“GramXi,” China, and the Long March through Multilateral Institutions

– October 20, 2022

“The ITU proceedings matter for liberty and privacy against the rise of Chinese tyranny and its long march through multilateral institutions. GramXi, indeed.” ~ Dominique M. Lazanski and Nikolai G. Wenzel


On Some of the More Difficult Questions About Trade Policy, Continued.

– October 19, 2022

“Reality is messy. It seldom presents to us ‘solutions.’ Much more often we are confronted only with trade-offs. Principled and informed defenders of a policy of free trade accept this fact. I wish that more defenders of protectionism did likewise.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Guatemala’s Enclave of Liberty

– October 18, 2022

“Whether the Universidad de Francisco Marroquín is replicable outside of its context is an open question, but it is a question we should see answered here in the US over the next several decades.” ~ G. Patrick Lynch


After Promoting Lockdowns, U.N. Advocates Inflationary Policies

– October 16, 2022

“The United Nations’ penchant for promoting the most dunderheaded option at every opportunity might be respectable from the standpoint of predictability.” ~ Peter C. Earle


The Economics of Envy

– October 14, 2022

“Hatred of the rich in the name of equality was probably responsible for more death and destruction in the twentieth century than any other political passion.” ~ Theodore Dalrymple


A Very British Fiasco

– October 12, 2022

“These things happen, but they happen a lot to UK financial regulators, and Governor Bailey himself has presided over a good number of regulatory fiascos. In short, the crisis confirms that UK financial regulation is not fit for purpose.” ~ Kevin Dowd


On Some of the More Difficult Questions About Trade Policy

– October 10, 2022

“Empowering the home government today to use trade policy to protect against unfortunate commercial entanglements in the future raises the prospect of failure by the home government.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


OPEC Production Cuts Embarrass Biden — Again

– October 10, 2022

“The White House is once again denying its energy policy — shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline and slashing energy leases by 97 percent compared to previous administrations — is playing a role in the price hikes.” ~ Chris Woodward


How the Swedish Labor Market Really Works

– September 4, 2022

“The Swedish private-sector labor market is unusual, even compared with other European countries. It is undergirded by coercion, creating a framework or model. That model is not something for countries like the United States to try to emulate.” ~ Charlotta Stern


Energy Hypocrisy as Rich Countries Denying the Poor the Power to Develop

– August 11, 2022

“This promised nirvana is a sham consisting of wishful thinking and green marketing. The world’s rich would never accept off-grid, renewable energy themselves — nor should the world’s poor.” ~ Bjorn Lomborg


El Salvador and Bitcoin: A Love-Hate Story

– July 25, 2022

“El Salvador can be seen as either a pioneer in the world of cryptocurrencies or as a country that is reckless in its government finances.” ~ Daniel Fernández


Helping Y’all Understand Protectionism

– July 22, 2022

“Given that protectionism violates the central purpose of any government, which is to benefit all its citizens, it replaces the justice of voluntary arrangements with the injustice imposed by involuntary arrangements.” ~ Gary M. Galles