Topic: Taxation

When Ideological Bubbles Trump Economic Thinking

– May 17, 2024

“That a Nobel Prize-winning economist can hold these naïve views and fail to use simple economic reasoning should give us pause about how ideology and echo chambers can dull our reasoning.” ~Paul Mueller


Climate “Reparations” Numbers Are Rigged

– May 10, 2024

“Human living standards have improved in unprecedented ways over the past 300 years. These remarkable improvements in human welfare are not limited to wealthy, developed economies but are enjoyed around the world.” ~Paul Mueller


Is Texas Really the Future of Freedom?

– May 6, 2024

“Texas does several big things really well, and I’m rooting for them to improve elsewhere. But let’s not pretend Texas is the free-market archetype for the country.” ~Jason Sorens


Taxpayer Rights Revival in California

– April 30, 2024

“With inflation shrinking the purchasing power of their dollar and faced with higher tax bills because of ‘bracket creep,’ taxpayers are starting to push back against wasteful government spending again.” ~Thomas Savidge


Take the Government Out of GDP 

– April 25, 2024

“Tax revenues are harvested from private citizens by means of coercion and extractive measures… Paying taxes to remain free of incarceration or not face withering financial penalties is hardly indicative of cooperative exchange. ” ~Tom Savidge and Peter C. Earle


Another Dismal Tax Day: Can It Drive Fiscal Reform?

– April 15, 2024

“The pain and uncertainty from an ever-changing federal progressive marginal individual income tax system with forced withholding and payment or refund later are destructive.” ~Vance Ginn


Big-Government Welfare Crowds Out Beneficial Social Behavior

– April 11, 2024

“Means tested welfare necessarily crowds out the poor from productive employment by substituting government grants for family earning and community support.” ~Donald J. Devine


Eating The Rich Won’t Feed the Beast

– April 2, 2024

“The hungry behemoth that is the US federal government is already eating the rich… Jeff Bezos’ great fortune would finance the government for… less than a week. ” ~Joakim Book


Fiscal Federalism Turned Upside-Down

– March 25, 2024

“Federal spending spikes immediately after a recession or emergency, then lowers when the crisis subsides, but never down to pre-crisis levels.” ~Peter C. Earle and Thomas Savidge 


Can Prosperity Feed Perceptions of Poverty?

– March 20, 2024

“The only sense in which the American middle-class is disappearing economically is that an ever-increasing percentage of American households earn annual incomes that are in the upper brackets.” ~Donald J. Boudreaux


Young People Aren’t Nearly Angry Enough About Government Debt

– March 19, 2024

“We each owe more than $100,000 as a share of the national debt… Our earning years are subsidizing not our own economic coming-of-age, but retirement and medical benefits for people who navigated a less-challenging wealth-building landscape.” ~Laura Williams


Unrealized Gains Tax is an Economic Fallacy

– March 15, 2024

“Taxing unrealized capital gains from property, stocks, and other assets is a bad idea. It undermines economic growth, stifles innovation, and infringes on personal liberty.” ~Vance Ginn