Spendthrift Uncle Sam No Longer Can Afford to Run the World

– September 16, 2021

“Washington should stop trying to run the world and concentrate on defending Americans. The U.S. would be safer- and save money in the process.” ~ Doug Bandow


Political Rhetoric Hides the Reality of Peaceful Production vs. Plunder

– September 12, 2021

“Society is composed of one set of people who work and save and who produce and exchange, and another set of people who wish to politically acquire and consume what others have saved and produced.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


The SNAP Boost Will Make the Poor Appear Poorer

– August 26, 2021

“Dramatic mis-measures of income provide convenient cover for a never-ending story supporting expanded redistribution because so many policies that provide resources for the poor actually make them appear poorer in official data.” ~ Gary Galles


The Real Cost of Public Debt Is Not a Dollar Amount; It’s Freedom

– August 4, 2021

“Liberty is not measurable in dollars; it is priceless. As such, we should argue against any infringement on liberty—in this case public debt—for that reason.” ~ Jonathan W. Plante


Infrastructure Bill as Political Plunder and Social Engineering

– August 3, 2021

“Joe Biden and the Congressional Democrats and Republicans consider it their political business to impose infrastructure spending and construction on the rest of us. So, not surprisingly, a bipartisan infrastructure bill is working its way through Congress with just such a $1 trillion price tag.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Rich Man, Poor Man: Comparing the Value of a Dollar to Each

– August 3, 2021

“As is so often true in economics, being attuned to more than what is immediately obvious yields insights very different from those that arise from looking only at what is immediately obvious.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


More Government Debt as Far as the Fiscal Eye Can See

– July 28, 2021

“What is the ethics, James Buchanan asked, of a fiscal system under which incentives exist and come into play that enable the current generation of taxpayers and recipients of government programs to shift part of the burden to pay for them to future generations?” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Biden’s Rescue Act Targets Americans’ Freedoms

– July 27, 2021

“At some point, the federal government’s ability to carpet bomb citizens with free money will fizzle out. In the meantime, the biggest mistake Americans could make is to permit politicians to absolve themselves by giving away more of other people’s money.” ~ James Bovard


When the President Does It, It’s Not Illegal

– July 24, 2021

“Governments can find ways to serve their constituents (i.e. the taxpayers) better for the price they charge, they can lower their prices, or they can collude with others in the industry to keep prices high and quality low. Unlike businesses, however, when governments choose the third option, they are celebrated as heroes.” ~ David Hebert


Understanding the Covid-19 Recession

– July 20, 2021

“National debt ballooned together with the Fed’s balance sheet even before the pandemic hit, and once it did we’ve been spending with unprecedented recklessness for relief, recovery, and even supposed infrastructure expansion. Spending this wealth that has yet to be created guarantees, not just future inflation, but a future recession.” ~ Robert F. Mulligan


Bureaucracy as Infrastructure

– July 18, 2021

“Earmarks for special interests from both parties make it easier to get bipartisan support in Congress, but with wasteful spending spiraling out of control, it’s hard to see that as an advantage.”~ Robert F. Mulligan


The 50 States Suffered Differentially During the Lockdowns and Pandemic

– July 12, 2021

“In the aggregate, government spending at all levels (federal, state, and local) had a mildly negative 0.3% effect on the economy. The bottom line is that the private sector actually did a better overall job in most states than governments in terms of managing state and local economic progress.” ~ Gregory van Kipnis