Topic: Classical Liberalism

Can We Pass Adam Smith’s Finger Test?  

– November 11, 2023

“We have allowed our institutions to be hijacked by illiberal authoritarians posing as humanists. Should it surprise us that morality is in short supply?” ~Barry Brownstein


Neither Democracy Nor “Union Democracy” are Ideals 

– November 5, 2023

“‘Democratically’ violating people’s rights is the default setting for legislation and regulation today, rather than the rare exception.” ~Gary Galles


Liberty Curious Podcast: Decolonization from Theory to Practice

– October 30, 2023

“The critical theory outlook says ‘No we don’t really have so much room for alternative viewpoints,” and they consider everything that’s associated with free markets and liberal capitalism as the enemy to be driven out of the academy.” ~Phillip W. Magness


Liberalism: What Does It Even MEAN? Political Scientist Explains

– October 20, 2023

“Progressives and conservatives are both convinced that their morality and vision for society is correct, and have no qualms about using the power of the state to impose it upon the rest of us.” ~Michael Munger


To Live for Grievances Risks Liberty 

– October 19, 2023

“How many minor and major irritations and grievances occupy your thinking throughout the day? What do we sacrifice when our attention is centered on grievances?” ~Barry Brownstein


Curtailing Violence with Economic Freedom

– October 19, 2023

“Allow individuals to build it and make clear that they cannot force others to build it for them, and they will build it. And, most likely, they will not want to blow it up.” ~Robert E. Wright


Not Only to No Single Person, But to No Council or Senate Whatever

– October 18, 2023

“Some Republicans’ apparent assumption that the American economy would benefit if American companies operated fully within the US badly misperceives the basic realities of globalized trade.” ~David B. McGarry


A “Flame of Fire” for Every Age: James Otis and the Writs of Assistance

– October 8, 2023

“Otis asserted that every man, merely natural, was an independent sovereign, subject to no law, but the law written on his heart, and revealed to him by his Maker in the constitution of his nature and the inspiration of his understanding and his conscience.”


What Are The Best Arguments for Liberty?

– October 6, 2023

“Kate asked Bruce to come back and go through some of your comments together. To begin, they examined how we might differentiate moral philosophy from individual rights and the law.”


The Rules of Liberal Civilization Are Really Quite Simple

– October 5, 2023

“First learned in childhood, these rules remain relevant and important throughout our lives. And these rules’ relevance and importance don’t disappear, or even diminish, simply because today’s majority finds it convenient to cast one or more of them aside.” ~Donald J. Boudreaux


There Are No Democratic Socialists And No Liberal Dictators

– September 25, 2023

“The dictator who finishes off democracy is not an enlightened individual. A dictator can then indeed liberalize, but this will not be from a true commitment to political or economic liberty.” ~Vincent Geloso