Politics Is the Pathology. Morality Is the Cure.

– May 25, 2022

“The world is forgetting timeless truths, distracted as they are by political spectacles and errant ideologies. Even if that means shouting into the wind, we must do everything we can to rediscover the human practices that guard civilization.” ~ Max Borders


The Life of Democracy’s Interpreter

– May 16, 2022

“Tocqueville delved into French social and economic history, and concluded that the Revolution avant la lettre was taking place long before the outbreak in 1789.” ~ Theodore Dalrymple


Book Review: Peter Ward’s ‘The Price of Immortality’

– May 15, 2022

“The Price of Immortality is in so many ways a deceptive title. Peter Ward’s readers deserve better, his subject deserves much better, plus the publisher should respect his readers more.” ~ John Tamny


As the World Gets Messier and Messier

– May 14, 2022

“Fukuyama made the philosophy of history relevant again. Thirty years on, is that philosophy vindicated? What moves and shakes the world?” ~ Graham McAleer


Hatred Will Destroy You: What the Holodomor Teaches Us Today

– May 12, 2022

“When any person harbors hatred, their own humanity is destroyed. In Grossman’s words, ‘looking at his victim as other than human, he ceases to be human himself. He executes the human being inside his own self; he is his own executioner.’” ~ Barry Brownstein


Power Economics

– May 9, 2022

“The writings and activities of ordoliberalism’s first generation remind us that grasping power’s pivotal role in any economy is crucial for understanding economic conditions as well as for developing strategies for advancing values like liberty and rule of law.” ~ Samuel Gregg


The Future Will Be Flatter than Ever

– May 6, 2022

“Thomas Friedman declared in his 2005 book The World is Flat, that the world is flat. This “flattening” (or leveling of the playing field, as we might think of it) continues today in radically new ways that Friedman may not have imagined.” ~ Emile Phaneuf


William F. Buckley’s Encounter With Evil

– May 3, 2022

“The moral of this tragic story is that people are often too trusting of criminals professing their innocence, and ignore the reality of human nature: Evil exists.” ~ Mark Pulliam


Tolstoy, Smith, and the Perils of Loneliness

– April 29, 2022

“What ultimately renders Smith’s discussion of the social passions so necessary today is his deep respect for their inherent dignity—our need to love and be loved does not flow from anything else.” ~ Richard Gunderman


The Possibilities Inspire: A Review of ‘Check Your Financial Privilege’

– April 28, 2022

“Across the world, Gladstein’s investigative journalism shows how Bitcoin is a tool for individuals and communities to protect their wealth and promote their well-being in the face of repressive regimes. It is a sobering perspective” ~ David Waugh


Giles Milton’s Spectacular ‘Checkmate In Berlin’

– April 28, 2022

“How do we explain why humans can be so cruel to other humans? A read of this brilliant book will cause its readers to contemplate the previous question, and many more for a long time.” ~ John Tamny


Boosting Black Fortunes

– April 26, 2022

“This brief primer does an excellent job of reminding us that economic freedom benefits the poor and marginalized the most, and that minorities can be progressing economically in spite of the tasteless rhetoric of our political class.” ~ Rachel Ferguson