Topic: Classical Liberalism

Unseen Innovation

– February 1, 2024

“An individual innovation is small, minuscule even. But it’s real and it improves our standard of living. Yet how many of you have noticed it? Almost none. The market, therefore, gets no credit for it.” ~Donald J. Boudreaux


Milei Proves That Ideas Matter

– January 31, 2024

“Rather than the thin gruel of economic grievance offered by American right-wing populists, Milei’s policies are built on his vast knowledge of sound and successful, albeit politically unpopular, economic thinking.” ~ G. Patrick Lynch


A Statue Worth Preserving; A Man Worth Honoring

– January 25, 2024

“William Penn’s 1682 ‘Frame of Government’ for Pennsylvania included elected representatives, a separation of powers, religious freedom, and fair trials, all since incorporated into our Constitution.” ~Gary Galles


You Can’t Find Your Innocence By Hating Others

– January 7, 2024

“The mass State has no intention of promoting mutual understanding and the relationship of man to man; it strives, rather, for atomization, for the psychic isolation of the individual. The more unrelated individuals are, the more consolidated the State becomes.” ~Barry Brownstein


Land of the Free – An Update

– January 5, 2024

“We live in an era dominated by the doctrine of prior restraint, the notion that all actions (individual or corporate) should be forestalled until approved by an appropriate authority. It is an ugly inversion of a bedrock principle of a free society.’ ~Paul Schwennesen


Capitalism Is Impersonal, Not Soulless

– January 4, 2024

“Because in today’s global economy the people with whom we interact economically number literally in the billions, the percentage of these persons with whom we also interact personally is near zero.” ~Donald J. Boudreaux


“Strange, Isn’t It?” Adam Smith and the Angel Clarence

– December 24, 2023

“Adam Smith showed my students that they are constantly influenced for the better by the work of countless thousands of others whom they will never know.” ~Jeff Ziegler


When Liberal Became a Political Adjective

– December 24, 2023

“Before the 1770s, liberal meant generous, munificent, as in “with a liberal hand,” or tolerant and befitting a free man, as in liberal arts and liberal sciences. Those meanings were not political.” ~Daniel Klein


When Progressives and Conservatives Compete, Agnostics Win

– December 22, 2023

“While progressives and conservatives duel in the arena of certainties and are willing to place individual liberties on hold in support of their social ambitions, agnostics navigate an ever-shifting political landscape with a compass turned always toward the polestar of individual liberty.” ~Paul


Marcus Aurelius on Snowplows, Sports, and Freedom

– December 21, 2023

“Our freedom depends on voluntary human cooperation. The Stoics offer practical wisdom for promoting freedom by helping you remove your internal barriers to cooperating with others.” ~Barry Brownstein


Leave The Fence Alone: On ‘Toward a Political Economy of the Commons: Simple Rules for Sustainability’

– December 20, 2023

“Polycentric governance, secure property rights, and free markets reinforced by a culture valuing trust, patience, and individualism lead to successful management of common-pool resources like forests, fisheries, minerals, and climate.” ~Art Carden


Degrowth Kills People – Yes, Literally

– December 19, 2023

“The primary obstacle to continuous improvement in the human condition is human (political or ideological) interference with the liberty of others.” ~Emile Phaneuf III & Christopher Lingle