Uncle Sam’s Hamartia = Your Early Death

– September 15, 2021

“Public health bureaucrats simply have no incentive to keep Americans healthy. Their budgets are misallocated and will continue to be so until their incentives are better aligned with those of American citizens.” ~ Robert E. Wright


How Experts Can Fail Even When They Are Right

– September 14, 2021

“Like experts on energy efficiency don’t know where to set your thermostat, experts on health risks don’t know which bundle of risks and precautions is the right one given your goals and values.” ~ Art Carden


What’s Going On Under the Masks?

– June 26, 2021

“Just as masks hide the condition of people’s mouths, so too do various commissions hide special interest policymaking. America needs to return to the commonsense view that regulations ought to have a solid empirical basis: a claim about the real world supported by data and the best available theory, not bureaucratic or commercial self-interest.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Dead Masks: A Photo Essay

– May 23, 2021

“According to one study, it will take 450 years for some of these masks to degrade. That’s a lot of dead baby birds and a lot of wasted energy, almost for naught. Great job, Homo personatus!” ~ Robert E. Wright


Is the US Economy a Virtual Reality?

– May 2, 2021

“It’s impossible to know precisely what the future portends for all these unprecedented policy shocks over the last year, from money supply and spending bonanzas to lockdowns to sky-high debt accumulation. But because a thing called cause-and-effect still operates in this world – we do not live in virtual reality – it seems wise to look at the seemingly great aggregate data with a gravely skeptical eye. We might be in the midst of the calm before the real storm hits.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


The Dangers of Masks

– April 9, 2021

“We are in uncharted territory and especially so with the possible implications for our children. Their immune systems are still being developed and we are forcing lockdowns, school closures, and masking on a developing child and we have no prior experience on the subsequent outcomes pertaining to children’s development, health, and well-being. These are matters too important to nonchalantly disregard. The consequences could be catastrophic and lifelong, especially for our children.” ~ AIER Contributing Authors


The Brooklyn Variant of the Coronavirus: Fuggedaboutit

– April 7, 2021

“It is important to note that the infectious disease experts are benefitting from a prolonged pandemic, in terms of grants, power, and media attention. Thus, asking them for permission to return to normal is like keeping the porch light out for Jimmy Hoffa. It is time for everyone to voluntarily catch the Brooklyn variant of the coronavirus, say fuggedaboutit, and stop acting like a plucked chicken.” ~ Donald Siegel & Robert Sauer


If You Had Covid, Do You Need the Vaccine?

– April 6, 2021

“We implore health care providers to explain the benefits and risks to their patients, in full, so that they can be fully informed in their decision-making. This can only happen if there is: 1) immediate suspension of coercive tactics, 2) physician supervision and orders for vaccination, 3) public information presented with fair balance as it would with any pharmaceutical or device product.” ~ AIER Contributing Authors


California’s Failed Response To COVID

“The lockdowns of varying stringency in place since March 2020 have evidently failed to protect Californians—especially poor Californians—from COVID and have inflicted enormous harm. It is far past time to try a better strategy.” ~ Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya & Dr. Martin Kulldorf


The Doom Is Impending, From Lockdowns but Not the Virus

– April 1, 2021

“Medical science and targeted help versus a blunderbuss non-science-based political power grab is what the so-called Covid crisis has been about since the very beginning. Yet the apparatchiks who falsely seized power are not about to give it up—vaccinations, herd immunity and plunging cases notwithstanding. That’s the real impending doom.” ~ David Stockman


Just Because There’s No Price Doesn’t Mean There’s No Cost: Covid-19 Vaccine Edition

– April 1, 2021

“The policy response to the Covid pandemic has been a master class in government failure: governments around the world have messed up their responses time and time again. It isn’t because they are bad people, necessarily, nor is it because they are incompetent. It is because ‘The Problem’ is a set of innumerable smaller problems for which, as Friedrich Hayek pointed out, the relevant knowledge of ‘the particular circumstances of time and place’ cannot confront political decision-makers as data. It emerges from action, exchange, and the prices they produce.” ~ Art Carden


We Must Not Be Forced Into Vaccinating Our Children From COVID

– March 31, 2021

“We make this plea and urge those in the medical field to reiterate the need for a thorough examination of the science of efficacy, the potential risks to the children and the evidence that supports the need for such a medical intervention foisted on our children. Failing which, it would seem a violation of the Hippocratic Oath, ‘Above all do no harm.’ We will address the insanity of vaccine passports in a subsequent op-ed.” ~ AIER Contributing Authors