PayPal and the Purpose of a Corporation

– October 21, 2022

“Whether the damage to PayPal will be fleeting or chronic is yet to be seen. But perhaps this incident will be a cautionary tale for corporate managers. Their first job must be to mind the store.” ~ Jarret Decker


“GramXi,” China, and the Long March through Multilateral Institutions

– October 20, 2022

“The ITU proceedings matter for liberty and privacy against the rise of Chinese tyranny and its long march through multilateral institutions. GramXi, indeed.” ~ Dominique M. Lazanski and Nikolai G. Wenzel


The CBDC Tradeoff

– October 9, 2022

“Rather than crowding out the private sector with a CBDC, the government should let a thousand payment mechanisms bloom.” ~ William J. Luther


The Backwards Insinuation That Amazon Hires ‘Dangerous Truck Drivers’

– October 9, 2022

“The reality is that Amazon invests tens of billions every year with a goal of improving working conditions and pay, and does so – yes – with an eye on the ‘bottom line.’” ~ John Tamny


Why FTC’s Data Privacy Rulemaking is Probably Unconstitutional

– October 7, 2022

“In light of Supreme Court precedent, Congress should take advantage of the opportunity to effectively reassert its power, and agencies should be cautious when seeking to vastly expand the scope of their authority.” ~ Leslie Corbly


Trust is Busted. Let’s Bust the Trust.

– September 11, 2022

“If we don’t soon make such changes, brutal circumstances will make them for us. The technocrat’s machine has begun to sputter and stall. Let’s break up the monopoly. We will trust the institutions we build and use together.” ~ Max Borders


Empowering Insurance Companies to Save Lives

– September 7, 2022

“Young people want to drive. Which is the point. Price signals will powerfully govern their ability to. If they’re reckless, the cost of driving will soar. And they’ll lose driving privileges. Problem solved by the free market.” ~ John Tamny


Why Political Interference in Big Tech Continues To Be a Big Mistake

– August 25, 2022

“The government’s meddling in social media matters is not only a waste of time and resources for both the public and private spheres, but also a big mistake for promoting the progress of user services and options.” ~ Kimberlee Josephson


Facebook Fact-Checks Recession Analysis | Phillip Magness on Fox News (Video)

– August 5, 2022

“Phillip Magness, Research and Education Director at AIER, discusses the censorship tactics enacted against him after he shared a post regarding the White House’s attempts to redefine ‘recession.'” ~ AIER


Will Google Ever Lose Its Monopoly?

– July 18, 2022

“When Google fades into the history books, it won’t likely be due to actions taken in Washington. It will be due to the foresighted behavior of someone somewhere digitally tinkering in a garage. You know—the way Google did it.” ~ Caleb S. Fuller


Who Is To Blame in the Moral Marketing Game

– July 17, 2022

“If we want companies to stop engaging in woke-washing, we must steer the incentives back toward supporting firms for their core offerings and stop basing our purchases according to cause-related marketing messages and social labels.” ~ Kimberlee Josephson


Tyrannies of Hyperreality

– July 13, 2022

“Outsourcing our problems to distant capitals has always gotten us into bigger problems. So the lesson here is not just about hyperreality. We must start to decentralize. Localize. Self-organize.” ~ Max Borders