Contra Fauci, School Closings Will Shorten Lives

– September 5, 2022

“The school shutdowns will go down as one of the most misguided policy decisions in our lifetime. Dr. Fauci may believe that the shutdowns didn’t harm anyone, but the facts say otherwise.” ~ David R. Henderson & Ryan Sullivan


Climate and COVID ‘Science’

– September 4, 2022

“The belief that science is a source of complete and godlike knowledge is not merely mistaken, it’s a toxic fuel of authoritarianism when it’s combined with the false understanding of social problems as being a science project to be ‘solved’ by persons in power.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Stratification Economics?

– September 2, 2022

“We don’t know the reasons why the economics JEL committee denied Stratification Economics its own niche, but the facts amply justify their decision. The real fault, of course, is the fragmentation of social science that has allowed such problems to arise.” ~ John Staddon


Which Lasts Longer, Spike Proteins or CDC ‘Facts?’

– September 1, 2022

“The constant churn of revisions leaves us with many questions, when the whole point of producing a page entitled ‘Understanding mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines’ was to prevent such a thing. They are, unfortunately, very big questions.” ~ Jon Sanders


Complexity, Scientism, and Contemporary Politics

– August 26, 2022

“The scientistic attitude encourages policymakers to adopt what Hayek called a ‘pretense of knowledge,’ an overconfident, if not plainly false, belief in their own knowledge and powers of social control.” ~ Scott Scheall


Higher Education is Complicit in the Politicization of Science

– August 23, 2022

“We are entering our own period of Lysenkoism, Staddon fears. Those who espouse politically correct narratives get ahead, while those who challenge them are ignored or censored.” ~ George Leef


An Infrared Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

– August 18, 2022

“When dealing with those who want to ignore the proven bias in the data and only focus on the conclusions the corrupted data supposedly supports, an infrared picture is worth a thousand words.” ~ Gary M. Galles


Risk Analysis for Children’s Health

– July 28, 2022

“Given that the benefits to children from lowering exposure to any of the FDA or EPA chemicals may be negligible to non-existent, we would likely be better off addressing more serious concerns for children.” ~ Richard Williams


State Power Doesn’t Settle Science

– July 27, 2022

“The courageous voice that Drs. Kheriaty, Prasad, Makary, Høeg, and many others express exists in every human being. That voice lies dormant until we value the voice.” ~ Barry Brownstein


When the Turmoil Subsides, We Will Be Living Differently

– July 27, 2022

“The 2020s are turning out to be a transformational decade, profoundly so. When the shaking stops, things will be different, life will be changed.” ~ Llewellyn King


Are You in a State of Emergency? Mid-July 2022 COVID Threat-Free Update

– July 19, 2022

“It must be hard to keep people ruled by fear of a variant ‘BA.5’ when the much more worrisome numbers impacting their lives and family are $5 gasoline and 9.1 percent inflation.” ~ Jon Sanders


Harm Reduction Takes a U-Turn on Vaping

– July 14, 2022

“If the pandemic taught us anything about public perceptions of risk, it is that we must empower individuals to make decisions to improve their own situation rather than making it for them.” ~ Yaël Ossowski