Topic: Unemployment

Industrial Policy Indignities

– February 20, 2024

“Some low-value-added manufacturing, once economically sensible to do stateside, should now take place elsewhere. The alternative is tying up American workers in less-than-productive jobs.” ~David B. McGarry


Chris Rock Portrays the Tragicomedy of the Minimum Wage

– January 15, 2024

“Much has improved in race relations since Martin Luther King. But the same cannot be said of the laws governing labor markets.” ~Scott Drylie


22 States Raised the Minimum Wage: What Does This Mean for Low-Skilled Workers?

– January 9, 2024

“Governments inadvertently eliminate many of these essential entry-level jobs by advocating for higher minimum wages. This lost first rung has profound consequences, especially for vulnerable groups.” ~Vance Ginn


ChatGPT is a Calculator; Deal with It

– January 1, 2024

“For many routine tasks—and, honestly, most writing is routine, not creative—it is faster and actually better to have the AI create the text, at least for the first draft.” ~Michael Munger


Still Failing to Learn the Lessons of Antipoverty Programs

– December 30, 2023

“Our failure to recognize just how seriously the adverse effects of our efforts to ‘help’ people hurt them has come back to haunt America with a vengeance.” ~Gary M. Galles


Robots Free Humans from Repetitive Tasks

– December 16, 2023

“Robots handle repetitive tasks or heavy lifting that cause substantial wear on the human body, reducing the risk of injury to employees. Robotics with AI would complement, rather than substitute, human labor.” ~Janna Lu


The Jobs You Don’t Want to Be Destroyed By Trade Were Created By Trade

– November 13, 2023

“By keeping prices down, and outputs and product varieties up, trade makes every dollar earned go further.” ~Donald J. Boudreaux


Driver Shortage? Not So Fast

– November 6, 2023

“Rather than work with shippers and receivers to fix these issues, the trucking industry has decided that it is more cost effective to stick taxpayers with the bill for replacing truckers who, having discovered that the business neither respects nor pays for their time, make the rational choice to quit.” ~Gord Magill


Political Corruption: There is Nothing New Under the Sun

– November 4, 2023

“Tweed was all three branches of government rolled into one person, and nothing escaped his influence. Judges and courts were in his employ, legislators owed him their livelihood, and mayors and governors depended on his block votes for election.” ~Will Sellers


Weak Economy Provides Key Policy Lessons

– October 21, 2023

“Sure, supply-side factors contributed to higher prices in some markets, as did supply chain bottlenecks. But those are short-term fluctuations that don’t tell the entire story of reduced purchasing power for everyone.” ~Vance Ginn



– October 12, 2023

“Pundits and politicians who describe free trade as an imposition are either hopelessly ignorant of the meaning of free trade, or they are intentionally portraying it in a false light in order to scare people.” ~Donald J. Boudreaux


Catch-up Inflation

– October 11, 2023

“Where there is collective bargaining, workers go on strike to demand higher wages in order to catch-up to inflation. Elsewhere in the economy, individual workers bargain for higher wages with their current employer, or begin searching for better-paying jobs.” ~Clifford Thies