Gain of Function Controversy Demands Greater Scrutiny for Government-Funded Science

– November 2, 2021

“Not every failure of government-funded science is as pervasive as the high-carb diet, as ghastly as the lobotomy, or as controversial as gain of function experiments. But the risk remains as long as the government remains a major funding source for research.” ~ Raymond J. March


Principles, Not Coercion, Are the Source of Unity

– October 23, 2021

“True unity, our shared humanity, must rest on the principle of natural rights. Rights-based unity leads to cooperation and harmony based on respect for voluntary choices made by individuals, especially when their choices differ from our own.” ~ Barry Brownstein


The Devil Didn’t Make ’Em Do It, and Neither Did the Pandemic

– October 21, 2021

“Believing Covid shuts down businesses, closes schools, causes substance abuse, requires emergency orders, and so forth requires the unstated presumption that individuals are not the ones choosing. It’s a signature fallacy in the Covid era, and one that I had thought people would have given up by now.” ~ Jon Sanders


The FDA’s War Against the Truth on Ivermectin

– October 18, 2021

“The FDA spreads lies and alarms Americans while preventing drug companies from providing us with scientific explorations of existing, promising, generic drugs.” ~ Charles L. Hooper & David R. Henderson


Security Theatre and Covering One’s Buttocks

– October 11, 2021

“People still believe the erroneous and absurdly exaggerated fears that our political and journalistic merchants of fear released a year-and-a-half ago. How long we’ll carry the mistakes of Covid is anybody’s guess, but we’ll play a lot of security theatre until then.” ~ Joakim Book


Fumento Misdiagnoses Remdesivir

– September 30, 2021

“Remdesivir gives a story of the triumph of innovation during a difficult period. The lesson we should take away is not ‘Do something, anything,’ it is to get government out of the way so we can find solutions.” ~ Raymond J. March


Remdesivir and Lessons in Pandemic Drug Approvals

– September 25, 2021

“At best, this can be a lesson to us all about pandemic drug approvals. But as noted we’ve had those lessons and they didn’t stick. Don’t expect this to have any impact, either.” ~ Michael Fumento


Will We Accept Nuclear Fusion When It Comes?

– September 24, 2021

“By using the most abundant element on earth, hydrogen, Fusion provides a limitless future. The only question is whether our politics allows us to accept this good fortune.” ~ James E. Hanley


The Great Ivermectin Flap Reveals the Tribalism of American Politics

– September 21, 2021

“A skeptic is simply a person who is willing to be persuaded by the evidence, not someone who is pre-committed to a particular outcome, or who misrepresents the facts of the case. I encourage you, whatever your tribe, to become a proper skeptic, too.” ~ James E. Hanley


Born Unequal: Pondering the Natural Lottery

– September 16, 2021

“Maybe I’m just a dreamer. But I think nonviolence and compassion can motivate a million acts of kindness towards those born with less.” ~ Max Borders


Do Not Trust the Cargo-cult Science

– September 13, 2021

“Trust the science? I am a staunch advocate of the scientific method. But slogans are not science, and they serve primarily to hide weaknesses rather than reveal strengths.” ~ James E. Hanley


Galileo versus the CDC

– September 12, 2021

“You don’t help scientists learn the truth by shielding them from counterarguments – you largely destroy the most important source of that vital pressure to keep searching for the truth.” ~ Chris Bateman