The Silver Lining of the Afghanistan Withdrawal: Afghanistan is No Longer Simply a US Problem

– September 21, 2021

“The U.S. cannot fix the world. Washington should leave Central Asia’s problems to surrounding states. And Americans should focus on reviving their country.” ~ Doug Bandow


Operation Go It Alone: Disenchanted Europeans May Build Their Own Army

– September 20, 2021

“The Afghanistan imbroglio provided Europe with a long overdue wake-up call. If European governments don’t like being treated dismissively by Washington, they need the capability and will to act independently.” ~ Doug Bandow


The Logic of Civic Irresponsibility and the War on Terror

– September 18, 2021

“Perhaps Coyne and Hall’s book is a step in the social learning necessary to take a step back from policies that have made us poorer and less secure by educating our elites and the public.” ~ Todd Myers


Military Equipment and the Labor Theory of Value

– September 13, 2021

“Ludwig von Mises once joked that only the government could take a useful commodity like paper, slap some ink on it, and make it worthless. We appear to have a similar problem with military equipment.” ~ Clifford F. Theis


The Tigray War and the National Interests of Ethiopia and the United States

– September 4, 2021

“Voluntary exchange is the path to wealth. War and predation are the paths to poverty and perdition. The peoples of Ethiopia must choose, for no one else can generate the energy and creativity to bring these peoples peace and prosperity.” ~ Todd Myers


The Sunk Cost Fallacy in the War on Terror

– September 3, 2021

“A sunk cost is an outlay (monetary or otherwise) that cannot be recouped once made. In economics, we teach our students that sunk costs should not factor into our decision-making.” ~ Abigail R. Hall Blanco


US Militarism Abroad is Hypocritical and Counterproductive

– July 26, 2021

“Much like big government activism fails here at home, overconfidence in military intervention has only promised failure abroad. A pivot towards a more humble foreign policy based on cooperation as well as shared leadership, much like it would for domestic policy, will yield a much safer world for freedom and democracy.” ~ Ethan Yang


Free Market Liberalism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

– June 8, 2021

“The recent 11 days of warfare between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has once more raised the issue of one-state or two-state ‘solutions’ to the over seven decade Israel-Palestinian conflict. In the long run, neither is a viable option outside of a politics of individual liberty and an economics of free markets.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Jacques Novicow, Sociologist of Peace and Freedom

– June 5, 2021

“All that Jacques Novicow saw as the experienced and potential benefits from the peaceful and productive associations among human beings, however, was dependent on the end to a spirit of both international war and domestic plunder in the form of misguided government interventions; the worst of such domestic forms of plunder and societal disintegration, he said, would be if socialism were to triumph anywhere in the world.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Taiwan: The New Geopolitical and Economic Flash Point

– April 21, 2021

“The stakes could not be higher, as one false move could spark a devastating armed conflict between global superpowers. Failure to act sufficiently will jeopardize the future of freedom and prosperity not just in Asia but around the world.” ~ Ethan Yang


No More Wartime Presidents

– January 29, 2021

“Americans need a peacetime president, one who will promote public policies that respect individuals, their freely-made choices, and their property rights, allowing them to run their own lives in peace.” ~ David S. D’Amato


How To Secede from the Biology Wars

– January 5, 2019

I don’t really care who started this war. It’s a war that no one can win.