Topic: Free Trade

Bitcoin Mining and Icelandic Bananas

– April 25, 2024

“Stranded energy and unused electricity are magnets for bitcoin miners, as they take electricity that can’t readily be used for other purposes and turn it into one of the world’s most liquid and globally transferable assets.” ~Joakim Book


Should We Panic Over Excessively Low Global Temperatures?

– April 9, 2024

“We simply have no way to trace out more than a minuscule fraction of the economic consequences, positive and negative, of government efforts to alter a phenomenon as massive as the earth’s environment.” ~Donald J. Boudreaux


Industrial Policy’s Short-Run Booms Risk Long-Term Failures

– March 28, 2024

“Small firms like GF will enjoy morsels, but legacy firms like Intel — who are already more immune to market shocks and decline — make subsidies into a buffet.” ~Ryan M. Yonk and Jacob Bruggeman


Red Alert: Biden’s Biggest Chips Act Expense Yet

– March 28, 2024

“When politicians resort to deficit spending to bankroll industrial ventures, they put upward pressure on interest rates by issuing more debt and competing with scarce private funds.” ~Vance Ginn


We Should Follow Lord Palmerston’s Example

– March 20, 2024

“It is past time to revisit the wisdom of Palmerston, Washington, and Jefferson: the United States should have no permanent allies. Alliances that no longer serve US interests should be done away with or modified.” ~Andrew Byers


NAFTA: 30 Years of Driving Free Trade Critics Crazy

– March 13, 2024

“If the United States has been harmed by NAFTA, it is perhaps found in the misplaced attention it receives. Energy devoted to the trade deal’s alleged harm is attention deflected from actual policy missteps.” ~Colin Grabow


Division of Labor Makes Us Wealthy…And Fragile

– March 8, 2024

“Our dependence on the ability to serve others in highly specialized ways is contingent on the rest of the system working constantly and efficiently. Our shrinking command of general competence puts us at greater risk.” ~Michael Munger


Tariff Truths

– February 26, 2024

“President Biden has maintained his predecessor’s duties on some $370 million worth of Chinese imports. Both national conservatives and liberal protectionists are dead wrong about tariffs and growth.” ~Tarnell Brown


Industrial Policy Indignities

– February 20, 2024

“Some low-value-added manufacturing, once economically sensible to do stateside, should now take place elsewhere. The alternative is tying up American workers in less-than-productive jobs.” ~David B. McGarry


Biden to Export Ideology Instead of Natural Gas

– February 8, 2024

“By restricting natural gas exports, the administration seeks to impose its vision for the future on the rest of the world.” ~Joel Griffith


On Comparative Advantage and International Capital Mobility

– January 16, 2024

“If each country specializes in its comparative advantage and trades with the other, the people of both countries gain.” ~Donald J. Boudreaux


The Economic Organization of a Military Training Scenario

– December 30, 2023

“Nobody ever planned MRE cheese spread as the preferred medium of exchange between military service members. Cheese spontaneously emerged, again and again, in a process of competition between goods.” ~Emile Phaneuf III