Americans Don’t Hate Work, They Hate the Workplace

– November 27, 2021

“We can build alternative institutions and parallel economies that create opportunities for hard-working Americans who won’t be pushed around.” ~ Austin Stone


The Costly but Deliberate U.S. Labor Shortage

– September 28, 2021

“Today’s U.S. labor shortage is both uneconomic and unnecessary, yet nonetheless what appears to be a deliberate policy aim. Sadly, the same can be said about a wide range of other anti-capitalist policies being advanced by the Biden administration.” ~ Richard M. Salsman


Dangerous Demographics in the Monthly Labor Summary

– September 8, 2021

“We’re outside the range of the ‘full employment’ unemployment rate. The economy is, as many people sense, not as good as the official statistics say.” ~ Clifford F. Thies


The Great Reconsideration

– September 6, 2021

“If not merely a response to what has been a confusing, stressful, and financially challenging year-and-a-half, the Great Reconsideration of work, life, and self-actualization is likely to resonate vastly beyond the coming months.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Lumber, Labor, and Gas Markets Tell SAD Stories

– May 17, 2021

“As economists emphasize whenever price gouging rules kick in, ignoring what supply and demand analysis has to teach us usually means making the problem worse rather than better.” ~ Art Carden


Setting the Table for Covid-X

– May 15, 2021

“Covid-19 struck a robust, arguably healthy economy; a less productive, more heavily-indebted, higher tax economy awaits Covid-X.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Unemployment in Free vs. Locked-Down States

– March 16, 2021

“States like New York and California, where millions have been driven into financial ruin, imposed top-down draconian measures in order to ‘stop the spread.’ They have only registered significantly worse outcomes, on both a disease burden front in addition to the ruinous economic and societal side effects of lockdowns. Not a single top-down restriction supposedly intended to ‘stop the spread’ did anything statistically demonstrable to quell the virus problem.” ~ Jordan Schachtel


Can We Talk About Something Else Now?

– June 12, 2020

“We might, as the protesters I heard on the radio, remember that other things matter too, that one type of risk must be balanced by the harms of another, that risk-mitigating policies be proportionate to the damage, that few things warrant the wholesale closing of commerce and civil society.” ~ Joakim Book


Let the Unemployment Benefits Expire

– June 10, 2020

“The bottom line is that everyone needs to take a deep breath and let the unemployment insurance expansions expire. People, sensible adults that they are, will then naturally return to their lives and jobs.” ~ Vernonique de Rugy


On Shocking Job Losses, the Worst May Be Over (Video)

– May 8, 2020

Roughly 33.5 million people have now filed for jobless aid in the seven weeks since the coronavirus began forcing millions of companies to close their doors and slash their workforces. Here I join Karen Tso, Steve Sedgwick, and Julianna Tatelbaum from CNBC “Street Signs” to discuss the U.S. economy.


Peter Navarro Has Got to Go

– April 8, 2020

To Navarro, the answer to every question is always and everywhere erecting barriers to the production of others. To say he amazingly believes something is to pretend a lot of thinking informs what he says. Probably not.


The Unthinkable Cruelty and Inhumanity of the Coerced Shutdown

– March 28, 2020

While the 350 laid off oyster workers will likely receive very little severance, along with no assurance of future employment, those in the employ of the federal government get paid for all of their time off, health benefits, seniority income gains, you name it