Topic: Classical Liberalism

The Rules of Liberal Civilization Are Really Quite Simple

– October 5, 2023

“First learned in childhood, these rules remain relevant and important throughout our lives. And these rules’ relevance and importance don’t disappear, or even diminish, simply because today’s majority finds it convenient to cast one or more of them aside.” ~Donald J. Boudreaux


There Are No Democratic Socialists And No Liberal Dictators

– September 25, 2023

“The dictator who finishes off democracy is not an enlightened individual. A dictator can then indeed liberalize, but this will not be from a true commitment to political or economic liberty.” ~Vincent Geloso


AI, Critical Thinking, and the Future of Freedom

– September 18, 2023

“Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking about them.” ~Emile Phaneuf III


Confusing Liberty with Power 

– September 9, 2023

“The oldest and fullest sense of liberty means freedom from coercion – that is, freedom to act according to your own plans and goals rather than according to someone else’s.” ~ Paul Mueller


Are Humans Inherently Selfish?

– September 8, 2023

“A thicker view of rationality accepts the view that people live in a world with social norms that both condition and constrain our actions.” ~ Anthony Gill


Using People the Right Way 

– September 7, 2023

“You offer me means to advance my ultimate ends, not my ultimate ends themselves. I offer you resources in exchange, but those are also means to your ultimate ends, not your ultimate ends themselves.” ~ Gary Galles


The One-Percent Principle

– September 4, 2023

“Is humanity worse off because we listen to Song A instead of Song B, read this great book instead of that one? Have we tragically lost some grand human experience? Probably not.” ~ Joakim Book


Contra Abundance

– September 3, 2023

“Not all differences are due to injustice. We can improve our own situation, both individually and collectively, by acting prudently, wisely, and productively.” ~ Per Bylund


Hayek Helps Us Understand Why People Are Losing Their Minds

– September 2, 2023

“Today, the extended order is breaking down. As order breaks down, so do our powers of reason. Many are willing to be taught to have disgust for those outside their tribe.” ~ Barry Brownstein


The Great Enrichment Was Enriching From the Start

– August 16, 2023

“Countless critics of the industrial revolution deny that Britain’s stupendous economic growth beginning in the mid-18th century produced benefits for ordinary people who lived through those early years of growth.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Two Sheep, a Wolf, and Auberon Herbert

– August 5, 2023

“In other words, Herbert wanted the independence of mankind from all overreaching government, not the mere replacement of one pack of wolves for another, even a smaller or less voracious pack.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Why Libertarians Should Admire Universities’ and Colleges’ Disingenuousness about Affirmative Action

– July 21, 2023

“I regard disingenuous efforts to continue the practice of racial and ethnic preferences to be the kind of noble action that libertarians should respect. The schools are simply making every effort they can to avoid the restrictions of what they consider an unjust law.” ~ John Hasnas