Topic: Capitalism

Is There a Problem? vs. Is this Competitive? 

– October 30, 2023

“Amazon’s offering lower prices compared to online rivals undercuts the FTC’s assertion that it is a proof of its monopolistic abuse, yet it is completely consistent with Amazon’s pro-consumer explanation.” ~Gary M. Galles


The FTC’s Amazonian Snipe Hunt

– October 21, 2023

“The FTC argues that Amazon’s market power inhibits the ability of competitors to enter the retail superstore marketplace. Such concerns are likely overblown.” ~David Gillette and Warren Barge


Bookstore Protectionism

– October 16, 2023

“Both past and present suits claimed that the problem was dominant sellers unfairly harming independents, which thereby undermined competition. But in that, they misrepresented both what competition means and who was harming less-successful competitors.” ~Gary M. Galles


You’re No Einstein, Einstein  

– October 2, 2023

“While he does seem to have intuited that socialism increased the dangers of authoritarian government, he doesn’t seem to have fully grasped that what he sought were two goals in fundamental tension.” ~James A. Hanley


Why is Baby Formula Kept Under Lock and Key?

– September 30, 2023

“Patent restrictions, a deliberate oligopoly, protectionist tariffs, and the highest inflation in four decades have resulted in an extremely expensive product at the end of a frangible production process and supply chain.” ~Peter C. Earle


Eyes, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes: Rebutting Robert Gordon’s ‘The Rise and Fall of American Growth’

– September 27, 2023

“We are wealthier now, not because we earn more but because we trade less of our time for goods. The real ‘superabundance’ comes not from ample money or wealth but ample leisure time.” ~David Gillette and Lauren Frazier


The Multiyear Decline in US Economic Freedom

– September 25, 2023

“In 2007 only three countries were economically freer than the US, but by 2015 eleven nations were. Today, 24 are freer.” ~Richard Salsman


Confusing Liberty with Power 

– September 9, 2023

“The oldest and fullest sense of liberty means freedom from coercion – that is, freedom to act according to your own plans and goals rather than according to someone else’s.” ~ Paul Mueller


The Fight against ESG and Global Governance

– September 6, 2023

“ESG is a segue into global governance, but there is growing decentralized resistance against hyper-centralization.” ~ Kate Wand and Allen Mendenhall


Protecting Competition or Preventing It?

– August 23, 2023

“If you can’t reduce competition in the sense of harming rivals, you cannot engage in rivalry seeking to benefit consumers. ” ~ Gary Galles


Maximizers and Monopolies, A Benefit to Society

– August 13, 2023

“Consumers do not care that there is only one primary zipper manufacturer, they only care that their zippers work. Thus, if market needs are being met, competition isn’t a concern.” ~ Kimberlee Josephson


The SEC Limits Most People’s Investment Opportunities

– August 1, 2023

“The bill that the US House passed by a voice vote would require the SEC to develop a test to determine whether someone is knowledgeable enough to forgo the investor protections built into public offerings to the general public.” ~ Gerald P. Dwyer