Topic: War and Peace

The Justice of an All-Volunteer Military

– April 17, 2024

“A person who voluntarily enlists in the military obviously believes that that employment option is the best one for him or her. In exchange for his or her performance of military duties, that soldier or sailor is paid.” ~Donald J. Boudreaux


Uncle Sam, Addicted to Debt, Faces Future Military Bills

– April 8, 2024

“When the inevitable crisis hits, it will be even more difficult to reach a rational solution. Better to start now with the misnamed Defense Department.” ~Doug Bandow


We Should Follow Lord Palmerston’s Example

– March 20, 2024

“It is past time to revisit the wisdom of Palmerston, Washington, and Jefferson: the United States should have no permanent allies. Alliances that no longer serve US interests should be done away with or modified.” ~Andrew Byers


Realism, Restraint, and Prudence Needed in American Foreign Policy

– February 23, 2024

“The status quo American foreign policy — based on a desire for American global primacy — does not adequately promote American interests or prosperity, and in fact harms both.” ~Andrew Byers


The (Other) Cost of Inflation: Inflation Erodes More Than the Value of Money, History Shows

– January 26, 2024

“Hazlitt’s thesis is that bad money will inevitably result in bad behavior. This might be a tough thesis to swallow — particularly for those who live in the age of fiat money.” ~Jon Miltimore


The Monroe Doctrine Turns 200

– December 10, 2023

“The Monroe Doctrine sought to express the consensus of American sentiment about its view of its place in the world. Americans wanted to limit involvement with the politics and factious belligerence of Europe.” ~Will Sellers


Is China America’s Biggest Threat? 

– December 10, 2023

“Now is not the time to allocate excessive resources to confront external foes, but to address the fundamental issue plaguing us: a government that refuses to rein in spending of taxpayer money.” ~Vance Ginn


After Veterans Day

– December 6, 2023

“One would be hard-pressed to defend a military action in recent decades that has had a demonstrably immediate connection to protecting our way of life.” ~Paul Schwennesen


Economic Growth Remains One Way Out of Historical Tensions

– November 16, 2023

“When the future looks bright and living standards are rapidly improving, old grudges and tensions lose their relevance. We end up forgetting them because the things ahead look so much more enticing.” ~Vincent Geloso


The Original MAGA: Tariffs, Trade, and the True Cost of Protectionism

– October 27, 2023

In this episode of Liberty Curious, Kate Wand sat down with Phillip W. Magness to discuss the true implications of tariffs and protectionism and how they have shaped America’s economic landscape.


Curtailing Violence with Economic Freedom

– October 19, 2023

“Allow individuals to build it and make clear that they cannot force others to build it for them, and they will build it. And, most likely, they will not want to blow it up.” ~Robert E. Wright


There Are No Democratic Socialists And No Liberal Dictators

– September 25, 2023

“The dictator who finishes off democracy is not an enlightened individual. A dictator can then indeed liberalize, but this will not be from a true commitment to political or economic liberty.” ~Vincent Geloso