Topic: Fiscal Policy

Let the Market, Not Government, Decide the Fate of EVs

– December 3, 2023

“Both for equity and economic efficiency, government inducements to hasten the number of EVs or charging stations are a bad idea. Governments can better spend taxpayers’ monies. EVs have a promising future.” ~Kenneth W. Costello


What Might Have Been

– December 3, 2023

“Wasteful uses of resources necessarily result in some economic opportunities that are possible being rendered impossible. What were these foregone opportunities?” ~Donald J. Boudreaux


Even More Ways to Cook The Benefit-Cost Analysis Books

– December 2, 2023

“In disciplining our thinking to make better decisions, benefit-cost analysis also teaches those determined to mislead others how to do that better. Knowing how to do it ‘right’ also provides a template for how to be wrong in the desired direction.” ~Gary M. Galles


Revisiting the Argument that Government is Too Small

– November 26, 2023

“A balanced rebuttal to false and misleading claims will tend to be ineffective at reaching voters, which in turn makes deceptive political advertising more successful, over-expanding government.” ~Gary M. Galles


Politicians’ Job Training and College Sales Pitch is Snake Oil

– November 25, 2023

“Are job training programs actually providing useful training to the people affected by foreign trade? Don’t ask lawmakers. They’d prefer that people give them credit for the intent and ignore questions about outcomes.” ~James M. Hohman


Dollarization without Fiscal Prudence Is Not Possible. With Fiscal Prudence, It’s not Necessary. 

– November 22, 2023

“Argentinean problems are first political, then fiscal, and then monetary, and they need to be solved in the same order.” ~Leonidas Zelmanovitz


Universal Basic Income? Universal High Income?

– November 18, 2023

“Where would the money come from, existing program cuts, higher existing taxes, new taxes, and/or new money creation? Would a UBI simply displace the current hodge-podge of income transfers or add yet another layer?” ~Robert E. Wright


Junk Insurance 

– October 23, 2023

“Obamacare offerings are often inferior to those available in the short-term market, even with huge taxpayer subsidies and transfers from the real suckers who are forced to overpay for their care.” ~Gary M. Galles


Weak Economy Provides Key Policy Lessons

– October 21, 2023

“Sure, supply-side factors contributed to higher prices in some markets, as did supply chain bottlenecks. But those are short-term fluctuations that don’t tell the entire story of reduced purchasing power for everyone.” ~Vance Ginn


Why “Free College” is a Terrible Idea

– October 20, 2023

“If the US were to embrace the idea that college should be an entitlement, the results would be very undesirable. More resources would be drawn into providing college education, and we’d get less educational value in return.” ~George Leef


Forced Reconversion to that “Old-Time Fiscal Religion”

– October 17, 2023

“Circumstances beyond our control will likely compel us to revert to something like the ‘old-time fiscal religion’ of balanced budgets during ordinary times, reserving deficits for extraordinary times.” ~Alexander W. Salter


Thinking Harder about “Special” Benefits

– September 20, 2023

“To the extent we believe in giving government assistance to those with incomes, we should trust them to love themselves and their families more than the government does and give them that aid in cash.” ~Gary Galles