Topic: Unemployment


– September 19, 2023

“Perhaps an Orangeopian union or minimum wage can at least decrease income inequality, or maybe even increase the per capita standard of living?” ~Bruce Rottman


Recent Trends and Persistent Disparities in Teenage Labor Force Participation

– September 6, 2023

“Almost every imaginable economic indicator was sharply affected by the pandemic. But in just the past year, both college enrollment and teenage labor force participation show signs of what may be to come.” ~ Edward Lopez and Kevin Lavery


The Country Music Singer Who Took Aim at Welfare 50 Years Before Oliver Anthony—and Also Hit #1 on the Music Charts

– August 28, 2023

“In 1970, when Guy Drake wrote ‘Welfare Cadillac,’ one could argue that we hadn’t yet given welfare a chance. Today, there is no such excuse.” ~ Jon Miltimore


Where Have All the Workers Gone? Zoning and Its Unintended Consequences.

– July 15, 2023

“Regulations such as the Endangered Species Act, wetlands regulations, and coastal zone management laws may have desirable end goals from one point of view, but invariably make housing more expensive.” ~ Craig Richardson


In Search of a Monetary Standard: A Review of Robert Hetzel’s The Federal Reserve: A New History

– June 28, 2023

“The price system worked exceptionally well precisely because the Fed had successfully established a credible nominal anchor. As a result, the economy could sustain a historically low unemployment rate.” ~ Bryan P. Cutsinger


The Path to Full Stagflation

– May 3, 2023

“The US economy looks to be pointed in a troubling direction. Federal unemployment data shows record low unemployment, but state-level data paints a different picture: one where the current ‘stagflation lite’ conditions could soon become fully stagflationary.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Joblessness and the Fed

– February 15, 2023

“Without a symmetric response to deviations from the target, the Fed’s so-called average inflation target will not produce 2 percent inflation on average. Instead, it will tend to produce inflation that exceeds 2 percent. That’s a far cry from price stability.” ~ Alexander William Salter


Reducing Unemployment Is Not a Free Lunch

– May 17, 2022

“Every attempt by government to ‘stimulate the economy’ intensifies employers’ and workers’ expectations that slowing sales and losses of jobs will be cured by government-engineered increases in aggregate demand.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Understanding Unemployment

– March 12, 2022

“The real impact of recession is felt directly on the unemployed and their families, in lost income, lost opportunities, and a host of social problems, including impaired mental health, domestic violence, and substance abuse.” ~ Robert F. Mulligan


Is This What Monetary Tightening Looks Like?

– February 6, 2022

“When will the Federal Reserve begin to unwind its balance sheet this time? If the meeting minutes indicate the trajectory of policy, reductions will begin within the next two years.” ~ James L. Caton