Fundamental Questions about Corporate Donations

– January 28, 2021

“Corporate governance today, after all, is not democratic, even in the vague sense of representative. Generally speaking, corporate elections are not secret and hence voters, especially employee shareholders, are subject to coercion. Moreover, voting power is a function of the number and type of shares owned, and executives control the proxies of many shareholders by default.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Free Labor Markets vs. Biden’s Push for Compulsory Unionism

– January 26, 2021

“Joe Biden’s pro-union labor agenda, if implemented, would rob all those working for a living the liberty and latitude to do so freely and of their own choosing. They would be reduced to servants and supplicants to those controlling the unions and who possess the power to allow or prevent people from working in various walks of life, while determining the wages and conditions under which they may accept and find employment.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


All Hail the Reopening!

– January 25, 2021

“Will they admit error and apologize? That will take longer if it happens at all. At this point, right now, other things matter more. The priority must be to emancipate us from bad science and destructive policy so we can put our lives back together again. ” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


On Richard Epstein on Regulating “Big Tech”

– January 18, 2021

“The chief condition for such competition to remain real and effective is that government not obstruct it. As long as government itself remains neutral and nondiscriminatory, the best protection for consumers and for the polity is the free-market process.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Andrew Ross Sorkin Strives to Improve Markets by Blinding Them

– January 14, 2021

“If politicians were constrained, they wouldn’t have privileged information in the first place. Will Sorkin write about that? It wouldn’t be a serious bet to place. Which is why there’s little reason to take his overwrought hand-wringing about ‘insider trading’ seriously.” ~ John Tamny


The SEC, Cryptocurrencies and Securities

– January 8, 2021

“What are the implications of the Ripple suit for cryptocurrencies in general? Cryptocurrencies with a framework similar to Ripple’s obviously have a problem. Decentralized cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether are far away from the situation creating problems for Ripple.” ~ Gerald P. Dwyer


Finance Memes and the Collective Influence of Young Retail Investors

– January 5, 2021

“Much like all other behaviors associated with young retail investors, on their own, they seem reckless but collectively they help shift results in their favor. Sometimes they are simply the right choice despite expert opinion. These trends not only demonstrate an interesting short-term market force but also the permanent introduction of new demand side forces as a result of the growing financial enfranchisement of younger investors.” ~ Ethan Yang


Hope and Freedom in Georgia

– December 23, 2020

“In Georgia you see actual happiness: smiles on faces, quick steps, and light conversations about something other than the virus. The look and feel of the place, with bustling commercial districts and holiday joy everywhere, absolutely startled me. Just being around this scene for a few days lifted my own spirits immeasurably.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Private Charity versus the Political Grinches

– December 23, 2020

“We should not forget the power of the private sector not only in the marketplace of profit-making supply and demand, but in the charitable good works and efforts of voluntary giving in the other institutions of a free civil society. Let us not forget that benevolent caring, sharing and gift-giving is what the spirit of Christmas is really all about, and most especially in a society of liberty.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Better Fetters

– December 20, 2020

“Unlike the fetters that are imposed on us by government, those inherent in the voluntary arrangements of capitalism are bulwarks against the aggression of others, whose primary practitioner is government. In other words, effectively defined and enforced property rights create a capitalism that is more effectively fettered and far more productive for all of us than government-imposed fetters that restrict and violate them.” ~ Gary M. Galles


The Nanny State Comes for Robinhood

– December 18, 2020

“Massachusetts’ regulatory intentions for Robinhood not only demonstrate a high level of disregard for the decision-making abilities of its citizens, but also a failure to understand the entity it seeks to regulate. The ongoing attempts to place onerous regulations on innovative companies like Robinhood in the name of the public interest are not only misinformed but they will likely leave us worse off.” ~ Ethan Yang


The Teachers Unions are Keeping the Schools Closed

– December 17, 2020

“At this point, confusion or debate over school openings is completely unfounded. We knew of the extremely low risk of Covid-19 for children in April.” ~ Amelia Janaskie