When Grand Histories Go Wrong

– September 10, 2021

“Coggan embarked on an ambitious scheme to tell us about economic growth through the ages. In that he succeeds, but the account leaves much else to be desired.” ~ Joakim Book


The Political History of Silver in America

– September 7, 2021

“The history of metals as monetary commodities is long, difficult, and highly contentious. With The Story of Silver, William Silber has earned his spot on that part of the library shelf.” ~ Joakim Book


Is It Time to Rethink Labor Day?

– September 6, 2021

“When we celebrate market freedom, we end up celebrating all those who participate in the process. From the most humble of bartenders to the wealthiest of bankers, we all matter in what we do for one another.” ~ Anthony Gill


The Year of Corporate Discontent

– September 6, 2021

“If you thought things were crazy on the corporate scene over the last few years, you should check out what happened in 1970. It is the stuff of blockbuster books and movies.” ~ Robert E. Wright


How Activist Academia Destroyed Scholarly Peer Review

– September 4, 2021

“If these are the practices that Cambridge University Press is willing to tolerate from journals such as Contemporary European History, we may safely conclude that their ‘rigourous peer-review system’ is not so rigorous after all.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


Decentralized Stablecoins: The Real Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash Systems

– August 25, 2021

“Bitcoin still has a role to play as a globally popular speculative token. It’s time for the decentralized stablecoins to take their place as the real peer-to-peer electronic cash systems.” ~ J.P. Koning


Nixonomics in Retrospect: Devaluation and Wage-Price Controls, August 15, 1971

– August 18, 2021

“Many costly tax and other economic policy mistakes were made in the seventies, but the worst problems of the 1973-82 stagflationary era by far were the legacy of terrible monetary and regulatory blunders made in 1971.” ~ Alan Reynolds


A Tragic Half Century Without Gold Money

– August 15, 2021

“Fifty years without a gold-based monetary system is not only unprecedented in human history but unfriendly to economic prosperity.” ~ Richard M. Salsman


Nixon’s Gold Treachery Made Me a Cynic

– August 13, 2021

“If the government continues on this path, it is only a question of time until fresh debacles result. But from the economic wreckage, a new generation of cynics may arise who do a far better job of putting politicians back on a leash.” ~ James Bovard


Early America’s Socialist Utopias Offer Lessons for Today

– August 12, 2021

“History constantly teaches us that socialism, even when implemented in different ways, will fail and obstruct the growth that communities could have otherwise enjoyed.” ~ Amelia Janaskie & Micha Gartz


A Conversation on Keynes, Morality, and the Economy

– July 31, 2021

“On this episode of the Authors Corner, Ethan sits down with AIER Visiting Fellow, Dr. Victor Claar to speak about his recent research and publications on the ideas of John Maynard Keynes and their long-term impact on how we view economics from a moral perspective.” ~ AIER


History Lessons: The Case Against Regulating ESG Ratings Agencies

– July 28, 2021

“This history lesson strongly suggests to us that security regulators should refrain from endorsing any particular ESG metric. Sadly, security regulators around the world appear to be intent on repeating the mistakes made by the SEC in the 1970s.” ~ Robert E. Wright & Andrew Smith