Topic: Science

Canada’s COVID-19 Strategy is an Assault on the Working Class

– December 4, 2020

“Lockdowns have generated enormous collateral damage on other health outcomes, such as plummeting childhood vaccination rates, worst cardiovascular disease outcomes, less cancer screening, and deteriorating mental health, just to name a few. Even if all lockdowns are lifted tomorrow, this is something that we will have to live with – and die with – for many years to come.” ~ Dr. Sunetra Gupta & Dr. Martin Kulldorf


Nursing Homes and Covid Fatalities: The Empirical Relationship

– December 2, 2020

“While not all deaths are preventable, we have a moral obligation to engage in focused protection rather than continue one-size-fits all approaches to public health. To the extent that resources for testing, vaccines, health care worker time, and federal grants are scarce, they should be focused on the most vulnerable, and few are more vulnerable than nursing home residents.” ~ Stephen C. Miller


The Censorship of Dr. Briand

– December 1, 2020

“The main problem with all of this goes far beyond Dr. Briand’s research. This is all representative of an unproductive orthodoxy that exists around Covid-19. An orthodoxy that has a set view on how to think and how to respond to the virus.” ~ Ethan Yang


A Year of Backsliding in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS

– December 1, 2020

“Rather than celebrating the progress made against this devastating, incurable disease, this year’s World AIDS Day is marked with a note of mourning. Lockdowns may shelter people from Covid-19, but no matter how well-intended they are, their burden inevitably falls on the most vulnerable. Only time will reveal how deadly these disruptions have been to the world’s HIV-positive population––but the prognosis is bleak.” ~ Fiona Harrigan


Covid Misclassification: What Do the Data Suggest?

– November 30, 2020

“Even during the April peak, excess deaths from dementia were greater than excess deaths from all respiratory disease. This is very difficult to explain by any hypothesis other than death by lockdown.” ~ Gilbert Berdine


Viruses, Lockdowns, and Biomic Learning

– November 29, 2020

“The best testimony to the success of these mutual learning processes is not only the amazing story of Taiwan. It is our very presence on the planet today, some 8 billion learning systems strong, distributed as widely as human minds and interacting everywhere to ensure the survival of learning and growth.” ~ George Gilder


The Strangely Unscientific Masking of America

– November 27, 2020

“The substantial evidence that these mechanisms are not effective, particularly beyond their duration, has been automatically rejected for too long. This is not science: it is politics, and those within the profession who have refused to examine their confirmation biases, or manipulated the evidence to score political points, are utterly unqualified for the job.” ~ Jenin Younes


New Study Highlights Alleged Accounting Error Regarding Covid Deaths

– November 26, 2020

“The accounting error has likely led to a number of policy decisions that have drastically crippled our ability to support the general welfare of society, economically, socially, and spiritually. Going forward these findings should give us pause and reconsideration over the threat Covid-19 actually poses and realize how much avoidable damage we have done to ourselves as a result.” ~ Ethan Yang


Wishing that Hans Rosling Were Still Alive

– November 23, 2020

“People around the world, engulfed by the fear instinct, have allowed themselves to be stirred by the media – and by their political ‘leaders’ – into an hysterical terror over Covid-19. It’s too bad that Hans Rosling is not alive in 2020 to help the forces of sanity fight Covid Derangement Syndrome.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Irish Scientists and Doctors Inveigh Against Lockdowns

– November 19, 2020

“The White Paper recommends four overarching strategies consistent with the 2019 WHO and Irish pandemic guidelines, including the removal of lockdowns and a focused protection of the vulnerable. Overall, this paper is an impressive study on lockdowns and presents a mountain of evidence that demonstrates lockdowns are not only ineffective but harmful to people and must be stopped to maintain a healthy society.” ~ Amelia Janaskie


Does Science Really Demand that Bars and Restaurants Close?

– November 17, 2020

“Until we start questioning ‘the science’ or demand that our policymakers stop hiding behind the boastful yet ambiguous label of ‘science’ and adequately identify precisely what evidence they are following, we will be sucked into an endless spiral of cyclical shutdowns.” ~ Micha Gartz


Keeping Covid Perspective

– November 15, 2020

“What I believe is deranged is the failure to put Covid-19 in proper perspective. It is deranged to behave as if the risks that Covid poses to kindergartners, to college students, and to healthy young people are indistinguishable from the risks that Covid posed to your elderly father, or poses even to me, a 62-year-old.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux