Topic: Property Rights

Preserve Architectural History with Incentives, Not Bans 

– April 9, 2024

“Removing government from the process by changing dated zoning regulations is the best path forward to solving the housing shortage. A small piece of the puzzle should be historic landmarks and district reform.” ~Jason Sorens and Thomas Savidge


How the Subsidy Straw Is Sucking The Colorado River Dry

– April 4, 2024

“A trifecta of farming-sector entitlements have incentivized producers to grow thirsty plants, underpriced water extraction, and created moral hazard….Subsidies have made water 10 times cheaper in Arizona than in Michigan.” ~Peter Clark


20th Century Ideology, Modern Mixed Economies

– April 4, 2024

“Neither the Chinese communists nor the Russian communists ever redistributed significant resources from the able to the needy. If anything, they did the reverse.” ~John Goodman


Why Cops Tell Homeowners: Just Give Criminals Your Car Keys

– March 27, 2024

“Despite the rich tradition and popular appeal of the right of self-defense, Justin Trudeau and many others remain hostile to it.” ~Jon Miltimore


Two Birds of a Fiscal Feather

– March 14, 2024

“Both property tax increases and rent control continue to be controversial, after decades, in that they both represent forms of grand theft against housing owners and rental housing providers.” ~Gary M. Galles


“Stabilization” Is Just Bad Old Rent Control

– March 13, 2024

“Just about the worst way to ‘help’ renters is by punishing property owners for providing rental housing, which is just what rent caps do.” ~Jason Sorens


Cherry-Piketty Data

– March 5, 2024

“Whether the distribution is problematic and calls for correction is one question, but measuring the extent of inequality and whether it is getting worse is an entirely different issue.” ~Robert Mulligan


Unleashing the Power of Free Markets

– February 23, 2024

“The granting of monopolies was being abused by the crown, and parliament determined to do something about it. Over time, it became obvious that granting monopolies had an adverse impact on the English economy.” ~Will Sellers


Mr. Jones and the Soviet Lie

– January 24, 2024

“Socialism not only hollows out economies, but also makes truth the enemy of the people. And when silence overwhelms a nation, the few who are brave enough to speak can shape history.” ~Michael Peterson


The Future of Bitcoin in Light of a Spot ETF

– January 20, 2024

“While the SEC’s long-overdue approval of a Bitcoin spot ETF deserves a bit of celebration, watch out for what’s next. The state apparatus will increasingly treat Bitcoin as a regulated financial product.” ~Emile Phaneuf III


Property in Words: Not Even Under Suspicion

– January 14, 2024

“Respect for the creators of ideas, and the words through which those ideas are conveyed in the literature, is the highest value we have in the academy.” ~Michael Munger


A Short Guide to ESG: Philosophical Problems

– January 12, 2024

“At the end of the day, much of the Environmental, Social, and Governance movement rests on a pretense of knowledge. What’s worse, it puts the interest of the ‘collective’ over the wellbeing of individuals.” ~Paul Mueller