Through the Eyes of Greed

– March 16, 2023

“Politicians don’t care whether oil companies are greedy, or altruistic, or neither. Politicians care about using oil companies as a smokescreen to hide from the voters’ wrath.” ~ Antony Davies


The “New Study Finds” Approach to Overregulation

– February 13, 2023

“The distinction between correlation and causation is not important to those who want to expand governmental power. An aggressive bureaucracy needs only an affectation of justification for a regulation or ban already in the works.” ~ Jon Sanders


Take Your Foot off the Gas

– January 22, 2023

“If environmental zealots in the Biden administration were to get their way, then something would have to answer the call for such a huge increase in electricity demand. Do they have an answer for this challenge?” ~ Jon Sanders


The New-Normaling of Blackouts

– December 28, 2022

“Before, rolling blackouts were a California problem, then they also became a Texas problem. Blackouts are spreading faster than even Imperial College London modelers would find believable.” ~ Jon Sanders


Reddy or Not, Winter Is Coming

– December 13, 2022

“Any time, but especially in the depths of the cold, electricity consumers must still be able to count on electricity ‘always there/with lots of power to spare’ as they have for 100 years.” ~ Jon Sanders


There’s No Natural ‘Carrying Capacity’ for the Human Population: An Essay Inspired by the Happy News that the Human Population Has Reached Eight Billion

– November 30, 2022

“We don’t obtain resources from an existing stock created for us by nature, leaving fewer resources available for use tomorrow each time we withdraw some amount for our use today. Instead, resources are ultimately fruits of the human mind and effort.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Hypocrisy Abounds at Climate Summit

– November 26, 2022

“Europe is scouring the world for more fossil fuels because the continent needs them for its growth and prosperity. That same opportunity should not be withheld from the world’s poorest.” ~ Bjorn Lomborg


Democrats Fail the Marshmallow Test

– November 4, 2022

“If we can recognize how pre-schoolers do themselves a disservice by failing to defer gratification sufficiently, we should be able to identify the same sort of disservice to all of us from those sponsoring government policies that fail the marshmallow test.” ~ Gary M. Galles


Europe Needs American Energy, Not Fake Kryptonite

– October 22, 2022

“A greater available supply of American natural gas and oil to European nations would reduce their dependence on Russian supplies. Americans would also enjoy lower oil and gas prices, more plentiful natural gas, a more robust and secure energy environment, and a more stable economy.” ~ Jon Sanders


Good News, the World Is Getting Better

– October 17, 2022

“Climate change fear is causing life-changing anxiety. You might be hearing nothing but bad news, but that doesn’t mean that you’re hearing the full story.” ~ Bjorn Lomborg


OPEC Production Cuts Embarrass Biden — Again

– October 10, 2022

“The White House is once again denying its energy policy — shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline and slashing energy leases by 97 percent compared to previous administrations — is playing a role in the price hikes.” ~ Chris Woodward


Energy Crisis Explained: EU Mandates to “Flatten the Curve” (Video)

– September 29, 2022

“Europe and other Western nations are facing a very real energy crisis right now. In this video, Kate Wand explains the energy crisis in Europe and the collectivist nature of the West’s war on climate change.” ~ AIER