‘Big Tech’ Risks Going Down a Path of Decline Paved by ‘Big Rail’

– May 25, 2021

“Here’s hoping a desire for near-term comfort from competition, criticism, and the markets doesn’t do to Big Tech what was done to Big Rail. Time will tell. But for now, it seems Big Tech is intent on traveling a path toward average that was first paved by the 19th century’s most innovative minds.” ~ John Tamny


Addressing Financial Exclusion: The Right Way and the Wrong Way

– May 24, 2021

“Marginalized groups of people are more than capable of succeeding when you just get out of the way. Policymakers today must understand the devastating consequences of well-intentioned policies and the hard fact that an imperfect private sector response is far preferable to a counterproductive government response.” ~ Ethan Yang


The Extent of the Market is Limited By the Imagination of the Regulators

– May 21, 2021

“The regulatory state substitutes the knowledge and beliefs of regulators for the knowledge and beliefs of entrepreneurs and innovators. This means entrepreneurs and innovators have to divide their time between actually developing their product and convincing regulators to say ‘yes.’ Regulators are understandably overcautious because of their incentives.” ~ Art Carden


The Skew in Science That Feeds US EPA Regulation

– May 20, 2021

“The burden to society will worsen as the EPA continues down a slippery slope. Americans need to be aware that the science used at the EPA for setting air quality regulation is skewed, expensive, and of dubious public health benefit.” ~ S. Stanley Young & Warren Kindzierski


Regulatory Capture, Teacher Unions, and CDC Abuse

– May 12, 2021

“There is no doubt that this unprecedented and deviant child experiment has inflicted significant harm on its human subjects. Thus, while some might say that it is wrong to demonize public health officials, we say that their actions, especially as they relate to children, have been demonic. Regulatory capture of the CDC by teachers unions is a scandal of epic proportions.” ~ Donald S. Siegel & Robert M. Sauer


The Dubious Premise for Expanding the Regulatory State

– May 10, 2021

“Arbitrary political interests are meant to be enacted by the legislative process where they can be debated, vetted and their architects ultimately held accountable. Looking to the regulatory state, which can essentially act as judge, jury, and executioner, to pass one’s political mandate not only exhibits a disdain for the lives of individual citizens but is also tyrannical in nature.” ~ Ethan Yang


Policy Uncertainty Causes Sundry Shortages

– May 5, 2021

“Policymakers seem determined to force through as many policy changes as rapidly as possible, possibly in an attempt to create confusion over causes, much the way Covid and lockdowns became conflated in the public mind. They need to tread carefully, though, because our technological and military might will not save us if the core cause of our prosperity withers.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Is the US Economy a Virtual Reality?

– May 2, 2021

“It’s impossible to know precisely what the future portends for all these unprecedented policy shocks over the last year, from money supply and spending bonanzas to lockdowns to sky-high debt accumulation. But because a thing called cause-and-effect still operates in this world – we do not live in virtual reality – it seems wise to look at the seemingly great aggregate data with a gravely skeptical eye. We might be in the midst of the calm before the real storm hits.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Three Books on the Covid/Lockdown Catastrophe

– April 15, 2021

“These are three of what will be thousands of books that will be appearing in the coming years on these tragic times. I’m willing to wager that most of these books will severely condemn the policy decisions of the last year, just as these have done. There will be a reckoning. These books are an excellent start.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


The Raw Milk Raw Deal

– April 12, 2021

“Americans don’t need government officials telling them what to do and what not to do. They do need clear, honest data and risk assessments unbiased by profit or ideological motives. The government, however, increasingly appears incapable of providing even that, even when it comes to foundational needs like nutrition.” ~ Robert E. Wright


YouTube Censors Florida Governor DeSantis and His Science Advisors

– April 7, 2021

“The pulling of the roundtable video comes a day after the total humiliation of 60 Minutes in many stories that defended the governor. Its deletion of the most viewed version online denies viewers the opportunity to observe DeSantis’s impressive knowledge on the subject of the coronavirus and the public policy response.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


India’s Impending War on Crypto

– April 3, 2021

“Indian citizens have embraced cryptocurrencies in astonishing numbers, and despite the government’s best efforts to suppress the crypto economy, history would indicate that it’s a futile endeavor. By trying to ban them, the case for cryptocurrencies is made all the more clear, propelling their use and further innovation. The cryptocat is out, irrevocably so, of the bag.” ~ Peter C. Earle