Here Is How the FDA Made the RSV Wave More Dangerous

– December 9, 2022

“As a result of the FDA’s warning letter, the latest version of the Smart Sock no longer monitors an infant’s heart or lungs. The FDA drove parents’ best option to carefully monitor their baby’s vital organ function off the market.” ~ Raymond J. March


Forgetful Fauci’s Deposition: All Those Lies Are Hard to Keep Straight

– December 6, 2022

“Fauci’s evasions leave us with more questions than answers – and more clues that he used his position as a top official at a powerful government agency to persecute and suppress dissenting scientific beliefs.” ~ Phillip W. Magness and James R. Harrigan


American Health Care Consumers Should Have Access to Drugs and Devices Benefitting People in Developed Countries

– December 3, 2022

“If members of the incoming Congress are serious about increasing access to health care and reducing health care costs, they should, at a minimum, pass a law that allows for drug and device ‘reciprocity’ with other developed nations.” ~ Jeffrey A. Singer


Mental Health Is In Crisis. What Is the Answer?

– December 1, 2022

“The first step toward fixing it is not letting it get worse. Given the US government’s track record of harming perhaps those who need our help the most, I think it would be foolish to trust them now.” ~ Raymond J. March


Public Health Amidst a Smart Pandemic

– November 14, 2022

“Government officials and big tech alike should take seriously that with the rise of big data comes a corresponding concern about privacy and transparency.” ~ April Liu and Ryan M. Yonk


Diabetic Complications and Economic Fundamentals

– November 12, 2022

“Basic economics, both in theory and practice, warn us that these latest efforts to subsidize insulin production are much more likely to cause further harm to an already dire situation.” ~ Byron Carson and Raymond J. March


Don’t Let the FDA Tell You What’s Healthy

– October 25, 2022

“Determining what is healthy or unhealthy is complex. Complex problems rarely have entirely right or wrong answers. The FDA is trying (again) to provide this, but there is a slim chance it will succeed.” ~ Raymond J. March


Incentives, Not Courts, Improve Health

– October 8, 2022

“In competitive labor markets, workers and employers cooperate to produce valuable goods, such as healthcare. Workers and employers who fail to produce such goods will tend to earn lower wages and/or lower profits.” ~ Byron B. Carson III


It’s Time to Undo the Harm the CDC Has Done to Pain Patients

– September 24, 2022

“When a government agency ‘recommends’ a policy, it’s akin to a recommendation from Tony Soprano; it is inevitably interpreted as a mandate, obeyed by state and federal agencies, health insurers, and even pharmacies.” ~ Jeffrey A. Singer & Josh Bloom


United Kingdom Data Show the U.S. Public Is Badly Served by the FDA

– September 12, 2022

“The American public is badly served by the FDA’s incompetence, while the U.K. is actively acknowledging and embracing tobacco harm reduction. Adults who smoke in America deserve better than a regulatory agency that has lost sight of its prime purpose — saving lives, not petty politics.” ~ Martin Cullip


Contra Fauci, School Closings Will Shorten Lives

– September 5, 2022

“The school shutdowns will go down as one of the most misguided policy decisions in our lifetime. Dr. Fauci may believe that the shutdowns didn’t harm anyone, but the facts say otherwise.” ~ David R. Henderson & Ryan Sullivan


Which Lasts Longer, Spike Proteins or CDC ‘Facts?’

– September 1, 2022

“The constant churn of revisions leaves us with many questions, when the whole point of producing a page entitled ‘Understanding mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines’ was to prevent such a thing. They are, unfortunately, very big questions.” ~ Jon Sanders