Topic: War and Peace

There Are No Democratic Socialists And No Liberal Dictators

– September 25, 2023

“The dictator who finishes off democracy is not an enlightened individual. A dictator can then indeed liberalize, but this will not be from a true commitment to political or economic liberty.” ~Vincent Geloso


Remembering President Harding

– August 27, 2023

“Notwithstanding the scandals, Harding’s legacy for electoral success, economic achievements, and national wealth remain unsurpassed.” ~ Will Sellers


Where Did Early 20th Century Japan Go Wrong?

– August 15, 2023

“Japan embraced economic liberalization for some time, but lacked the necessary liberal political institutions that could sustain an open economy and temper overseas aggression.” ~ Jedediah Pida-Reese


How Will America’s Borrow and Spend Politicians Pay for an Imperial Foreign Policy?

– August 11, 2023

“Serious efforts to control deficits and debt will require a series of politically painful decisions. The only way to make such unpalatable fiscal sacrifices possible is to kill all the sacred cows, including the Pentagon.” ~ Doug Bandow


Why President Kennedy’s 1963 “Peace Speech” Matters Today 

– July 10, 2023

“Kennedy focused on humanity’s common interests — ‘we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.’ Most importantly, we all have minds that can value peace over threats and domination.” ~ Barry Brownstein


Standing in Awe of George Washington, American Cincinnatus

– July 3, 2023

“His political restraint ensured the flourishing of a well-designed constitution. This is a victory citizens of many countries have yet to claim from their governments.” ~ Luis Carlos Araujo Quintero & Nikolai G. Wenzel


Pentagon Corrects “Accounting Error.” As Always, the First Casualty of War is the Truth

– June 25, 2023

“Why has the Pentagon flipped? Obviously, the Pentagon initially wanted to exaggerate the amount of aid being given to Ukraine. ” ~ Clifford Thies


Juneteenth and The Greatest Anti-Slavery Movement Ever

– June 19, 2023

“Within two generations after the Founding, at costs in blood, sweat, and tears that most people today cannot imagine, the Americans abolished within the United States that ugly ancient practice that had existed for thousands of years elsewhere in the world.” ~ Thomas L. Krannawitter


The Constitution Is Dead. We’re Giving Away $20,000 to Create a New One.

– June 2, 2023

“Too many intellectuals and activists play fast and loose with terms like ‘social contract,’ which is why a Constitution of Consent is one people will literally sign.” ~ Max Borders


Why Did The Redcoats Wear Red Coats?

– April 19, 2023

“Students are often amazed and delighted by what the economic way of thinking can help us understand, and it is why instructors must look for every opportunity to instill the wonder of economics in their students.” ~ Anthony Gill


Proponents of Fiscal Stimulus Need to Stop Using World War II as an Example

– March 2, 2023

“If proponents of fiscal stimulus want to use wartime spending as an empirical illustration to make their case, they need to be aware that doing so relies on a bad understanding of economic facts.” ~ Vincent Geloso


When Federal Interest Payments Come to Exceed the Military Budget: Time to Stop Defending the Rest of the World

– January 5, 2023

“The US economy no longer can sustain a policy of endless war. Rising interest rates highlight the dismal state of Uncle Sam’s finances. Fiscal reality, as well as good sense, tells the US to focus on its own security.” ~ Doug Bandow