A Different Perspective: How Threat-Free Are Americans from Covid-19?

– November 26, 2021

“It’s a risk decidedly lower than what people have been made to believe. This belief, unhealthy in and of itself, has given way to tolerating dangerous government edicts while forestalling a grounded approach to individual risk assessment and management.” ~ Jon Sanders


The FDA is Back and Coming after Smart Socks

– November 10, 2021

“Considering the FDA regulates nearly 40 percent of all consumer products, its recent actions are a strong cause for concern. As a health economist, I’ll be monitoring the situation closely.” ~ Raymond J. March


Dopesick Resurrects an Opioid Narrative That Is ‘Neat, Plausible, and Wrong’

– November 9, 2021

“Just when those responsible for our misguided opioid policy may be coming to this realization and reevaluating their approach, Hulu releases a miniseries aimed at stirring the passions that might breathe new life into the false and failing narrative.” ~ Jeffrey A. Singer


J&J Isn’t the Bad Guy in the Talcum Tort Transfer

– November 8, 2021

“The HHS National Toxicology Program doesn’t list talc as a cause of human cancer. The Cancer Council of Western Australia goes so far as to call any link between talc and cancer, and specifically talc and ovarian cancer, ‘a myth.'” ~ Michael Fumento


Gain of Function Controversy Demands Greater Scrutiny for Government-Funded Science

– November 2, 2021

“Not every failure of government-funded science is as pervasive as the high-carb diet, as ghastly as the lobotomy, or as controversial as gain of function experiments. But the risk remains as long as the government remains a major funding source for research.” ~ Raymond J. March


Polling Shows Persuasion Better than Mandates to Boost Vaccination

– October 6, 2021

“If public health officials want to change behavior, they need to start treating unvaccinated Americans with respect. Adopt consistent, transparent, respectful, and persuasive messaging. Give unvaccinated Americans the facts and let them choose for themselves.” ~ Jeffrey A. Singer & Michael F. Cannon


Frontline Doctors Stand Up to Authoritarian Public Health Officials

– October 6, 2021

“It’s no wonder these doctors are in open rebellion against authoritarian public health bodies who seek to implement monolithic mass behavioral control in place of a dynamic multi-pronged approach that includes clinical best practices.” ~ Max Borders


The Great Barrington Declaration One Year On

– October 5, 2021

“Because science has been so completely politicized, it will take years longer to arrive at the truth than would have otherwise been the case. Here, we are left to offer advice with a nearly 2,500-year track record: First, do no harm.” ~ Phillip W. Magness & James R. Harrigan


Fumento Misdiagnoses Remdesivir

– September 30, 2021

“Remdesivir gives a story of the triumph of innovation during a difficult period. The lesson we should take away is not ‘Do something, anything,’ it is to get government out of the way so we can find solutions.” ~ Raymond J. March


Remdesivir and Lessons in Pandemic Drug Approvals

– September 25, 2021

“At best, this can be a lesson to us all about pandemic drug approvals. But as noted we’ve had those lessons and they didn’t stick. Don’t expect this to have any impact, either.” ~ Michael Fumento


Uncle Sam’s Hamartia = Your Early Death

– September 15, 2021

“Public health bureaucrats simply have no incentive to keep Americans healthy. Their budgets are misallocated and will continue to be so until their incentives are better aligned with those of American citizens.” ~ Robert E. Wright


How Experts Can Fail Even When They Are Right

– September 14, 2021

“Like experts on energy efficiency don’t know where to set your thermostat, experts on health risks don’t know which bundle of risks and precautions is the right one given your goals and values.” ~ Art Carden