Topic: Energy

A Short Guide to ESG: Political Problems

– January 5, 2024

“By what right do largely unelected global elite ESG advocates get to impose their priorities and values (to their own benefit) on everyone else in the world?” ~Paul Mueller


The Sputtering EV Market Shows What Happens When Companies Heed Planners Instead of Consumers

– December 27, 2023

“The US EV market is a mess, one many analysts say will get worse before it gets better. And automakers like Ford who bet big on the future of EVs are likely looking at pain, at least in the short term.” ~Jon Miltimore


A Short Guide to ESG: Finance

– December 13, 2023

“ESG considerations represent a mainstreaming of impact investing while giving ‘fiduciary’ cover to large institutional investors who invest trillions of dollars of other people’s money in ways that advance mostly political priorities.” ~Paul Mueller


A Short Guide to ESG: Goals

– December 4, 2023

“ESG goals are not primarily about shareholder value and enterprise value. The goals are often counter to the interests of shareholders and large segments of society.” ~Paul Mueller


Politicians Talk; Entrepreneurs and Scientists Do

– November 30, 2023

“The worse the inability to get universal political agreement becomes, the better and more cost-efficient become the small-scale, positive-externality, science-based attempts at just doing the work.” ~Joakim Book


A Short Guide to ESG: Advocates

– November 29, 2023

“I have categorized organizations by their function and highlighted a few organizations worth knowing in each category, from high-level, broad advocacy to nitty-gritty implementation.” ~Paul Mueller


Transition This, Transition That

– October 25, 2023

“As a civilization, we don’t replace prior energy sources; we add to them with better ones. Clarification: Better means cheaper or denser energy sources that therefore packs more punch.” ~Joakim Book


The Embargo at 50: Regulatory Causality vs. Anti-Oil Narrative

– October 22, 2023

“What was obvious then should be more obvious today: Energy crises are governmental. Market challenges and solutions are entirely different from full-blown emergencies.” ~Robert L. Bradley


The New (Old) Threat of “Runaway Bureaucracy”

– July 27, 2023

“The notion of ‘independent’ agencies was a holdover conceit of the Progressive era—the FTC was founded in 1914—based on the idea that citizens were faced with large, concentrated forces they had no hope of dealing with, but which could be managed with the seraphic wisdom of benevolent experts.” ~ Michael Munger


Sailing the Blue Sea? We’d Rather Propel Through…

– July 18, 2023

“Like many other witty machinations, environmentalist intentions to ‘overhaul’ transportation in international trade will not succeed, because it does not reduce costs or increase speed. ” ~ Luis Carlos Araujo Quintero


The Spurious Efficiency of Dishwashers 

– June 2, 2023

“To economists, labor is a resource that is to be used efficiently, just like any other resource.” ~ James Hanley


The Gas-Powered Banning Bandwagon: Why Politicians Should Leave Leaf Blowers Alone

– April 23, 2023

“Given that there is already a severe shortage of labor in the landscape sector, the concern won’t be over what equipment is being used, but rather who will even opt to use it.” ~ Kimberlee Josephson