Capitalism’s Cure for Economic Sins

– November 18, 2022

“Anyone who takes economic ideas and their moral implications seriously would do well to clear space on their bookshelf for Seven Deadly Economic Sins.” ~ Richard Morrison


Where Is the Free Market Utopia?

– November 14, 2022

“Philippon explains why we should embrace competition, and if more people do so after reading The Great Reversal, he will have done an important job.” ~ Art Carden


A Foreword to Adam Smith’s The Theory of Moral Sentiments

– November 9, 2022

“Admirers of The Theory of Moral Sentiments range across academic and scholarly fields and disciplines, across countries and continents, and, most remarkably, across landscapes of political ideology.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


The Upside-Down Constitution and Its Critics

– November 6, 2022

“The nature of the constitutional instrument tells you how to read it. Once you see that, but only once you see it, the clauses make all the sense in the world and you will know how to read them.” ~ Michael S. Greve


In Defense of Generosity

– October 30, 2022

“As Thomas Aquinas indicated, none is so poor as to lack the means to be generous. The planned, egalitarian society is not the only just or good one, and a community in which generosity thrives is the very antithesis of a tyranny.” ~ Richard Gunderman


Old Wisdom for Perilous Times

– October 24, 2022

“The dark times that we are experiencing nearly a century after Mumford began his writing career have been experienced by previous generations, including Mumford’s and Melville’s.” ~ Natalie Taylor


The Political History of Money

– October 21, 2022

“In The Currency of Politics, Stefan Eich has written a valuable and very interesting review of specific monetary debates in their historical settings during centuries of thought about the nature of money as it is entwined with politics.” ~ Alex J. Pollock


Review of Superabundance by Marian L. Tupy and Gale L. Pooley

– October 18, 2022

“To update Simon’s analysis, they ‘calculate the hours and minutes needed to earn the money to buy goods and services’ and discover that over time, people have been getting progressively more for the sweat of their brows.” ~ Art Carden


U.S. Economy Drifting From Its Basic Capitalist Settings (Video)

– October 17, 2022

“Samuel Gregg joined Nicole Petallides from The Watch List TD Ameritrade to discuss his upcoming book, The Next American Economy: Nation, State, and Markets in an Uncertain World.” ~ AIER


Remember an Underappreciated Honest Politician

– October 14, 2022

“With the midterm elections so close, anyone who has studied Cleveland’s views, can’t help but recognize the abyss between that ‘honest, principled, and plain-spoken president’ and the current occupant of the White House. ” ~ Gary M. Galles


A Beautiful Tree Grows in America

– October 13, 2022

“As the pandemic wore on, many public schools became increasingly similar to the schools that Tooley discovered that parents in India and Africa shunned.” ~ Matthew Ladner


Highway Heist: The Development of America’s Road System

– October 12, 2022

“James Bennett’s new book, Highway Heist, offers readers an excellent history of the politics and economics behind the development of the nation’s transportation network.” ~ Randall G. Holcombe