Reimagining Fusionism

– February 9, 2023

“The primary significance for any revitalization of fusionism in our time may well be that of reminding classical liberals and conservatives what is at stake by pointing to principles that many in both camps consider to be important truths that matter if America’s experiment in ordered liberty is to endure.” ~ Samuel Gregg


Garet Garrett, the Great

– January 30, 2023

“We could easily consider his first name an anagram for what his stance against the New Deal was, g-r-e-a-t, while also recognizing that some of his views resemble a dusty old attic.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Obstacles to Freedom Can Be the Way to Freedom

– January 26, 2023

“If we set our purpose to learn from obstacles, today, there is no better opportunity to choose freedom over violence. Thankfully, Read, Aurelius, and Emerson point the way; the more significant the obstacles, the greater the potential change.” ~ Barry Brownstein


On the Primacy of the Consumer-Welfare Standard

– January 21, 2023

“Production is a means; consumption is the end. The consumer-welfare standard is nothing more, nor less, than an understanding and acceptance of this fundamental economic reality.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


How Individuals Enable Tyranny

– January 13, 2023

“Mill, Havel, and Kundera all point us to a terrible truth: our moral weakness, desire to evade responsibility, and illusion that the majority makes right have led us down the slippery slope of forfeiting our freedom.” ~ Barry Brownstein


Conquistadors and Indian Rights

– January 3, 2023

“Though this counters today’s understanding of colonialism generally, and the conquest in particular, the fact is that Spanish treatment of Indians in the Americas was not the monolithically brutal affair it is so often portrayed to be.” ~ Paul Schwennesen


Happy 2023: Adam and God

– December 31, 2022

“What is the place of God in our ethics? What is our nature? What is our civilization? Which way is up? The Smith tercentenary is a special opportunity to come together in Adam Smith.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


Freedom’s Future Requires Understanding the Past

– December 29, 2022

“When confronted with issues regarding the necessary extent of the state, liberty-lovers need not rely solely on economic theory, nor hypotheticals, because the historical record often can light the proper path towards smaller, more-efficient government.” ~ Robert E. Wright


The American Heritage of Freedom in the Liberal Arts

– December 16, 2022

“The study of human nature through the liberal arts will help us in this return. As the student studies man’s capabilities, he learns to preserve liberty rather than trampling on others’ or relinquishing his own.” ~ Paul D. Moreno


Communicating Economics to Young People

– December 15, 2022

“Among the most satisfying of my professional duties as an economics educator is communicating, mostly by email, with students from around the country, and sometimes from abroad, about economics and liberalism.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


The Governmentalization of Social Affairs

– December 6, 2022

“More liberty means less government, and less government means less miserableness, servility, fickleness, hypocrisy, denial, mendacity, baseness, and degeneracy. Liberal backbone checks the evil that is the governmentalization of social affairs.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


The Case for Bringing Back Neckties (and Classical Liberalism)

– November 29, 2022

“Liberalism—or, to clarify, classical liberalism, which developed a few centuries ago and cherishes free markets, limited government, and flourishing social institutions—is (like the necktie) a bit out of favor.” ~ Bruce Rottman