Taxation in the Data Economy: The ‘Invisible’ Competition

– January 9, 2023

“It remains to be seen whether data experts and policymakers will come up with a tax that encapsulates ‘fairness, certainty, convenience, and efficiency’ as Adam Smith argued for, but each idea is worth hearing in today’s data-governed market.” ~ Virginia Fournari & April Liu


Taxes, Special Privileges, and “Private Enterprise”

– November 17, 2022

“Income, corporation, and capital-gains taxes are taxes on the general welfare. Also harmful to the public welfare are protective tariffs and similar restrictions on how people may peacefully spend their own money.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Is Wokeness the New Sumptuary Laws?

– July 16, 2022

“A truly free and socially-egalitarian society will reject sumptuary taxes, no matter what form they take. Awake to the woke, and reject how it’s spoke.” ~ Anthony Gill


Income Distribution and Inequality

– May 16, 2022

“Invariably, however, the proposed solution to any form of income inequality has been an indiscriminate and highly punitive progressive tax on all income and wealth, regardless of how it was earned.” ~ Robert F. Mulligan


Windfall Profits Tax Redux

– April 11, 2022

“Government intervention like windfall profits taxes keeps market participants, both producers and consumers, from acting to moderate extreme price changes on either the supply or the demand sides. It’s a proven strategy for making a bad situation worse.” ~ Robert F. Mulligan


Biden’s Billionaire Tax Proposal

– April 6, 2022

“The proposal just gives more ammunition to the extreme left in the Democratic Party—Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and their allies.” ~ Randall G. Holcombe


As Fred Smith Steps Down as FedEx CEO, President Biden Steps In It

– April 3, 2022

“Against the longest of odds, billionaires rush a much better future into the present to all of our betterment. Fred Smith’s amazing accomplishments vivify this truth.” ~ John Tamny


Taxes and State Competitiveness

– March 21, 2022

“Politicians in New York must be upset that there’s no way for them to drop lower than #50. But at least they can take comfort in the fact that they are worse than California.” ~ Daniel J. Mitchell


New Research Rejects Piketty and Saez’s Rewrite of Economic History

– March 14, 2022

“This development is significant because prominent policymakers rely on Piketty and Saez’s research to justify tax increases. These revisions must be taken into account by policymakers seeking to reduce inequality via tax policy.” ~ Amelia Janaskie & David Waugh


Funding Obsolete Transportation

– January 26, 2022

“Transit subsidies make no more sense than subsidies to manual typewriters, rotary telephones, or steam locomotives. Designing transportation systems based on how people actually travel can make those systems safe, environmentally sensitive, resilient, and efficient.” ~ Randal O’Toole


Elon Musk’s Big Giant Enormous Tax Bill

– January 6, 2022

“Democratic proposals generally involve making the tax code even more complicated, with the Alternative Minimum Tax applying to increasing numbers of taxpayers, and increasing the demand for tax-planning.” ~ Clifford F. Thies


The Live Free or Die State Points the Way to Low Taxes and Freedom

– December 30, 2021

“If you dream of a world where Congress respects your rights more than they covet campaign contributions from crony interests, the Congressional Apportionment Amendment would go a long way to restoring the Founder’s vision of a republic that guarantees individual rights.” ~ Barry Brownstein