Topic: Policy

Anthony Blinken Is Playing a Dangerous Game with Ukraine

– May 24, 2024

“Great powers do not like their neighbors joining military alliances with their rivals. A Ukraine that is a member of NATO is likelier to behave in ways that would provoke Russia.” ~Andrew Byers


Bootlegger in a Baptist’s Mask

– May 21, 2024

“Bob Lighthizer wants you to join him in what he claims is a moral crusade to save a few American jobs. He fails to mention that ultimately, we will all pay much higher costs to do this.” ~G. Patrick Lynch


How the Subsidy Straw Is Sucking The Colorado River Dry

– April 4, 2024

“A trifecta of farming-sector entitlements have incentivized producers to grow thirsty plants, underpriced water extraction, and created moral hazard….Subsidies have made water 10 times cheaper in Arizona than in Michigan.” ~Peter Clark


China’s Economic Facade is Cracking 

– March 25, 2024

“The country is reaping the whirlwind of conscious decisions on Beijing’s part over the past 15 years to embrace more state-centric economic policies.” ~Samuel Gregg


Correlation Is Not Enough

– March 22, 2024

“The ‘look here, too’ method provides a valuable check on statistical interpretations adopted because they advance someone’s agenda, rather than accuracy.” ~Gary Galles


NAFTA: 30 Years of Driving Free Trade Critics Crazy

– March 13, 2024

“If the United States has been harmed by NAFTA, it is perhaps found in the misplaced attention it receives. Energy devoted to the trade deal’s alleged harm is attention deflected from actual policy missteps.” ~Colin Grabow


Introducing AIER’s “Qualified Opinions” Podcast

– March 8, 2024

AIER proudly introduces Qualified Opinions, a new podcast hosted by Veronique de Rugy that will illuminate the “challenges facing free markets, liberalism, and the political climate of today.”


Bidenomics and the Slippery Erosion of Economic Freedom

– January 25, 2024

“The Biden Administration claims to promote economic growth and increase competitiveness while choking the economy with rules and regulations.” ~Nikolai Wenzel


Arguments Against The Death Penalty and Gun Control Have A Few Things in Common

– January 24, 2024

“We can’t say, ‘There is no point, because the average criminal won’t obey the law.’ Just because the average criminal doesn’t obey the law, that does not mean the marginal criminal won’t.” ~Art Carden


22 States Raised the Minimum Wage: What Does This Mean for Low-Skilled Workers?

– January 9, 2024

“Governments inadvertently eliminate many of these essential entry-level jobs by advocating for higher minimum wages. This lost first rung has profound consequences, especially for vulnerable groups.” ~Vance Ginn


When Progressives and Conservatives Compete, Agnostics Win

– December 22, 2023

“While progressives and conservatives duel in the arena of certainties and are willing to place individual liberties on hold in support of their social ambitions, agnostics navigate an ever-shifting political landscape with a compass turned always toward the polestar of individual liberty.” ~Paul


A Short Guide to ESG: Legislation

– December 21, 2023

“Proponents of ESG would like to see more legal requirements for companies to reach net zero, to hire more diverse boards and employees, and to cater to a variety of stakeholder interest groups rather than the interest of shareholders.” ~Paul Mueller