2023

“Pull tabs and plastic bottles are among the innumerable wonders free people exercising free minds in free markets bring to us every day in exchange for progressively fewer fruits of our labors.” ~Art Carden


Johan Norberg’s The Capitalist Manifesto: A Review

– November 24, 2023

“What matters for the capitalist story to flourish is that its effect on the world continues to be positive, not whether market actors believe it while embodying its principles.” ~Joakim Book


Why Adam Smith Would Have Been a Baseball Fan 

– November 12, 2023

“A player who fails with the bat two out of three times becomes a superstar. Likewise, a market economy also creates the possibility of failure.” ~Paul McDonnold


Is There a Problem? vs. Is this Competitive? 

– October 30, 2023

“Amazon’s offering lower prices compared to online rivals undercuts the FTC’s assertion that it is a proof of its monopolistic abuse, yet it is completely consistent with Amazon’s pro-consumer explanation.” ~Gary M. Galles