Many Workers May Never Return to the Office, and That’s a Good Thing

– May 20, 2022

“It seems safe to predict that the percentage of white-collar workers reporting to their workplace every day may never reach the levels of early 2020. After all, working and living in the same place is just natural.” ~ Eli Lehrer


Assessing the Baby Formula Shortage

– May 18, 2022

“It’s not a ‘you keep buying it, we’ll make more’ situation because if it were that simple, the formula manufacturers would be happy to have that revenue. With no clearing in sight from the perfect storm of supply issues, consumers will continue to struggle.” ~ Aron Solomon


Reducing Unemployment Is Not a Free Lunch

– May 17, 2022

“Every attempt by government to ‘stimulate the economy’ intensifies employers’ and workers’ expectations that slowing sales and losses of jobs will be cured by government-engineered increases in aggregate demand.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


A Musk Inspired Anti-ESG Takeover Wave?

– May 16, 2022

“If incentives cannot be better aligned between management and stockholders from within, then somebody from the outside must step in so that the economy doesn’t suffer the large costs associated with underutilized assets.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Which Economists Should Have Gotten Nobels Before They Died?

– May 15, 2022

“None of them won the profession’s ultimate honor, however, even though all were deserving. As more and more deserving economists move into their 70s, 80s, and 90s, I can only hope this list doesn’t get longer.” ~ Art Carden


As the World Gets Messier and Messier

– May 14, 2022

“Fukuyama made the philosophy of history relevant again. Thirty years on, is that philosophy vindicated? What moves and shakes the world?” ~ Graham McAleer


Rent Selling Countries are More Corrupt and Less Wealthy

– May 13, 2022

“The real cronies are those who demand and supply interventionism. Despite their claims, they can’t get money out of politics, or reduce corruption, because they’re so eager to inject politics into money-making.” ~ Richard M. Salsman


Operation Climate-Change Choke Point

– May 11, 2022

“The Fed—an institution that, time and again, has proven that it cannot forecast the inflation rate or GDP growth over the next three months let alone years into the future—gets to decide what level of individual bank losses are ‘accurate’ in these hypothetical climate apocalypse scenarios.” ~ Paul H. Kupiec


This Tweet Contains Speech. Click Here to Learn More.

– May 10, 2022

“Twitter users who have grown accustomed to surrendering their critical thinking to warning labels placed on others’ Tweets may need a period of adjustment. A new batch of pro-free-speech labels might just do the trick.” ~ Jon Sanders


Your Argument Implies…

– May 9, 2022

“Because no protectionist can possibly explain how prosperity is increased by arranging for resources to be so wasted, every protectionist argument in the end is an instance of illogical stupidity, pure and simple.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Government-Induced Inequality

– May 9, 2022

“As usual, history could guide us, if only we would allow it. Before the rise of the nanny state, free markets naturally drew resources, including human resources, to their most highly valued use.” ~ Robert E. Wright


The Future Will Be Flatter than Ever

– May 6, 2022

“Thomas Friedman declared in his 2005 book The World is Flat, that the world is flat. This “flattening” (or leveling of the playing field, as we might think of it) continues today in radically new ways that Friedman may not have imagined.” ~ Emile Phaneuf