The Climate Collapse Thesis

– April 12, 2023

“The COVID-19 pandemic showed what can happen to a society that is being shut down in the name of saving humanity. That was but a taste of what the powerful will do if we accept the Climate Collapse Thesis and all the “action” that comes with it.” ~ Max Borders


Dismal is Better

– April 12, 2023

“Today the social isolation of the economically minded has different proximate causes, but the underlying reason economic reasoning stands alone is that it stands athwart the desire of many people, perhaps most people, to rearrange the actual world into a world that they can imagine.” ~ Michael C. Munger


People Should be “Seething Mad” Over COVID – And Much More

– March 21, 2023

“The government’s authoritarian COVID policies are just the most visible proof that it’s a terrible idea to turn anything of importance over to government control.” ~ George Leef


Faucism’s New Deal Origins

– March 9, 2023

“Many Americans want to ‘drain the swamp,’ and need to find a way to do so before the swamp drains them of the remnants of their individual autonomy and bank accounts.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Hospitalized With, or Hospitalized For?

– March 1, 2023

“It has been three years. Isn’t it about time we got more accurate data on COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths?” ~ Jon Sanders


Three Errors Paul Ehrlich Keeps Making

– January 7, 2023

“In Ehrlich’s worldview, humanity only transgresses and can only cause harm. In Simon’s view, humanity takes primacy and the sources of its enrichment also repair many harms done to the environment, and eventually allows improvements.” ~ Vincent Geloso


Forgetful Fauci’s Deposition: All Those Lies Are Hard to Keep Straight

– December 6, 2022

“Fauci’s evasions leave us with more questions than answers – and more clues that he used his position as a top official at a powerful government agency to persecute and suppress dissenting scientific beliefs.” ~ Phillip W. Magness and James R. Harrigan


The Malthusian Contradiction

– December 5, 2022

“The truth is that it’s humans who create resources in the first place. When Malthusians point to explosive population growth, they think they are identifying a problem. They are actually identifying the solution.” ~ Antony Davies


With Their Attacks on David Malpass, Environmentalists Reveal Their Shallow Ways

– November 4, 2022

“Global warming fanatics can’t see that the very human progress they disdain (and that they couldn’t live happily without) is what sets the stage for even better care of the planet they claim to want to save.” ~ John Tamny


Harwood Prize for Intellectual Courage Awarded to John P.A. Ioannidis

– November 2, 2022

“John Ioannidis has fearlessly defended good science for decades. He has shown firmness, integrity, and intellectual courage against powerful false narratives, and AIER is proud to honor one of the top free thinkers of our time.” ~ AIER


Three More Months of the Ratchet Effect?

– November 1, 2022

“The Biden Administration granted itself three more months to prolong and extend the ratchet effect to secure more power and less freedom. Tragically, the longer government extends the crisis, the less likely they are to relinquish control.” ~ Raymond J. March


Pandemics and Liberty: An Introduction

– October 5, 2022

“There will be more pandemics, and how (and how well) we can address them strongly depends on learning from contemporary and historical successes and failures. This volume aspires to take a step in this direction.” ~ Ryan M. Yonk & Raymond J. March