Money for the Masses!

– November 17, 2020

“Goldstein treats money like it’s the military: as something we can control, commandeer hither and thither, and that it almost always behaves like we imagine it will. It won’t do.” ~ Joakim Book


Roads to Sound Money, Edited by Judy Shelton

– November 16, 2020

In 2012, the Sound Money Project, then part of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, released Roads to Sound Money, a collection of essays edited with a foreword by Judy Shelton. The Sound Money Project is now part of the American Institute for Economic Research. AIER is pleased to post the full contents below.


The Orwellian Pandemic

– November 13, 2020

“This strange power of language to change hearts and minds was always dubious at best but has, in our times of coronavirus need, gone completely berserk. If we tell a virus to back off, it will. If we ensure one another with empty religious phrases, we’ll all be protected from God’s wrath. George Orwell and his ‘Politics and the English Language’ has never felt more relevant.” ~ Joakim Book


David Skarbek on Prison Order

– November 11, 2020

“At best Skarbek has illustrated how governance institutions can be analyzed, providing us with a fascinating case study of prison life in a dozen settings. A bit more charitably, governance theory applied to prisons is not falsified by the examples he uses. Whether he has proven the usefulness of the theory, or its ability to explain the observed world, is much less clear.” ~ Joakim Book


Leave Me Alone and I’ll Make You Rich: Who Made Our Book Possible?

– October 30, 2020

“Our book’s policy recommendations can be reduced to two words: stop it. Consider the possibility that the people you wish to tax, regulate, subsidize, evaluate, and experiment upon should simply be left alone to go about their business. Stop it, we say, and let them make us rich.” ~ Art Carden


White Supremacy No, Enlightenment Superiority Yes

– October 29, 2020

“Progress isn’t automatic, and worse, regress can happen. We must understand and promote Enlightenment ideas and practices: Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress.” ~ Warren C. Gibson

red pill blue pill

A Guide for Free Thinkers: They’re Both Wrong

– October 29, 2020

“Tamny’s book is essential not just because it provides insightful commentary on important political issues but because it provides a timeless lesson. This is that a country, a government, and a society cannot sustain itself on a foundation of weak narratives. Independent thought and rigorous conversations are what form the backbone of a vibrant democracy.” ~ Ethan Yang


A Pandemic Reading List

– October 27, 2020

“‘May you live in interesting times’ is an apocryphal ancient curse. These times are certainly interesting, to say the least, and the best way to deal with them is to follow the Biblical exhortation in Proverbs chapter 4 to get wisdom, understanding, and insight. You’re not likely to find them on cable news and Twitter, unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there.” ~ Art Carden


A Much Needed Reminder About Life in the Soviet Union: The Strange World of Ivan Ivanov

– October 14, 2020

“The book reminds us why such principles are so important and highlight the drastic extremes humans are capable of. The extent of which we are capable of creating a society characterized by freedom and prosperity or arbitrary domination and despair. In times like these, with freedom under siege from every angle, a book like this is badly needed. If not to remind us of where authoritarianism will take us, to show us how precious our liberty is.” ~ Ethan Yang

james buchanan

James M. Buchanan’s Normative Vision Fifteen Years Later

– September 30, 2020

“Why I, Too, Am Not a Conservative lays out a subtle, complex, and principled vision for a functioning society of equals. Autonomy and reciprocity, he argues, are necessary for peace, order, and prosperity, but at the same time he doesn’t see it as his role to deconstruct society and rebuild it along these lines. Buchanan is critical of radicals who would force others to be free, or who would seek liberal ends by illiberal means.” ~ Art Carden


Harford Brings Statistics To The Masses

– September 29, 2020

“I share Harford’s deep commitment to figuring out what’s true. His calls for keeping an open mind, for being curious about scientific questions, results, and numbers, for carefully noticing your emotions on a topic – all supremely useful advice from which most of us can benefit. Abandoning or doubting all statistics you encounter is not wise or clever; it’s giving up logic and evidence in a complicated world. It’s a ‘retreat into believing whatever makes us feel good.'” ~ Joakim Book

Sos, Venezuela

Human Gullibility

– September 28, 2020

“Economic reasoning, facts, and the actual history of industrial policy and antitrust, compared to that of free markets, do nothing to quell the fervor for vastly enlarged and more vigorous state control over the economy. As Niemietz thoroughly documents, zeal for replacing commerce and cooperation with coercion and commands does not come from a rational place in the human mind. This zeal is not the product of reason; it’s an instance of religion.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux