98% Propaganda

– September 2, 2021

“Authoritarianism indoctrinates its votaries and buffaloes others into a false and oversimplified worldview, in which the only important factor is vaccination. But the causes of hospitalization and death are multifarious.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


Climate Science: Seeking Truth or Defending Consensus?

– September 1, 2021

“Political agents can be expected to look to ‘science’ to provide a cover for expanded interventions or claims on resources that were previously considered to be unacceptable.” ~ Christopher Lingle


Increasing Evidence that Lockdowns and Social Distancing are Harming Kids

– September 1, 2021

“It is not too late to stop such destructive policies going forward or to ensure that we learn from this disastrous episode in public health history.” ~ Zachary Yost


COVID-19 Vaccines and the Delta Variant

– August 30, 2021

“Government agencies should be studying North Dakota to see what they are doing right and Hawaii to see what they are doing wrong, because the answers are not vaccination rates.” ~ Gilbert G. Berdine


Book Review: American Contagions: Epidemics and the Law from Smallpox to COVID-19

– August 29, 2021

“What should courts do in these kinds of cases and how should they make the tradeoff between pursuing public health and protecting civil liberties during public health emergencies?” ~ Byron B. Carson III


COVID-19 Mandates Will Not Work for the Delta Variant

– August 28, 2021

“There is absolutely no good reason to re-enter lockdowns and school closures or masking in response to the Delta variant. We find no evidence that this variant warrants masks in children.” ~ AIER Contributing Authors


Lockdown DIY Injuries: A Lagging Indicator?

– August 22, 2021

“The trade-offs of avoiding care for physical injuries in lieu of exposure to Covid are questionable at best, and like other effects of pandemic policies may balloon in the coming years and decades.” ~ Peter C. Earle & Jessica Rood


Don’t Stay Home

– August 18, 2021

“As further research into the actual effects of the widespread, coercive policies implemented in the wake of the pandemic appears, one hopes there could be a dispassionate reassessment of the policies.” ~ Gerald P. O’Driscoll, Jr.


Good Medicine Requires Second Opinions

– August 14, 2021

“In the 1920s drinking water infused with radium was hailed as ‘one of the greatest boons to ailing mankind that ever was discovered.’ In matters of health, competition and second opinions lead to better medicine.” ~ Barry Brownstein


Can Enemies Be Our Friends?

– August 12, 2021

“Most of the things that divide us are none of anyone else’s business – what we eat, what we drive, what we wear, what medical procedures we have, what we drink, or whom we love. When did we forget that?” ~ Joakim Book


Bill Gates Praises Australia’s Covid Response

– August 9, 2021

“Gates, whose personal wealth is in excess of $132 billion, called for a ‘very different regimen so all countries can get on top of cases very quickly and be more like Australia than Europe or the United States ended up being.'” ~ Adam Creighton


A Conversation on the Intersection of Physics and Freedom

– August 8, 2021

“On this episode of the Authors Corner, Ethan speaks with Dr. Adrian Bejan, an award-winning physicist and the J.A. Jones Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Duke University, on his book Freedom and Evolution: Hierarchy in Nature, Society, and Science.” ~ AIER